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ATLANTIC 83122-2
Produced by: Geddy Lee & Paul Northfield
    Disc One
  1. Dreamline
  2. Limelight
  3. Driven
  4. Bravado
  5. Animate
  6. Show Don't Tell
  7. The Trees
  8. Nobody's Hero
  9. Closer To The Heart
  10. 2112
    Disc Two
  11. Test For Echo
  12. Analog Kid
  13. Freewill
  14. Roll The Bones
  15. Stick It Out
  16. Resist
  17. Leave That Thing Alone
  18. The Rhythm Method
  19. Natural Science
  20. The Spirit Of Radio
  21. Tom Sawyer
  22. YYZ
    Disc Three
  23. 11 Tracks live from Hammersmith, London - 1978
I really like Rush. They provide me with the intellectual side of music that you need sometimes. You know, the complicated pop songs that always require seven listens to understand and some very complicated lyrics sometimes.
They aren't for everyone though and a live album, especially a triple is always going to be a fans only affair.
But, if you ever want to hear a classy live album, Rush do it better than anyone. They should at least, as this is their fourth live record.
There is a great double disc compiled from the last 2 tours and a third bonus disc issued as a rare live performance from London in 1978. For me that one is likely to stay in the box, because I only ever got into Rush when they turned more commercial in the mid 80's.
The sound and production of this album is I think even better than their last one which I didn't think could be topped.
I think I will still like that one better, as it has a more personally preferred range of songs.
But that aside, there are plenty of new classics here including several off Test For Echo (great album) and a few more from Roll The Bones.
My favourite from this album are the ballad rocker Resist, Driven, Dreamline, Test For Echo, Roll The Bones and the old classic Closer To The Heart.
Oh yeah, there is a drum solo too!
I confess to not even listening to the 1978 disc yet, but for original fans, I am sure you'll love it.
And for computer users there is an additional bonus of a program that moves along to the music on your screen. Trust Rush always to be the first.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Rush heads and live album fans.

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