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Produced by: Robert Sweet

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Alice In Chains
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Help Me To Help Myself
  2. Love Trash
  3. The F Word
  4. Any Enemy
  5. Sweet Betrayal
  6. Me, Myself & You
  7. I'm ?@#$%&!
  8. Best Regrets
  9. Love Trash (Radio Mix)
  10. Sweet Betrayal (Radio Mix)

This is I think Robert Sweet's debut solo project outside of his band Stryper.
Brother Michael has had several solo albums of course.
This album is credited tongue in cheek to the band name Robert Sweet's Freakin'!
Basically it's a new project featuring Sweet on everything bar the vocals - handled by Larry Worley. His style for this project is dead on for an Alice In Chains impersonation.
To be honest, I really don't like this album a whole heap.
I appreciate the guys sending me a copy, but for me, this brutally heavy totally grunge rock album is something that a lot of bands were doing 5 or 6 years ago in the height of the grunge era.
It didn't work for any of those guys then, so I am a little puzzled why anyone would want to try their hand at it now.
All the guys that did try the grunge thing have returned to their more melodic ways, which is what I think Robert will do after this.
Sweet Betrayal and Me, Myself and You lighten up the album somewhat, but these vocals really aren't going to suit most tastes.
The album is overly heavy and will be a little too grunge intense for most site regulars.
On the positive's - it's a solid production and congratulations must go out for making a solo record.
BOTTOM LINE: For those that miss the grunge heydays or have yearned for Stryper to turn metallic then this might appeal.
For others and typical visitors to this site, I can't see that this album will be getting a huge wrap. I will instead go back and play his much better earlier releases.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Die hard fans of Robert Sweet and old grunge fans.

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