a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: Rob Lamothe
  1. Kool
  2. Gone
  3. Revolution Man
  4. Between
  5. Circus Song
  6. Clean
  7. Suddenly In Waterdown
Project Hum is a project by Rob Lamothe, now solo from the awesome Riverdogs. It was released late last year as an independent release and not one that was ever intended to go into main stream circulation.
But there are 500 copies out there and this is one of them!
Rob has now re-located to Ontario, Canada and in-between battling immigration officers and red tape, this is a record of the first new songs written in that period.
Rob is now writing a new solo album with partner Nick Brophey that will form his Canadian CD debut.
But to these tunes...
This EP has a similar feel to the past 2 Rob Lamothe solo albums, with a few tracks from Human Being re-appearing and an old favourite from the Riverdogs.
Kool is driven by a hard edged and tuned down electric guitar sound. The vocals are familiar, but the overall feel of the track is the most 90's I have heard Lamothe perform.
Gone is a soft rock track from Being Human, but a more urgent or intense version. Strong vocal.
Revolution Man should be familiar to all Riverdogs fans, this version stripping right back to an acoustic guitar and soft percussion accompaniment. Cool raw live recording.
Also from Being Human is Between - another harder edged number, modern guitar sound and much heavier than the original.
Circus Song is a slow to mid paced pop rocker. A great raw and emotional vocal over live instrumentation. Way different to the original!
Clean is again raw, live and modern. A mid tempo rocker. Cool track too. Touching on the old Riverdog days slightly and remastered from it's original Being Human appearance.
Suddenly In Waterdown is a soft acoustic pop song. Nice vocal again and crisp acoustic guitar.
So this EP would be a worthwhile pick up for any Lamothe or Riverdogs fan. Outside those boundaries it offers a portrait of a talented singer/songwriter, but may not appeal to all.
I certainly look forward to the full new album.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Rob Lamothe fans and some Riverdogs fans.

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