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Produced by: Rik Emmett

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Himself
GENRE: Classic Rock

  1. Blown Fuse
  2. Accentuation
  3. Gasoline
  4. Melancholy Moon
  5. Taste Of Steel
  6. The Seventh Circle
  7. Expansion
  8. Crazy Woman
  9. Key Chain
  10. The Last Goodbye
  11. Head Case
  12. Mr. Bebop
  13. Gladhands
  14. Those Shoes
  15. El Cuento del Gadjo
  16. Acadian Dance
  17. Berklee Rocks
  18. Fandango

Rik Emmett is a guitar God of a different nature. Emmett has paid his dues three times over and these days plays a more laid back style of rock, to a more laid back audience. But don't be fooled! Rik Emmett can shred as good as any other player on the planet and his natural talent and skill shines all over this live record.
The album's tracks are not the best known material from his career that stretches 20 years, but rather songs from his recent solo album trilogy, plus an astounding 6 new tracks.
It is laid back to a point, but the vibe of the album is awesome. But to appreciate it you either have to be a long time Emmett fan, or a total guitar devotee. As far as any aspiring players out there, I can't suggest a better album to listen to an absorb.
The audience of music students are tuned into every note played and make clear their appreciation of the great guitarist.
As for that guitarist, Rik soaks it all up and plays his heart out on a selection of blues, pop, rock, shredders and jazzy numbers. Just to prove he can I guess!
A few vocal numbers are spaced between tracks on this mainly instrumental affair.
BOTTOM LINE: An awesome display of the great guitarists talent and diverse range of taste. Not for the average hard rock fan or just fans of Rik's classic AOR work, but rather for guitar fans and long time devotees of Canada's and maybe one of the world's greatest guitarists.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All classy guitar fans and most long time Rik Emmett fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Triumph; Absolutely . Ipso Facto . The Spiral Notebook . Raw Quartet . Ten Invitations . Swing Shift . Live At Berklee

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