a l b u m r e v i e w s


Produced by: Tony Westgard & Anthony Cedergren
  1. We Want It All
  2. One To Blame
  3. Life Goes On
  4. Confirm The Action
  5. Bring Me To Heaven
  6. Caught By Surprise
  7. The Wasted
  8. Love Affection
  9. Set You On Fire
  10. Open Your Eyes
After the killer intro to this album, a moody keyboard build up, I though I was in for a real treat.
But 30 seconds into the opening track it is pretty obvious that this has all been heard before and is your typical European/Scandinavian hard rock / melodic metal.
That said, it's still pretty good 'typical European/Scandinavian hard rock / melodic metal'!!
I have heard better in recent times, but I have heard much worse and from bigger names!
There seems to be a real flood of these Euro metal releases in the past 6 months, so it will be up to the public if a new comer is accepted into the fold.
I like the guitar sound on this album, the opening track contains some nice harmonics, while there are some solid hard riff's spread throughout the album's ten tracks.
Pelle Anderson has a good voice for the material, one which I am sure will only improve.
There's a bit of Dokken in Life Goes On and Confirm The Action and the ballad Bring Me To Heaven proves the band can slow down for some tender moments. Great track actually.
BOTTOM LINE: It's a pretty good album, but one that suffers from being another familiar release in a sea of release competing for your dollar.
I would rate it better than more than half of the other Euro metal albums out there, but not as strong as such releases like Shakra.
Buy if you are a fan of the style and don't mind a little cross of Dokken for good measure.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Euro hard rock / metal fans. Fans of Scandinavian hard rock. Z Records fans.

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