a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: No one really!
  1. Never Let It Go
  2. Make Time
  3. Spend A Little Time
  4. Two Young Hearts
  5. Left Out In The Rain
  6. Last To Know
  7. Back In Line
  8. Useless Alibis
  9. Never To Late
  10. Hard Line
Savannah are a nice bunch of guys and are responsible for a very good debut release that Z put out late last year.
This is a semi-acoustic live gig that the guys did recently in the US and recorded for a special edition release.
The main thing you have to do to enjoy this album is get your head around the production. It sounds like it was recorded in a shed and the sound can be a little thin in places.
But having said that - the album retains a fairly cool vibe and like the Mark Free live release from Now & Then the rawness actually adds to the vibe.
By the time Spend A Little Time comes up - the sound has been worked out, improved out of sight and a better mix is in play.
I like the piano intro - that's pretty cool. It leads into Never Let It Go.
Two Young Hearts is a definite highlight of the evening. Great AOR track that coverts nicely to stripped back acoustic mode.
Tony Silva's acoustic drum set snaps away with considerable passion, while Earle Lords' vocals are high, but very likeable.
Check it out if you like the band are like good raw, live and unplugged recordings.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Savannah fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Savannah . Salem's Lot

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