Robin Beck Do You Miss Me Frontiers Records
Produced By: Fabrizio Grossi

Running Time: 50.02

Release Date: July 4


Musical Style: AOR

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Songs: 85%
Sound: 85%
Robin Beck has one of those truly sexy lead vocals that you just love to listen to. Along with T'Pau, Fiona and 80's Heart, she has been a favourite for some time.
After several years in the wilderness, Robin re-appeared last year with the new solo album Wonderland. A more pop/contemporary release, it disappeared before it even got going, thanks largely to lousy promotion.
It was a fine release very smooth but perhaps traditional AOR fans will be more welcoming of this release, which sees Robin back on old turf solid melodic rock in the vein of her best known record Trouble Or Nothin'.
Do You Miss Me relies on high-tech AOR mixed with some mellower ballads which run close to the style of her other acclaimed record Human Instinct. Overall, this is a fine return to form, but it also has a couple of short comings.
The main issue I have is the production and musical backing from Fabrizio Grossi. While enthusiastic for his first 4 or 5 releases in control, I am tiring of his overall sound and style especially the guitar tone.
Musically speaking this record sounds exactly the same as Shadows Fade, Tommy Funderburk and especially the James Christian record. That, however, is good news for the many fans of those releases.
Most people will be aware Robin's husband is the great James Christian, so comparisons to his recent solo album should not be a surprise she lent a hand with backing vocals there and James repays the favor here (with Lisa Dalbello also contributing!)
Sound issue aside, there are some memorable songs within the record.
That guitar sound I spoke of dominates Do You Miss Me, but it remains a strong track with some lush harmony vocals boosting the sexy and catchy chorus vocal.
Walk On The Moon is mellower and not as instant, but Your Love Is Tough kicks in with a bit more angst and a raw, emotional vocal.
The rock ballad Safest Place (I Wanna Be Strong) features an outstanding vocal and is one of my favourite tracks from the album.
Another strong vocal drives the uptempo rocker What About Us. Coming Back For More also impresses as does the layered and catchy Takin' A Ride, which has a somewhat updated feel to it.
Another album highlight closes the album. Bring it Back features an emotional and moody vocal and one of the better chorus hooks of the album.
The Bottom Line
The album is at times, perhaps a little slow and certainly mellower than the classic debut. But fans of Robin Beck should still find a lot to like with this release. It's certainly great to hear a new record from such a well liked and familiar name and one hopes she sticks around for more.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Trouble or Nothin
Human Instinct
Can't Get Off
Do You Miss Me

Line Up:
Robin Beck: Vocals
Steffi Hazan, Nick Savio: Guitar
Francis Koch: Drums
Fabrizio V.Zee Grossi: Bass
Not Listed: Keyboards

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Track Listing
Do You Miss Me*
Walk on the Moon
Your Love is Tough
The Safest Place (I Wanna Be Strong)*
What About Us
I Wanna Hear it From You
Stone by Stone
Find a Little Faith
Coming Back for More*
I Don't Wanna Play That Game Anymore
Takin' a Ride
Bring it Back*
--*Best Tracks

01/02/06: Axe Machine -
Rating: 88
A very strong release, and most definately her best since the storming Trouble Or Nothing. Do You Miss Me, Your Love Is Tough, The Safest Place and Taking A Ride are great songs. One of my favourite AOR albums of 2005, and perhaps the best Grossi production as of yet.

16/10/05: Panagiotis -
Rating: 90
I like it very much. Very good aor album!

05/08/05: aorfan1987 -
Rating: 100
Wow every song is amazing trust me on this one, one of the best of 2005! keep up the good work :D

19/07/05: Jonny B -
Rating: 75
Maybe I set my standards too high when I had hoped for a harder-edged Trouble Or Nothing. However, I feel this is her strongest "AOR" effort to-date, but the better tracks seem to fall to a weak chorus.

Unfortunately, IMHO, Robin Beck is beat by a female rock group released on the same week. The band is called Broke N Blue.

12/07/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 70
Again, this is the real Freddy. Check it in the future, Andrew !
This is fine pop rock, nothing more, nothing less.
It's a bit too lite to be called AOR !!!
Guess my clone will be surprised by this.
Not essential.

12/07/05: Andy Hawes -
Rating: 75
This is a tricky one. I have looked forward to this for a while, having always been a fan of Robin's voice and the Trouble or Nothing album in particular. However, the final product just doesn't cut it for me. The voice is still there (big time!!!)and the songs are generally really good (what else can you expect from writers like Amy Sky, etc?). What I can't stomach is the production. That guitar tone just sounds, well... cheap and nasty to me. It reminds me of those really cheap multi-FX units that young 'bedroom' guitarists practice on... Also, some of the arrangements, particularly the overdriven guitars, just sound dull and uninspiring. It's such a pity because some of the songs (the title track in particular) are really good. Maybe it's just a case of over-exposure for Fabrizio Grossi, who does seem to be producing everything at the moment. It happened with Gary Hughes and it was in real danger with Tommy Denander. After a while, the sound gets 'tired' and uninspired. Compare the production and mix on this with Blanc Faces new CD... Now, there's a production sound!!!
So, to sum up. Cool songs and great voice, but my advice would be try before you buy because of the production. I can't see this being anything other than an occasional in-car CD for me, as there are lots of better CDs out there at the moment.

28/06/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 85
I hope Mr. Christian will forgive as I lust for his wife. Ha ha!

Seriously though this is a wonderful example of women still singing like women should sing. No teeny bopping here as Mrs. Beck is all woman belting the AOR anthems from the heart.

Andrew may tire of this but this is true AOR and nothing less is demanded!

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