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Produced by: Rick Price
  1. Where In The World
  2. Good As Gone
  3. Baby It's You
  4. Ghost Of You And Me
  5. Love And Madness
  6. Heaven Every Step Of The Way
  7. Come On Come On
  8. Don't Do Me That Way
  9. Enough To Let You Go
  10. Don't Make Me Love You
Both Rick's two albums have required a few listens to before you can safely judge them. And both have had moments where you reach for the forward button, or even reply, when he hits on a winning melody.
This new album was a little different.
Upon the first listen it appeared things were on track as usual. But it was only the second listen when the songs began to really come to life and take hold. This is easily Price's best album to date.
The album is smooth as, from start to finish and is both pure pop, AOR and a little middle of the road.
If Nelson's Life album has been on high rotation for the past couple of months or weeks, then Rick Price's new album is essential.
The album is never fully uptempo, but it runs basically as pop track/ ballad / pop track etc...
Where In The World is a pure AOR. A great soft intro, strong hook and blissful vocals from Price.
Good As Gone is the new single. This is a slow to mid paced pop ballad. Smooth, soulful, mellow and a tracks that grows with every listen.
Baby It's You is one of the better tracks of the album.
This is a mid paced pure pop/AOR song with plenty of hooks and a laid back guitar sound. It almost breaks a sweat :)
Ghost Of You And Me is another soft soulful ballad. This is familiar territory, but is more than catchy. Great ballad.
Love And Madness is maybe the most uptempo track on the album. It starts smoldering with a raspy smooth vocal and then bows into a great rock chorus, with plenty of cool harmony vocals.
Heaven Every Step Of The Way continues the ballad mode. Another extremely soulful and smooth ballad.
Come On Come On is more pop again, but still pretty laid back and soft. The chorus picks up a bit, but there are some cool vocals.
Don't Do Me That Way and Enough To Let You Go break the pattern and continue in mid paced soul pop mode.
Don't Make Me Love You is a major slow and smooth soul ballad. A very soft track with an understated chorus. Not bad, but a little slow to end the album. The verdict is that this is a worthwhile purchase for sure.
But be warned that it is very soft and a little slow in the second half.
I mentioned that fans of Nelson's Life album might also enjoy this. true, but this is softer and not as consistent as that album. But the comparison is still fair and it remains a good soul / pop / AOR album.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Australian AOR fans, all Rick Price fans and fans of soft pop/soul/rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:Heaven Knows . Tamborine Mountain . Another Place

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