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East West Japan AMCE-7252
Produced by: Scorpions

Released: OUT / Website
GENRE: Unplugged

  1. The Zoo
  2. Always Somewhere
  3. Life Is Too Short
  4. Holiday
  5. You & I
  6. When Love Kills Love
  7. Dust In The Wind
  8. Send Me An Angel
  9. Catch Your Train
  10. I Wanted To Cry
  11. Wind Of Change
  12. Love Of My Life
  13. Drive
  14. Still Loving You
  15. Hurricane 2001
  16. Rhythm Of Love*
* Japan Bonus Track
They say that when a movie runs too long, it lacked pacing. The same can be said for this new live acoustic album from the Scorpions.
At 15 tracks and with the song selection at hand, you would think this looks like an ideal compilation.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work as well as it could and should have and therefore is only going to be a die-hard fan only affair.
There is now plenty of acoustic albums out there, both live and studio, so there is plenty of comparisons to be made and this albums comes up well short of classics like Tesla, Melodica and Mr. Big.
The album has little atmosphere. I am not sure why, but the guys are either getting old, or on this night, they just couldn't ignite a spark. The album to me feels flat and a lifeless.
One of the major reasons for the album's lack of pace is the length of the songs. Generally, unplugged tunes are somewhat shorter and usually straight to the point.
On Acoustica, only 5 of the 16 tracks are under 4 minutes and 6 of them are near 6 minutes in length. That's just too long in this stripped back form to hold the listeners interest.
There are however a few good moments that will no doubt be appreciated by long time fans.
Send Me An Angel, Wind Of Change and When Love Kills Love all have a good atmosphere, as does the Japanese bonus track Rhythm Of Love. This track really should be on all versions of this release.
Also included in the live set is covers of the Queen classic Love Of My Life (ok, I will let that one's a good acoustic track) and The Cars biggest hit Drive (not sure why that one's covered!). It doesn't add to the record in any way.
BOTTOM LINE: Unplugged fans stick to the better release out there and I would recommend that even Scorpions fans approach this with caution.
As a casual fan, I really found this quite dull.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Die hard Scorpions fans only.

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