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AOR Heaven / Point Music
Produced by: Tommy Denander

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Rainmaker, Talk Of The Town
GENRE: Westcoast

  1. Dawn
  2. Love You Tonight
  3. Frozen
  4. I Can't Go On
  5. Halfway To Heaven
  6. Don't Cry
  7. When I Think About You
  8. Moon Comes Calling
  9. Heaven Holds You Near
  10. Never Gonna Let You Go

This new Sayit album would be a welcomed addition to the collections of any established Tommy Denander fan. However, the uninitiated could probably find better examples of Tommy's work elsewhere. All regulars to this site should know Tommy's run down and history by now - but for the late or newcomers, Tommy's the #1 Westcoast man on the scene today, responsible for some great AOR and smooth Westcoast rhythms. His other band's include Radioactive, Rainmaker, Talk Of The Town and Prisoner.
Sayit is another project - now on their second album.
While Tommy dabbles between styles - sometimes a harder edged melodic rock, sometimes AOR and on other occasions - like Sayit - we see an album of pure smooth, soft Westcoast pop.
With that in mind, Tommy's done this before perfectly well on Radioactive and also the Sayit debut album.
I would rate both those releases ahead of this second Sayit release, only because I found the songs a little more likeable and at that stage, it was a little fresher.
There are some good tracks on this album for sure.
There are also a couple of cool, nice and moody variations on the Westcoast theme and they make good breakers for variation of the album.
On vocalists for Sayit's Again are Geir Rönning (3 tracks), Magnus Björkroth (1 track), Kristoffer Lagerström (4 track), Pierre Weinsberg (1 track) and Jim Jidhead (1 track).
Normally, the use of multiple vocalists can affect the flow and sound of an album, but here it doesn't hinder the sound of the album and it flows fairly well and with good continuity.
Heaven Holds Your Name contains some sweet Neal Schon/Journey guitar licks, with a very pure soft Westcoast vocal from Kristoffer Lagerström.
BOTTOM LINE: Fans of Westcoast in general and Tommy's past releases will happily lap this up, as it will sit in your collections easily.
This release is solid and consistent in it's quality and sound, but had there not already been another 3 or 4 albums exactly like it already on the market in the last 18 months, it would have stood out far better than it does right now.
For that reason I recommend it only to major fans of Westcoast and smooth AOR and of Tommy's previous work.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of Tommy Denander and Sayit and fans of smooth Westcoast.

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