Shadows Fade Shadows Fade Frontiers Records
FRCD 214
Produced By: Alex De Rosso

Running Time: 46.16

Release Date: October 18

Released: EU

Musical Style: AOR

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 79%
Shadows Fade is another 'project' release from Frontiers Records. This time sees popular Storm/Two Fires vocalist Kevin Chalfant up front, singing a collection of tracks selected with Kevin's voice in mind.
Rather than using Fabrizio Grossi, who's been responsible for the majority of these projects, the man behind all the music featured here is Alex De Rosso, one-time Dokken guitarist and general session man.
Shadows Fade will be of instant appeal to Chalfant fans and lovers of smooth, laid back AOR. Style wise it's very much in line with Kevin's recent Two Fires releases and will sit neatly alongside those two albums.
Kevin's vocals are clean and clear and work this material beautifully. In describing the vocals though, I would have to say that they are fairly laid back and within Kevin's vast abilities. This is like the vocal style used on Two Fires, but doesn't match the raw power of the two Storm records.
There are some powerful passages on Shadows Fade, such as the chorus lines of Sooner Or Later and Run To Me, with the remaining tracks being very smooth, flawless and pure AOR.
The album itself is mostly mid-tempo pop rock (Twisted Again, My Ocean, Without You, Now That You're Gone), with a selection of emotional ballads (Run To Me, I Won't Look Back, Speak) and moody mid-tempo rockers (Sooner Or Later, First Love Song, Give It In).
De Rosso occasionally sounds like a recent era Eddie Van Halen with his guitar riffs, and elsewhere has a touch of Def Leppard in his production techniques.
But generally speaking, he lets Kevin do the work and merely accompanies the song's path.
My main complaint is that I don't think the album is punchy enough. It's very smooth and Kevin's vocals are very enjoyable. However, the production is quite muddy in places and there sometimes isn't a clear guitar riff providing a driving force behind the music.
De Rosso provides all instruments with the exception of a couple of guests and all drums are programmed, not played. And the overall tempo really doesn't get out of third gear it's quite laid back.
The Bottom Line
These project releases have seen some pretty amazing reviews so far, as the quality has generally been excellent. They are a good idea and have seen some vocalists make records when they might not otherwise have done so. But nothing compares to the chemistry of a band of musicians working together on an album of all original material written for that particular occasion.
Kevin Chalfant has been responsible for some of AOR's best moments. While this doesn't match the power and emotion of The Storm, it does provide fans with another taste of his much loved vocals and is a very easy listening collection of AOR style tracks.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Shadows Fade

Line Up
Kevin Chalfant: Vocals
Alex De Rosso: Guitars, Bass, Programming, Keyboards, Vocals

Essential for fans of:
Two Fires
Track Listing
Twisted Again
Sooner or Later*
Run To Me*
My Ocean
First Love Song*
Without You
Give It In
I Won't Look Back
Now That You're Gone
--*Best Tracks

26/06/05: Tony Z -
Rating: 95
This is what music is suppossed to be like! Another top notch release from Kevin Chalfant. Theres some killer AOR Songs on this album. I makes me feel like im back in 1989 all over again. "Now That You're Gone" is an amazing emotional ballad that will bring you back in time to the late 80's! I think Alex De Rosso is a much better producer than Fabrizio Grossi. Fabrizio's production is getting a little repetive in some places, all his projects are starting to sound the same...I think he has to revaluate what he's doing? But this cd is great AOR. Kevin please do more projects like this one. Highly Recommended.

19/03/05: mrh -
Rating: 90
The last song "Speak" is an absolute AOR classic and is the single best vocal performace of Kevins' career. The rest of the songs do not disappoint. Stand up with the Two Fires releases but just alittle darker/slightly sad vibe to the songs.

09/02/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 85
Simply great AOR, not classic, but better than most releases these days !
Good one and recommended !

02/12/04: Dave Wasowicz -
Rating: 95
I can't believe some of the other reviews out here. Do you guys here all the crap out there on the radio today?? All be it, I am a big KC fan, but this album is just what the doctor ordered. I think it's a tribute to technology that a "project" album can be so good. And a whole bunch of credit goes to Alex DeRosso as well. Don't compare this album, buy this album. It is money well spent, and I'm on a budget!!!

I still don't know why I gave it a 95%, I can't think of 5% I don't like about it! For those wondering, it compares to Two Fires I (though I don't like comparisons, all music is art)

27/11/04: maverick -
Rating: 95
i think that this is one the best albums of the year. kevins voice is good and the guitarplaying is excellent!!!!!!

25/11/04: zizou -
Rating: 95
this is Very Great Album after Two Fires.

02/11/04: wiljan -
Rating: 45
This is a very poor release, the sound is very bad and i really don't know how they could have released it this way.
Why? is it a time problem - then why release it now?
why? is it a money question - take the time!!

The songs on it are good but i have the feeling that kevin has no soul in his singing on this album.
TWO FIRES and THE VU are great releases with very good vocals but this is not what i expect from a singer like kevin.

27/10/04: John Ferguson -
Rating: 88
A nice surprise as this is much better than I expected. Excellent AOR tracks such as opener 'Twisted Again,' 'My Ocean' and the moody 'Give It In' are up there with the finest moments from the Two Fires albums and see Kevin Chalfant at the top of his game. OK, this may not be in the same leage as The Storm or The V.U. but its is still a must have for any fans of Chalfant and Journey style AOR.

12/10/04: kirk -
Rating: 50
sounds not good !
the soud is very thin!And the songs are weak !

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