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Portrait Records
Produced by: Jack Blades

Released: OUT / Website
Relatives: Green Day, Mars Electric
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Framed
  2. Hanging Onto Jane
  3. I Wanna Be Famous
  4. Slave Laura
  5. Covergirl
  6. Golden Days And Rain
  7. Good Day
  8. Bury Me
  9. Bonnie Bradley
  10. Seane Girl
  11. Hollywood & Vine

Samantha 7 is primarily the side project of Poison guitarist CC Deville. The album is also notable as it is produced by Damn Yankees and Night Ranger main man Jack Blades.
The album was produced and recorded in under 2 weeks at Jack's ranch studio.
Who is Samantha 7? They are a 100% punk / modern rock outfit.
The 11 songs are all over with in quick time and the band get to the point in every instance with quick rhythms, distorted guitars and a modern rock feel not unsimilar to the rockier parts of Mars Electric or the punk attitude of the Goo Goo Dolls.
The opening track Framed is pretty cool and Hanging Onto Jane also catchy enough.
But by the time track 5, Covergirl, started I was thankful for a change of pace. The last couple of songs were starting to sound the same.
The acoustic Good Day also provides a buffer between a bunch of songs that essentially sound identical.
The main problem is CC's vocals. Ok, I know he essentially isn't a lead vocalist by trade, but his vocals do get on my nerves half way through the record and continue doing so. They are bland and unfortunately just boring.
BOTTOM LINE: Modern rock fans and those into a little of the punk / fuzz rock sound might quite like this. But as for your average rock or typical Poison fan buying this - beware! I think it is rather disappointing, a little bland and after half the album, just a tad boring.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Some modern rock and commerical punk rock fans.

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