a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: Scudiero
  1. YMI
  2. Slave To Temptation
  3. Dragon's Lair
  4. The Abyss
  5. Whispering Shadows
  6. Autumn Tears
  7. Some Things Never Change
  8. Walking Through Mirrors
  9. The Devil In Me
  10. Walls Of Constriction
  11. Never Again
Scudiero play a brand of progressive hard rock that have put bands like Dream Theater on the map. Heavy, guitar driven and progressive chords and a more 90's friendly sound see these guys capable of going a lot further.
Songs like Slave To Temptation, Whispering Shadows and the title track are truly heavy and feature some technically great playing.
And although guitars easily rule the day on Walking Through Mirrors, like all good modern prog albums, keyboards are used on every track to add atmosphere, texture and on several tracks, some interesting intros.
There is only one slower track, Some Things Never Change, to break the album up a little. They could have used a couple more, as the album is a pretty heavy assault on the senses and musically there is so much to take in, so a couple of simple numbers would have broken that up a little and made the flow a little better.
But as for going a lot further with this album - I am not sure.
They certainly have a great chance of going on to bigger things, but maybe not until the next album.
For me, this one doesn't set my world on fire, but it is certainly well produced and played on and is bound to pick up fans for them.
There is a few tracks like The Abyss, Autumn Tears and Walls Of Constriction that don't do a lot for me I'm afraid.
But that's OK, I said much the same about Southpaw.
I don't think this is a better album than Southpaw, that one has grown on me somewhat, although still not half as much as it could have.
So I rate this better mark wise, knowing that it will appeal to fans of that album and to some progressive fans that like it tough and heavy.
But this is not in the class of Dream Theater or the like. Yet.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Progressive hard rock fans. Some 90's friendly hard rock fans. Z Records fans.

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