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Produced by: Savannah

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Melodica, Firehouse

  1. One More For The Road
  2. All Or Nothing
  3. Last To Know
  4. Live To See Tomorrow
  5. Forever's Come And Gone
  6. Backs Against The Wall
  7. Day After Day
  8. Make Time
  9. Fight Your Way Out Of Love
  10. The Questions

I compared Savannah previously to Tyketto and Journey and feel comfortable with using that again, but there is more defined comparison that I feel is good for the this, their second full length studio album. Vocalist Earle Lord sounds to me like Ted Poley in his prime Danger Danger or Melodica mode, plus add in a little Firehouse, mix all those bands together and Savannah is the result.
These guys created quite a stir with their debut album and anticipation was high for their return. Well, here it is folks and it's well worth the wait.
Forever's Come And Gone surpasses everything that the debut album was and more, with better songs, better vocals and some of the best harmonies and sing along anthems this year.
The only thing I feel hasn't been improved on as much is the production. It is better than the debut, but it still a distance from being perfect. It just sounds a little thin in places.
But I am sure the quality of the songs and the huge harmonies will out weigh that negative.
As an opening track, One More For The Road doesn't do the album justice. It's a big Tyketto / Stryper sounding rocker, that's OK. My guess is the guys wanted to get the album off to the most powerful start possible before heading to some of the more melodic AOR numbers later in the record. It does the job though, it is a big in your face rocker.
All Or Nothing carries on the rocking, with a pretty hard hitting guitar riff starting things off. The vocals are softer than the opening number and it is here I start thinking this sounds like Ted Poley. The drum sound is a little thin, but the chorus is highly memorable and a major slice of pure AOR.
Last To Know is a very cool track. A soft piano intro leads into a moody song that could have come from the Melodica album, just a little more powerful. The song then explodes into a big guitar powered rocker with a chorus several layers deep in harmony vocals. Huge AOR for sure and bound to be a fan favorite. Quite a heavy track in the end!
Live To See Tomorrow is pretty coo. It changes from acoustic to electric and features another good chorus.
Forever's Come And Gone features a soft acoustic start to the song and a soft emotional vocal before moving into power ballad mode. A full sounding track with another good chorus and swap back to verse.
Backs Against The Wall is a good track. Not as instantly memorable, this moody mid tempo track grows on you as you listen and is a little more complex than others on the album. A good catchy chorus.
Day After Day features an instantly memorable guitar riff and heads into mid-paced AOR anthem territory. The chorus doesn't quite hit the peaks of others on the album, it's a little smoother.
Make Time is an acoustic driven pop rocker with some cool organ thrown in for song texture. It's a nice effect and the song is an excellent break from the style of the rest of the album.
Fight Your Way Out Of Love is back to the uptempo feel good hard rock of the majority of the album. This is one of the best tracks of the album and has the best blend of harmonies, production and style.
The Questions ends the album on another interesting note. This track is a soft piano ballad with some original touches that should also see it as a favorite.
BOTTOM LINE: Another impressive release from Savannah, who find themselves as one of the few American bands that are recording anything that compares to former stadium fillers Firehouse and early Danger Danger. An album that picks up where they left off last time and improves it on almost every front, with a small mention to the production in places.
Fans of commercial 80's influenced American stadium rock will love this. Their fans base established with their debut should only grow with this release.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All established fans of Savannah, fans of USA hard rock and some fans of Ted Poley and Firehouse.

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