RockStar Supernova Supernova Burnett/Epic
· Produced By: Butch Walker

· Running Time: 41.27

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: Modern Rock

· Links: Supernova
Songs: 25%
Sound: 75%
The much talked about second season of RockStar ended as most had guessed – with the pre-picked Lukas Rossi "chosen" as the band's singer, edging out 15 other contenders.
The show was thrown together in the weeks approaching deadline as the band producers really wanted (Alice In Chains) weren't interested. In flies Mr. Reality Tommy Lee, who through most of the show couldn't have appeared less interested – unless giving a few of the female singers suggestive remarks.
He brought one time GNR guitarist Gilby Clarke with him and also former Metallica bassist Jason Newstead. In the producers chair and helping arrange, write and formulate the debut album for the band was Butch Walker – although he had the good sense to only appear on one episode of the TV show. The music for the debut album was recorded while the show ran and extra work -including (obviously) the vocals - was added towards the end and after the show.
The result – an album as equally confused as the show was and with about as much lasting merit.
The biggest problem with this album is that is just doesn't serve anyone.
Modern rock fans aren't going to buy this. Melodic rock fans aren't going to warm to the modern influences. Nu-breed fans will just buy a Butch Walker album and get the real thing and fans of Motley Crue, GNR and Metallica are quite likely to die laughing when they here songs as lame as Leave The Lights On.
This gets my vote as the cheesiest song of the year and something that would never be seen on any other album featuring these guys.
The opening track It's On shows a little promise, the modern rock vibe and gnarly vocal summing up vibe created on the Rock Star TV show.
Be Yourself (and 5 Other Clichés) is pretty good too – but let's face it – it's a Butch Walker tune that probably wouldn't have been deemed good enough to make his own solo albums.
It's All Love is also an ok track if not a little bland – a moody modern rock ballad that I could hear on radio and sees vocalist Lukas in good voice.
Can't Bring Myself To Light This Fuse has the potential to be a monster ballad and features a surprisingly subtle vocal, but again, it sounds like a Butch Walker reject.
Headspin made its debut on the show and is probably the band's best chance of any airplay. This is a solid commercial modern rock ballad.
So they are the ok songs. Now for the songs that make you think WTF?
Underdog is a horrible modern rocker out of step with the rest of the album, going nowhere and doing nothing for the album whatsoever. The chorus riff was the theme song for the show, but nothing else stands out as remotely catchy.
Make No Mistake...This Is the Take is another lame track that sounds messy and without any redeeming hook.
Valentine goes absolutely nowhere and Social Disgrace follows the same path. Bland and forgettable modern rock that could be attributed to any number of other bands out there.
The album is pretty bad throughout, but guys save the worst for last. The Dead Parade is just horrid and one of the worst songs of the year. The chorus doesn't match the verse, the intro doesn't match the song and the bridge sounds like a piece of yet another song. Just horrible.
There is just no personality on the record. The band was created out of nothing and clearly hasn't carved out a niche for themselves. Perhaps that will come from touring and then recording a second album, but if the first one fails and there is no record label, who would they actually make a record for?
The Bottom Line
The vibe surrounding this formulated, thrown together band is that of an invite only boys club. Except no one else cares and no one wants to join in the "fun".
I believe the biggest insult I could give the album is that it is largely pointless. It doesn't really cater to anyone and the song quality is that which would embarrass the members of the bands these guys are/were attached to. Despite talk of a follow-up album already underway, will anyone even care about this release enough to warrant a sequel? I say not.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Supernova

Line Up:
· Lukas Rossi: Vocals
· Gilby Clarke: Guitars
· Tommy Lee: Drums
· Jason Newstead: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· RockStar TV show
Track Listing
· It's On *
· Leave the Lights On
· Be Yourself (and 5 Other Cliches) *
· It's All Love
· Can't Bring Myself To Light This Fuse
· Underdog
· Make No Mistake...This Is the Take
· Headspin *
· Valentine
· Social Disgrace
· The Dead Parade

--*Best Tracks

19/04/07: Benno -
Rating: 80
Having never seen the show that spawned the band I can only review this on the merits of the music. And I really enjoy it, great CD! As far as disagreeing with Andrew's review, well I do of course but I'm reading more than a CD review into what he's written.

I get a 70s glammy type vibe out of it, and some subtle Beatlesque tones, but overall this is Butch Walker through and through. "Its On" showcases how much I miss Butch putting out material. "Leave The Lights On" has that cool spirit-in-the-sky vibe, "Be Yourself" rocks, this went off at the concert and solidified this as my second favourite on the disc. More Walkeresque balladeering on "Its All Love" and "Can't Bring Myself...", more 70s glam on "Underdog" though an average track. The tempo picks up on "Make No Mistake...", Tommy's a monster pounding this one out, sounds great in the car and went off live. "Headspin" was the other immediate track when I first played this disc but I've since found out its about his mother so I really can't get into it any more. Solid rock ballad though. "Valentine" shows more 70s glam fused with Beatles, big chorus and big outro pull this one through.

Then "Social Disgrace" drives in, its a big rocker, probably the closest thing we expected from the pedigree of the band, massive soaring chorus, huge drums, and the singer's voice sounds the best out of the whole album here. Huge song, the most immediate song when I first played it. And "The Dead Parade", yeah, very average track, I dig the sound of the verses but the chorus is out of place, generally skip this track.

I wasn't expecting much after reading bits and pieces about the show and have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. A solid album thats contemporary enough for my girlfriend to really dig yet off-centre enough for me to really sink my teeth into.

04/01/07: dokkenman -
Rating: 85
Yeah sorry, couldn't disagree with Andrew more on this one. In fact I would have scored this higher if it wasn't for the ballad which is a little flat to me. Maybe it's because I am a Canuck myself but I love Lucas' voice and the way he sounds on this album. I also think he was easily the best choice as he has a greater range than Toby and a better stage presence than Dilana. I also agree with the above review that thinks this sounds a lot like Butch Walker. This isn't anything more than it says it is, a good solid rock album. There is some excellent guitar on it, it has some great hooks, and the drum sound is all Tommy. One of my favourites and it has stayed in my cd rotation since I got it.

30/12/06: Splash777 -
Rating: 65
We all new after the first show Tommy Lee was going to pick the Canuck. He was by far the best image to sell to kids. Toby was my personal favorite. Hate Dilana because she was a one dimensional singer. Everything sounded the same as soon as she opened her mouth. Storm would have eclipsed the band members and their ego's couldn't stand that... Back to the album if you want to admit that it is an album. The entire thing sounds like a bunch of songs just randomly chosen like bingo balls for the caller. Don't get me wrong some stuff works and some of the songs actually are good front to back. But this is nothing more than a the stuff left on the cutting room floor from Butch's last solo record and junk Tommy had left over from his last album. I don't like the original by Lukas. Song stunk on the show and still stinks on record. But I will not snub this album because I do find myself enjoying over half of what they offer up. I don't forsee a future for them but if a second album comes out I hope they do a better job of writing complete songs. Some of the tunes are decent but could have been even better.

17/12/06: Rokkit -
Rating: 33
What the hell were they thinking? Dilana was clearly the most powerful presence on stage and her voice would have been awsome on this record compared to Lukas, though it still wouldn't have made up for this subpar CD. Maybe it's a good thing she didn't win so she wouldn't have to be tied to this drivel and can go do her own thing.

12/12/06: zap -
Rating: 90
Hey i really enjoyed this cd!!It has some really rocking songs ie underdog,the dead parade,social disgrace.I must admit i am a big Lukas Rossi fan,so i guess you have to be a fan to enjoy this disc.I believe you have to be a rossi fan to enjoy this disc,anybody that is check out his work in rise electric,awesome!!Anyway guys give this disc a good listen before you judge and i mean not 1 or 2 spins!cheers ZAP!!!

12/12/06: Brody -
Rating: 95
Some people are very bizzare. I agree with the first statement. "What is Andrew smoking??". Anyone who "really" knows Butch's music knows this album has all those sounds to it...I agree Butch would have sung them better...but it is PURE Butch !! All the garbage about anyone in the top five could have sung the songs better than Lukas is utter crap. I don't like Lukas as a performer but he is the only person in the top five who could have sung these songs (Aussie Toby has the range of a tone death horse). It's said when utter tripe like Velvet Revolver sells a million records and this fails to sell.

10/12/06: CJ Plain -
Rating: 0
I only need to hear the first TWO songs on this to confirm what I already knew. Lukas looks like a human bobblehead and sounds like a circus monkey with strept throat. Any one of the final 5 could have pulled this off better. I am glad that is was Lukas that got the luck of the draw to sing this crap. It's fitting for his talent.

The other finalists could write a better record in their sleep and probably WILL in the end. If I was Butch, whom I have admired greatly since his days with Southgang and Floyd's Funk Revival, I would be ashamed to have my name associated with this flaming hunk of crap.

09/12/06: NEO -
Rating: 50
My god this is an utter stinky piece of crap. I am shocked that Tommy Lee is involved in this garbage disguised as a CD.
I made the mistake of buying this when it came out, having high hopes. What a total letdown! I've spun it twice, haven't bothered to listen to it again. No need!

08/12/06: Duffman -
Rating: 35
???? What's Andrew smokin????
What are you guys smokin???
This is shite! Utter shite dished up by a bunch of 16 yearolds. What? They are grown men who used to have rocknroll careers? No way!

08/12/06: james g -
Rating: 94
WoW!!!What an album!!!Man do i ever disagree with andrew!!!I think this is a great cd.I love every song,with The dead parade and undergod my favourites closely followed by can't light this fuse,awesome stuff.I am very impressed with the diversity of Lukas Rossi's vocals(he does some very strange little subtle vocal nuances here)and his lyrics are very impressive.I can see this album going down the similiar road to the john corabi Motley crue album which was great alo,not as good as this one but up there!!!it won't get the recognition it deserves.
I hope they do tour australia as i will be there with bells on,im certain it will be better than the last few shows i've seen ie van halen,motley crue etc.Looking forward to a future album from these guys.
P.S i agree with u g-man "What are you smoking Andrew!"

08/12/06: Todd Carper -
Rating: 88
Every now and then I disagree with Andrew, but when I do it is usually a big one. If he liked it I didn't, if he loathed it, I loved it; this is the second of the choices because I loved this CD! Before I start, I want to say I love what Andrew does with the site, I read it daily before I get ready for work with the morning coffee. Fantastic site, lots of great content. Now that I have gotten that out of my system, I will say I agreed that I liked Toby and Magni better than Lukas. Toby had a real appeal with being able to fit most any song (and could write a killer hook) Magni is a very gifted musician period and in my opinion the best singer of the lot! That said, I really like Lukas, he is from that old school, bad boy with an edge about him mold. Great singer....well no, but good enough for me. Could do a ballad or a rocker, but really showed his emotion well and made any song his own which is really what he excelled at here. This disc has rockers (the first 3 songs are great!) and most of the disc was rockin'. The 3 slower tunes (It's all love, Can't bring myself and Headspin) are super in my opinion, but my favorite track was actually Dead Parade. I really was happy with the disc, but largely because I didn't have high expectations. If you look at the pedigree of the (other)players involved Tommy Lee is simply one of the great drummers ever and I am a huge fan of the Crue. His song hooks for Home sweet home and some of the other contributions he made to the ideas of the crue are really understated. Gilby Clarke is a favorite of mine from way back, and actually is the person who seems to have exerted the most influence on this project. His band Kill for Thrills from the 80's (he sang, played Guitar and wrote everything) is a lost treasure of the era but I really Loved his projects he did after the G'NR period. Obviously everyone loved that band and would enjoy a reunion with Gilby, Slash, and Izzy all on guitar and Duff and the boys back in their spots but AXL has not wanted it. Anyway, I digress. The Gilby Solo discs and the Col Parker project were my faves. You got to see Gilby's Influences (the Stones, Aerosmith) and that is what I see in this band. Jason brings a lot of talent but it is understated on this disc. I know he writes as he was the primary writer in Flotsam and Jetsam (even wrote their best songs on albums after he left like No place for Disgrace) and contributed when allowed to in Metallica (one of my all time favorite bands). What I liked then and still do is he could sing (both background and lead) which I thought both he and Gilby could have done more here to give some of the songs more of a textured vocal appeal. That said, there is always CD 2 for that and I think the guys all left themselves room to grow. I for one REALLY hope they stay together and give it a go, I would go see them live and enjoyed this disc a LOT!

08/12/06: Big Fan - unknown
Rating: 50
I don't even need to hear it to know that it sucks!!!!! Did it ever occur to anyone that all the " Rockstars " they pulled together to do this show were not the main songwriters in the bands that they became popular in, pretty fuckin important don't ya think? You would never consider any of these guys to be the driving force behind bands they were in and now they have proved to the world exactly what that was, NOTHING. Poor Butch Walker trying to turn this into anything listenable.

08/12/06: Dan -
Rating: 85
Hey I like it and play it often. It's an interesting mix of pop-rock and there is definitely some smoke on some songs but it's just as good as anything else being released as pop rock today is.

07/12/06: Garry -
Rating: 65
Before the release there were times I would think it could be the worst album in history; but then there were times i considered that maybe, just maybe, they could pull it off.

Well they did. kinda.

There's a few cool songs (Headspin, It's On), but most seem like complete filler and some, well, some just don't have any hookable melody at all. Which is almost awkward at times.

The production is kinda iffy too, i guess Butch couldn't stop Tommy from popping that sleeping pill in his drink to sneak in during the night and turn up the drum volume! Not that that's bad; the drumming is the best part of the cd considering there's absolutely no hooks :/

The whole Gilby telling Dilana her lyrics were too literal is so contradicted here it's absurd! Leave The Lights On? Yeah, man sure. Why not just call it "Holiday In The Sun"? :D.

It's average and i'm doubtful it'll beat others when it comes to CD listening selection time.

Now where's that Rockstar: Butch Walker?

07/12/06: G-Man -
Rating: 90
Not really sure what Andrew is smoking with this review. If you ignore the whole Rockstar t.v crap and look at this album as a rock album then it delivers the goods. We all know that Lukas Rossi shouldn't have won but it is fair to say that he is the only one who could deliver these songs written by Butch Walker and co. The songs are very, very good catchy rock numbers...what more can you sak for. It scares me that a good rock album gets a rating of 49 when other soft rock crap gets in the 90's. Oh well that's the way it is I suppose !!!

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