a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: Tommy Denander & Ricky B Delin
  1. A Second Start
  2. House Of Glass
  3. Standing On The Outside
  4. One Unguarded Moment
  5. Could You Love Me Again
  6. Garden Of Eden
  7. You're My Inspiration
  8. She's The One
  9. Hear Me Heaven
  10. You
  11. Once You Love Somebody
Sayit is primarily Tommy Denander's new outfit - he co-wrote, engineered, produced and played many of the albums instruments.
Or at least did the programming. Yes, a lot of the album is synthesized, but you don't miss the full band feel too much.
This is a very very smooth Westcoast aor album. Everything about this album is smooth, from the instrumentation, to the vocals and the players on it.
There is a few notable names involved - this album features the talents of: Andy Eklund (House Of Shakira), Bruce Gaitsch, Thomas Vikstrom, Mikael Erlandsson and Geir Ronning.
The main guitarist is known only as Sayit..(?).
There are lots of Steve Perry comparisons and even a Glenn Hughes like vocal on the opening number. It should also be noted that when Andy Eklund takes the mike - the whole shebang lifts about 5 notches! This guys is class personified.
Fans of westcoast and smooth pop/jazz/aor should lap this up big time. The inclusion of the Journey cover Once You Love Somebody (from Raised On Radio) is just icing on the cake.
But please beware - the production is a little ordinary and is virtually devoid of any bass. It's a very tinny sound in places.
BOTTOM LINE: An album that delivers most of what one could hope for. Very smooth and very finely polished pop/westcoast. Just be a little wary of the production quality.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Westcoast AOR fans, Tommy Denander fans.

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