Track Listing
Stand Up
Halfway to Memphis (3)
Things've Changed (2)
Whole Lotta Zep
The Big Nail
Make It Alright (1)
Not 4 Sale
The Big Square Inch
Karma Wheel

(*) Best Tracks

Post VH Discography & (Rank)
Marching To Mars (1)
Red Voodoo (2)
Ten 13 (3)
Not For Sale (4)

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Line Up
Sammy Hagar: Vocals
Victor Johnson: Guitar
Jesse Harms: Keyboards
David Lauser: Drums
Mona: Bass

Not For Sale
33rd Street Records
Produced By: Sammy Hagar
Running Time: 42.13 Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: Out Now Released: US
WebLink: Red Rocker LabelLink: 33rd Street

In fairly quick time Sammy Hagar and band have recorded yet another new studio album! If only more major artists worked as quickly and as regularly.
Sammy recorded this album earlier this year, completing it before heading out on the road with David Lee Roth.
Not For Sale is a change for Sammy, which is definitely welcomed. I am a long time Sammy fan and I have appreciated all his post VH releases. But the last two are very similar in theme and a change was needed.
I am glad to hear the party rock vibe of Ten 13 has been lost in favor of a more personal lyrical message. Another good thing, as Sammy was definitely in danger of becoming the Jimmy Buffet of hard rock.
So the sound and style on this album is a change for sure. What we have here, is a much looser, rawer, stripped back, dirty rock n roll record. Sammy has mirrored what Eric Martin recently did on his solo album and what Poison have done on their new studio record - made a live, in your face, big rock n roll record.
As goes with such a move, the production on Not For Sale is below that of his previous solo records. It's a lot looser and certainly contains few overdubs or padding layers.
So the production is rough, but it doesn't take away from the tunes. They are still very enjoyable. The sound is below the quality of Eric Martin's album and Sammy's last few records - but still a mile ahead of Poison's sub par sound.
I think Hagar fans will dig the songs, heavy for sure, but with a bluesy and somewhat Midwestern feel to them.
Stand Up is a Sammy tune that has been around for a few years, of course used in the Rock Star movie (sung by Jeff Scott Soto) and faithfully rendered here. Good to hear Sammy's own take of this track, a very slow and heavy rocker, but the production is very raw!
Hallelujah leads off with another heavy, in your face guitar riff that sees Victor Johnson trying something new. Sammy's vocals however are the same as always - powerful and melodic, steering the raw hard rocker into classic Hagar territory. Add in an ripping organ solo from Jesse Harms and you get quite a song.
Halfway to Memphis relaxes the hard hitting sound for a moment. This organ/keyboard drenched track is a lyrically positive feel good mid tempo rocker, with a great hook and sentiment. Once again, something a little different for Sammy, but not too far from the Marching To Mars sound.
Things've Changed is a Jesse Harms penned track, and is the lead single from this opus. Easily the most commercial track, the acoustic lead intro gives way to another uptempo track featuring a dual guitar/organ attack. As expected, the chorus is big and rousing and again holds a feel good, positive sentiment.
Whole Lotta Zep is Sammy's reworking of three or four Led Zeppelin tracks into a totally original number. It's certainly an interesting take on the classics and sounds great but may not be for everyone. The novelty wears off quickly.
The Big Nail is an interesting track. This bluesy, laid back retro southern rocker is a departure from the norm for Sammy and features Harms and Sammy in harmony, with organ, piano and a solid rhythm section all rolling along.
I love Make It Alright. The song opens straight into the chorus, which is a big hands in the air, sing-along anthem - again sharing the positive feel good vibe of several tracks on this album. This is Sammy at his best, positive, uptempo, rocking and having fun. A very simple 2 and a half minute song that's over before you know it.
It's the same for the title track Not 4 Sale. The song doesn't waste a second before hitting the chorus - another big feel good rock n roll anthem. I can see this one rocking along live. The vibe is very loose - it's almost a punk rocker and is well under produced, but it suits the track.
Continuing the under-produced raw, punky rock vibe of the last track is the rollicking fast-tempo'd The Big Square Inch, which is essentially a duet between Sammy and drummer David Lauser. Good fun, frantically paced, great guitar work and generally making little sense. It's just rock n roll!
Getting serious is something Sammy does pretty well and Karma Wheel closes the album on such a note. Reminds me of Marching To Mars again, this left of centre track shows Sammy's love of experimenting. A modern rocker that doesn't match the vibe of the rest of the album, but still manages to fit in.

The Bottom Line
This is another good fun, uptempo, rocking Hagar album. For me personally I love the vibe of it, but it does have a thrown together feel.
It's pretty loose and raw and the feel of a few tracks makes me wonder if some of the songs are left-overs from the last few recording sessions.
The last few albums have all had a similar feel, with this breaking away slightly. Safe to say, if you liked the last 3 albums then this will also appeal.
I have awarded the same mark as the last 2 - because this doesn't feel that different. It looses points for production, but gains for attitude!
Van Halen 1, David Lee Roth 1, Sammy Hagar 4. Is there anything more I can add to that?
Running time - short, artwork ok, track order ok.

Additional Ratings

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20/06/03: ME -
Rating: 85
Best post Van Halen yet. Lacks a big ballad and strays away at times from the traditional Hagar sound. Not as good as pre VH but good. If he keeps heading in this direction he's bound to have a great CD and maybe even a hit. This is one great singer who should return to VH. To bad VH has two a-holes in it. Then again, For his sanity maybe he shouldn't.

27/03/03: John Elway -
Rating: 82
This is a bit dissapointing after Sammy's last two records. This just doesn't have the songwriting or the heaviness of those discs. It's certainly not bad, but features too many midtempo numbers that go nowhere, and what's with that cheesy Zep number? Pure filler. Maybe his weakest effort post-VH.

21/03/03: Laurent -
Rating: 80
Not Sammy's best effort but, as always, a great dose of quality kick ass rock'n roll.
Sammy is the ultimate and last rocker left on this planet. He pleases himself with his music, have fun and give us fun.
When I buy a SH album I know that I'll have a great fun time. And that's all I need. Sammy is a master and I appreciate that he took some chances musically with this album.
So thank you, again, Sammy, for keeping the rock'n roll spirit alive and being such an amazing singer/musician.

29/11/02: Wisey -
Rating: 50
I can't believe that so many people give this album a high rating! I am a big Hagar fan and even like some of his solo stuff better than his Van Halen work, but this album is definitely his worst ever. I found it a major dissapointment, especially after his previous three great post VH releases. I appreciate trying something new and like the raw sound that this album has, and Sammy's voice sounds as great as ever. What lets this album down though for me in a big way are the songs. They are just too damn boring! The best track by a mile is "Things've Changed" - which Hagar didn't write! "Halfway to Memphis" is half way good but I'm afraid that's about it. I would describe the rest as sh#t. Instead of his "Whole lotta Zep" he would have been better doing a good cover of a Led Zepplin song if he wanted to do a tribute to them, such as "Rock and Roll" like he did with VH on the video "Live Without A Net".
I am glad he seems to have gone away from the party type songs, but surely he can't believe that this album is up to scratch? He says that "it was without a doubt the easiest recording process ever...Not one of us could believe we actually were all done."
Well Sammy, unfortunately it shows too! I have been well pleased in the past with the frequency of his album releases, but not this time. I think he should have taken more time to come up with some better songs. Sammy's great voice is all that saves this album from being total s#it, but my recommendation is don't buy it. If albums like this are what we can expect Hagar to release in the future then please Sammy get back with Eddie & the boys instead!

12/11/02: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 65
I'm a bit surprised by the high ratings, because this is an average Hagar record. The songs are not catchy enough and sometimes boring. No, give me the Hagar from the old days, then he played pure good hard rock, this is trying to be modern and that's a bad case.

08/11/02: Chris Ryan -
Rating: 95
Really does pick up where VOA left off. and thats a GOOD thing. All the Van Halenish bits are out of his system. Sammy is back to being a kick ass rocker. But yeah like everybody else, the version of Stand Up in the movie was better. Nobody could beat a Zak Wylde - Jeff Scott Soto collaberation!

07/11/02: John - JHTILLIE@YAHOO.COM
Rating: 92
A diverse record with the range going from a smi-pop feel right down to the bluesy guts of AOR. While a Red-Head fan, I try to keep an open mind on all music, but as Sammy has even said, "This all came together so easily." I agree with the raw sound of production, but that is what music now-a-days is missing. Everything is so precise that people forgot that music is made out of emotion and that is what I feel, this album says. I put this back to the time of Marching to Mars. While these albums may not have been best sellers, the emotion and drive behind them are what makes them great albums. That is what Sammy here, has done. The fun, angst, guts and raw power of music is displayed.

24/10/02: Nick FaKouri -
Rating: 92
The toughest part about this cd was actually finding it! But, after days of intense search in my area(Sorry, I hate to buy online) I was rewarded with this very loose, loud cd. My only disappointment is the production values, not the quality. There is a difference. I see many reviewers lamenting the production. Well, I can understand that you don't like the sound of the record, but it is an excellent job of producing a very in your face rock record, as opposed to a slick "80's" type record. Most people listen to the tunes first when they are trying to experience a record. That's natural. But, I'm a little weird, in that, if it is produced poorly, I don't care how good the songs are, I just can't listen. Anyway, this record sounds like what a 2002 Living Colour record would sound like(and I hear there is one of those in the offing) I think it rocks from start to finish. No, I don't care for the "Zep" thing. And yes, I was a little taken aback by the different arrangement of "Stand Up and Shout" as I am a fan of Jeff and the movie version. But people, here is a 53 year old guy, that has torn himself down for 35 years making us smile! And for me, this is waaay better than the overproduced slick "product" of the "VOA" era. Keep doing it, Sam.............

23/10/02: campbell -
Rating: 90
this is the best album sammy has done for a long time. halleujah for me is the standout track.the zep number should have been left at home,would have made more sense to have added another of their own songs as the rest of the album is really good.the red rocker is all we need is a uk tour!!.

22/10/02: Dave -
Rating: 89
Sammy never disappoints if you are a RedHead or enjoy his music...Greats songs, maybe now real stand out but nothing is crap on here. Keep on rocking Sam! My favs:Stand Up, Things've Changed, Not 4 Sale, The Big Square Inch and Karma Wheel

20/10/02: Jon -
Rating: 90
This is a pretty cool album. I love Not 4 Sale, the Big Square Inch, and a couple of others are pretty killer as well. My only real complaint is that it sounds like Sammy is grunting during some of his singing like on Things Have Changed. Like he's taking a dump while he's singing. I was worried, when I heard the mp3 before the album came out, that this would hinder the whole album, but not so. It's only really in that one song. Wierd. Anyway, good album from the Red Rocker.

17/10/02: Adam W. -
Rating: 94
It is unbelievable the amount of great music this guy has made from his beginnings in MONTROSE to his 70's and 80's solo career to his amazing run with VAN HALEN to now his 4th solo release after VAN HALEN. His live shows get better and better, his voice gets better and better, and his songs just keep on getting more and more entertaining. If you love classic rock, melodic rock, guitar rock, whatever you choose to call it BUY THIS CD!!!!
Out of the 10 tracks on the CD 7 are fantastic!! You can read everybody else's reviews of each track but what I will say is in typical Sammy style you get songs of faith, love, believing in yourself, and having a real good time all the time!! These tunes added to his already stellar list of hits should make for an even better live show than last year when he blew the not so diamond anymore David Lee Roth off the stage night after night!!!!

17/10/02: Eric -
Rating: 75
1) Stand Up - It is his song, and I like it, but I like the version in the movie better , or at least the main chorus better

2) Hallelujah - Not shabby , growing on me - the geeetar is neat after the vocal chorus. Gets a little boring

3) Halfway to Memphis - Grows on you , and I like it a lot ...overrated by him though . Sounds a little like Jovi in places.

4) Things've changed - I cannot get this song out of my head...its good and very catchy . It starts out kinda weak - but its real memorable. Would like to hear Augeri sing this song....Best chorus on album. Kinda a little Segerish...

5) Whole Lotta Zep - Would have been cool as a concert suprise, but doesn't work as an album song for me - this is just a collage of Zeps songs essentially. Kinda boring after a minute.

6) The Big Nail - Could be a Country hit EASY. Chorus is interesting. Not a song I would replay much.

7) Make it Alright - kinda tune!

8) Not 4 Sale - DAMN fun - and good riff - not great, but good. Track 7 and 8 flow well together

9) The Big Square Inch - I like the start very much - but then YUCK ! - I hope this is a joke, some kind of statement about something?

10) Karma Wheel - Very different, but very 90ish and kinda BLAAAAAAAH. Nappy time - not a strong ending. This is not to say there are not some neat things in it....but just isn't my kinda song.

Overall..... 7.25/10

Not in same league as 10-13 for me....but better than than Red Voodoo. Probably could have waited till spring and had a better album, tracks (maybe5), 9 and 10 should have been dropped, and he could have added 3-7 new songs over the next 6 months....Gotta give him credit for puttin out new material!

15/10/02: Alex Kleinwachter -
Rating: 94
I don't know how, but Sammy keeps doing it. This is his 4th rock solid offering since leaving VH in 1996, and as always, Sammy delivers. He's still got the same Teflon-coated vocal cords he always has and the Waboritas have developed into one of the tightest rock n' roll bands on the planet. I love the looser, raw sounding production and Sam has cooked up a fantastic batch of songs here. Sammy doesn't exactly step out in new directions on this album, but that's never been his forte. He continues to do what he does best: crafting hard rocking, melodic, fist pumping rock and roll with the best of 'em. In 1996, Eddie Van Halen said "The bottom line is, his work ethic sucked." Well Ed, it's 6 years later and Sammy has 4 stellar albums under his belt. What have you been up to?

13/10/02: Aaron -
Rating: 0
Starts out extremely strong with "stand up" and "hallelujah". Once you get to "whole lotta zep" the rest just needs to grow on you. Sammy sounds better than he ever has and the Waboritas have become a solid band. I love the CD but I love anything Sammy does.

12/10/02: Steve M -
Rating: 79
Since i'm a big Sammy fan ,I had to buy the this cd & see where his musics at.I wish he didn't change the words on Stand up. The original in Rockstar were cooler! Not my favorite Sammy record. Doesn't have the high quality songs that his last 3 solo cds have.Halfway to memphis is a great song! So Sammy has 4 solo cds out & Eddie Van Halen has 1 crappy cd ,Cancer & A divorce Sammy wins!!!

12/10/02: JohnXL -
Rating: 91
Here is my look at Sammy Hagar and the Waboritas-Not 4 Sale

Stand Up....This one may sound familiar as it was used in the "Rock Star" movie with I believe to be Jeff Scott Soto singing.A heavy almost Dokken-ish tune along the lines of "Shadows Of Life" with a very Van Halen solo at the end.

Hallelujah....Nice guitar riff,when it hits the chorus it could be Hagar era VH,features a solo that sounds like it could be keyboard,reminded me of the Doors.

Halfway To Memphis....Still in Hagar era VH mode,but almost Joey Tempest like.With a big organ in the background making it a mix of AOR and Country.Very radio friendly until it gets to guitar break which is a tad too heavy for the song.

Things`ve Changed....No its not the new "Night Moves" but very similar structure,would have been a bad move on Sammy`s part except its a cover so you can excuse him.
I could see this getting radio airplay somewhere.It be funny hearing it on the radio after "Night Moves " !!!

Whole Lotta Zep....Has pieces of "Whole Lotta Love","Black Dog",and "Kashmir".
I will never understand why anyone would think this was a good idea...
might be one of those we thought we were being cute kind of idea`s.Not terrible,but it is the weakest link on a pretty good album,in fact if you remove this I would rate this as one of the best rock releases this year.I would have prefered an instrumental if he needed an extra track.

The Big Nail....Guitar opening makes me think of something G.E. Smith would have played before going to commercial breaks on old Saturday Night Live episodes,or that the house band would perform on countless late night T.V. shows.
Another song that would probably do very well in the south.This is another song that tends to sound more like Southern Rock meets Country.

Make It Alright....Add a Van Halen solo in it,with Michael Anthony`s background vocals and its one of the best VH songs in a while.Catchy,to the point,probably made up from the chorus,since it`s so short.Best song on the C.D.

Not 4 Sale....My next favorite song from this disc,another catchy song,not so hagar sounding,could be on a VH album as well.More rock sounding,much better songwriting from Sammy,he sounds much more serious than some of his typical good time style,plus what sounds like a dig at Eddie at the end...." Well my friend`s worth a couple million,and he`s miserable as any man can be,he no fun,no sense of humor,that ain`t the way it`s supposed to be"

The Big Square Inch....This is more typical Hagar,Party rock sound,kinda goes nowhere and would have been the weakest track but that`s where "Whole Lotta Zep" steps in.Would probably be one of those fun to do live songs.Still not a terrible song by all means,just not the quality of some of the other tracks.

Karma Wheel....Like nothing I`ve ever heard Sammy do,mystical sounding,with a guitar part that sounds like "Abbey Road" era
Beatles or is that Cheap Trick ? Didn`t Cheap Trick go the whole Beatles route ?
With a short smooth solo that ends with a VH inspired run in the middle.It`s always nice to expand musically,and this disc kinda has it all.

Overall I think this is a fine release by a veteran rocker who keeps getting better with age.Sammy keeps delivering the goods,while the rest of the VH bunch do nothing !

11/10/02: Steve -
Rating: 89
In short, this is a good Sammy CD. If you dig Sammy, you'll dig this album. If you don't like the Red Rocker, this album won't convert you.

What everyone else has already said is pretty much on the mark. The album is a good rocker with a couple of down tempo tracks. Sammy leads off with two back to back rockers with a good hook but could have probably switched the position of track three - the slowdown is too abrupt here.

Cover art is a bit weak, but the inside photo of the band is a nice twist on a good idea.

Bottom line: great to see Sammy's "crappy work ethic" hasn't stopped him from releasing yet another new album. Thanks, Sam. Keep writin' 'em and we'll keep buyin' 'em.

11/10/02: Brett -
Rating: 0
Does anybody else think it sounds like he's showcasing his voice? Like he is auditioning for something??
For once his voice is above the music...and it has never sounded better.
Karma Wheel, i think is great.

10/10/02: Craig -
Rating: 80
Anything Sammy Hagar does gets my ear, it has been that way since 1973 when I first heard Rock Candy on the Montrose Record!Not For Sale is all about Being True to yourself and Sammy is. While Sammy Hagar's best song writing occured during his Van Halen days in my opinion, I think Not for Sale is a good rock & roll CD with clever songs. However, Its just not his best work in my opinion. The key test to any good CD is a loud play while driving around town. Not For Sale passes this test with flying colors, preferably Red & Yellow in Sam's Honor " Things have Changed " is a great AOR song and deserves airplay as does " Whole Lotta Zep " & " Halfway to Memphis ". I think this CD has completely different sound than his previous efforts with less production involved. In 10 years, what songs from this CD will he want to play Live at his 65th Birthday Bash, probably the ones I mentioned above, they should stand the test of time !

10/10/02: cory karns -
Rating: 0
I must be the luckiest guy on the planet! My favorite artist continues to make albums--because he loves too. I dare anyone to name an artist who has consistently put out albums(good ones) since 1973. The critic who wrote this is fairly knowledgable except for the whole production thing. If you have a good stereo, turn this album up and really listen to how well you can hear every instrument. Listen to how well the vocals go over top of everything without smothering them. This album has great production. Everyone has different tastes--but if you have an acquired taste for good, solid rock--Sammy has never dissappointed.

10/10/02: MrBlaque -
Rating: 90
Not 4 Sale suprised me a bit. The production effort is a bit less than what his past solo albums, pre and post VH, have been. Despite this, the album flows fairly well. I must agree that "Halfway To Memphis" should have been put somewhere else. I thought that the "Whole lotta Zep" thing was pretty freaking retarded, but it has grown on me after a couple listens. I am looking forward to seeing Sammy here in San Francisco on the 21st and hope to hear some of these new songs. Later.

10/10/02: MisterSmiley69 -
Rating: 1
This thing suck ass Maybe if SAM SObered up and cared for his fans he'd make a good CD!!!

10/10/02: Kevin -
Rating: 90
I'm a big fan of the redrocker. This album will have to grow on me a bit. 10 13 and Marching To Mars were instant likable records from the start. However, Halfway To Memphis, Things've Changed and Make It Alright are the stand out tracks from this record. It will take a few listens to this record to warm up to it but overall if you like Sammy he always delivers in fine form.

10/10/02: Mark C. Holt -
Rating: 80
I know it's old now, but I've had some time to digest it all, and here's my take on Sammy Hagar's "Not 4 Sale".

"Stand Up" - How does Sammy Hagar open his new musical adventure this time around? How about telling the listener to "STAND UP AND SHOUT"! in his signature high pitched yell. Once the "Waborita's" kick in, it's immediately evident that this band likes what it does, and has managed to capture a perfect tone to compliment Sammy's vocals. Ok Sam ... I'm ready for more ...

"Hallelujah" - Indeed!!! I feel this is my favorite track. It has the "Sammy groove" going, and I can just see Sammy on stage, marching in place, spinning in circles and singing his ass off on this one. I found myself thinking of Jon Lord of "Deep Purple" during the keyboard solo. Too bad Jesse doesn't have a real Hammond B3, or does he? This track's a keeper. ...
alright now ... we're rockin'

"Halfway To Memphis" - Whoa, who put on the brakes???? I was standing and singing hallelujah now you want me to sit down? I usually skip past this track. I'll admit when it cuts into the solo, it rocks, but I'm not really crazy about this one. It's a good song, inspirational lyrics, the band sounds great ... <skip to next track>

"Things've Changed" (Night moves 2002) - Sorry, but that's all I think about when this track starts, and I don't like Bob Seger. Once it gets going though, it's a strong track. I was initially concerned about this being released as the first single, but the lyrics make the song. I think just about anyone can think of something that's happened in their life that had them down, and Sammy's advice, although sometimes it's hard to do, that we
"roll with it" is simple, yet real.

"Whole Lotta Zep" - As a "tribute" to Zep, this falls way short. I hope they never hear it. <skip to next track>

"The Big Nail" - Sammy Hagar doing country? All I can say is it works. There are a couple spots the harmonies lose it, but that's forgivable. I like this one.

"Make It Alright" - Another solid "Hagar" tune. Have I said how awesome the band sounds yet? I do get a little tired of the "yeah yeah yeah" shit though.

"Not 4 Sale" - Another song about money ... (yawn). Pretty much just another "Hagar" tune, no disrespect intended.

"The Big Square Inch" - It's fun hearing Sammy and David swap lyrics, but otherwise this one is totally forgettable.

"Karma Wheel" - I love this one. Sammy does songs like this so well. Fantastic vocals, great guitar solo, it has it all.

This latest release from the "Red Rocker", "Not 4 (please notice a shifted 4 on the keyboard is $) Sale" is a solid offering.

Let's grade this puppy:

Recording - A
Mix - A
Content - B-
Packaging - C

Total - B


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