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J-Bird Records
Produced by: John Fields & The Rembrandts

Released: October 2 / Website

  1. Lost Together
  2. St. Paul
  3. Too Late
  4. You Are The One
  5. One Of Us
  6. The Way She Smiles
  7. Another Day Down
  8. Buddy Jo
  9. Long Way To Go
  10. Big Plans
  11. Some Other World
  12. Happiness

Welcome back to The Rembrandts! Last time around Danny Wilde was out on his own and I must admit the album really left me disappointed. A couple of classic pop songs and some way to soft middle of road tunes.
In reality, I don't care how soft or heavy the songs are, just as long as they are good songs.
On Lost Together, we have an album of 12 good songs. Even some excellent songs!
Danny is once again joined by his partner in crime Phil Solem, who, aside from the last Rembrandts album, has been with Danny on every record he has made - aside from two late 80's solo records.
The two harmonize beautifully together and swap lead vocals effortlessly. A true joy to listen to, especially when they are surrounded by flawless pop rock songs.
Lost Together is right up there with The Rembrandts' best material. Equal with their breakthrough debut album and their LP record.
Tracks like Lost Together and St. Paul are instantly memorable classic feel good pop songs. Too Late isn't far behind and Big Plans is a gem of an AOR anthem.
On the softer side, You Are The One and The Way She Smiles once again capture the band's talent for recording perfect heartfelt ballads.
There is the familiar theme of Beatles influenced pop, but seemingly much less so than on previous records. This one really just sounds like a Rembrandts record.
For those that like their pace measured equally, the albums slows in pace a little in the middle, but picks up again on the last third.
For consistency and strength - put this up there as one of the band's albums - if not THE best!
BOTTOM LINE: Simply put, the songs on Lost Together are first rate. The versus are filled with melodic harmony vocals, the choruses are catchy as hell and the music perfectly produced and mixed.
Anyone who has admired Danny Wilde's sweet harmonies or has a love for acoustic pop rock need this album. If you own any Rembrandts album, add this to it!
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of Danny Wilde and The Rembrandts. All fans of soft acoustic driven pop rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:Rembrandts . Self Titled . LP . Spin This . Lost Together

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