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Produced by: Not Listed
  1. Nothing To Lose
  2. Don't Try To Call
  3. Stranger
  4. Desert Star
  5. And Life Begins
  6. Wonder
  7. Faces
  8. Those Were The Days
  9. All I Want
  10. When The Phone Rings Twice
  11. All My Money
  12. Time
European rockers Shakra have recorded a pretty solid hard rocking album.
They get compared to Gotthard a bit, which is pretty fair - but the sound of their debut album rather than the softer new recordings.
This rocks hard and in the prime European hard rock style that should see the guys pick up fans and establish a good base for the future.
Actually, thinking about it - if you are looking for an album with real punch and big vocals in the old style of hard rock - and were disappointed by the Ratt album - Shakra may deliver for you!
These guy shave serious production vales in Moving Force. This record crunches from start to finish. The guitars are really in your face and the rhythm section of bass and drums really crack in your ears.
While they are European, there is a fair American influence over them.
The guys aren't always all in your face - the ballad Desert Star is very cool and sounds a little like your typical big Scorpions ballad.
One could compare the vocals to Metallica's James Hetfield.
Without breaking down every track the highlights are the really hard rockers Don't Try To Call and Those Were The Days, the opening number Nothing To Lose, Stranger and the second ballad of the album - the closing song Time.
If the last couple of Gotthard albums have seemed a little soft for your liking, then seek out this record and turn it up to 11.
Solid, traditional hard rock.
ESSENTIAL FOR: European hard rock fans, Gotthard fans.

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