Robin Beck Livin' On A Dream Frontiers Records
· Produced By: James Christian & Tommy Denander

· Running Time: 52.19

· Release Date: July 6

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

· Links: Frontiers
Songs: 94%
Sound: 87%
It is a very safe bet to say that no Robin Beck fan is going to be disappointed with this release. Safer even to state that they will be very impressed with it, as Robin gives it her all to capture the best elements of her past mixed with a few newer elements such as the involvement of Tommy Denander.
Beck has a killer voice and the performance here is her best since the classic debut Trouble Or Nothing.
I'm also very impressed with the songwriting. There is a definite energy here and the tracks have that spark that is needed to create a great album.
When needed Robin kicks ass – the opening rocker Livin' On A Dream and late in the album Magic both tear down walls as Robin never has before; as does Show Me The Way; while Love Me Like A Man and Nothing's Gonna Change Your World peg it back a notch, while still delivering a gutsy passionate vocal and some strong hooks.
Always is a huge ballad with a vocal Ann Wilson would be proud of.
Can't Get Enough Of Your Heart is another full, multi-layered melodic track and Till The Last Tear Drop Falls is another lush ballad in duet with husband James Christian.
The majority of the album's tempo is direct and pacey, giving melodic rock fans plenty of hooks and anthems to enjoy.
Closing out the album is however the very best track of the album. I'm not sure why it got left till the end, but Love Lies is simply one of the best rockers I have heard Robin sing, complete with a classic chorus and a full production sound.
The only thing I would critique is the variation in production sound. The whole album is strong and very well constructed, but there are two different sounds in play here and I prefer one over the other.
Although not credited on the promo, Tommy Denander is all over parts of this record and his signature guitar sound and production technique are obvious from the first note of songs he is a part of. Livin' On A Dream, Love Me Like A Man, Seventeen Forever, Magic, Runaway and Wrapped Around Your Finger for example all have that programmed Denander sound.
Whereas Always, Can't Get Enough Of Your Heart, Nothing's Gonna Change Your World, I Can't Walk The Line and Love Lies all have a much fuller sound, richer tones and a smoother mix, which I find instantly alluring and very rewarding. I only wish the whole album feature such a rich full band tone.
The Bottom Line
All in all, classic and classy Robin Beck - armed with some of the best songs of her career and a mighty vocal performance. This is definitely one for all fans of female fronted melodic rock and will not disappoint long time fans.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Trouble or Nothin
· Human Instinct
· Can't Get Off
· Wonderland
· Do You Miss Me
· Livin On A Dream

Line Up:
· Robin Beck: Vocals
· Jimi Bell, Tommy Denander: Guitars
· William Zampa: Drums
· James Christian: Bass, Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Robin Beck
· House Of Lords
Track Listing
· Livin' On A Dream *
· Show Me The Way
· Love Me Like A Man
· Always *
· Nothing's Gonna Change Your World *
· Seventeen Forever
· Can't Get Enough Of Your Heart *
· Runaway
· Wrapped Around Your Finger
· Magic
· I Can't Walk The Line *
· Till The Last Tear Drop Falls
· Love Lies *

--*Best Tracks

20/08/07: Axe-Machine - lisvanepanthers@yahoo,
Rating: 90
This is without doubt her best since Trouble or Nothing. The title track, Nothings Gonna Change Your World, Runaway, Love Lies and the brilliant Love Me Like A Man make this album tons better than your average fare, and includes a classy production to match. I would have probably ditched the two or three fillers that are included and trimmed it to 10 tracks, but hey, they dont take away from those great songs on offer here. Pick this one up pronto!

06/08/07: Andy Hawes -
Rating: 95
Brilliant CD!!! The whole package is so superior to 'Do You Miss Me' that if not for the voice, you wouldn't know it was the same artiste!! I agree that Tommy Denander's production sound is very obvious on the CD, but it is slightly different to some of his recent stuff...doesn't sound as sterile as the Frederikson/Denander CD and we get less of Tommy's 'stock' solo runs. His outings on this CD are very short, sweet and very melodic.

There are a couple of very minor 'niggles': a couple of 'untidy' production moments where the backing vocals don't actually all end at precisely the same time, and also a similar slightly 'loose' feel to a harmony guitar break in one of the tracks, but these are very minor niggles and I suppose in some ways actually give the CD a more organic and 'live' feel.

To sum it up. If you are into female AOR, then you should buy this album now! There are few AOR CDs these days that REALLY take my breath away and see me playing them over and over and not skipping any tracks, however, this CD has hardly been out of my CD player in the month since it was released...(so much so that I fear my wife may actually hide it so that she can listen to something else!!!!)
Brilliant...absolutely brilliant and I agree with the comment about it being the best female fronted album in 14 years...maybe even more than that!!!

31/07/07: Tom -
Rating: 90
There´s nothing to add to Andrews review: Living On A Dream is a fantastic album and I really hope it gets the attention it deserves. Rock on!

31/07/07: Noddy -
Rating: 99
Brilliiant!!! What can I say, this is right up there with Robin's clasic debut and is easily the best female fronted AOR/Melodic Rock CD since Heart's 'Desire Walks On' in 1993 - 14 years!!!!

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