Reece Universal Language Metal Heaven
· Produced By: Andy Susemihl

· Running Time: 49.50

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Hard Rock / Melodic Metal

· Links: Metal Heaven
Songs: 84%
Sound: 90%
Interesting album this. I wasn't sure what to expect – whether it was to be an all in metal album or hard rock. The result is something in-between, with heavy moments probably outweighed by more straight ahead hard rock numbers, but always those raspy Reece vocals shines through.
This is a lot less intense and screamy than the recent Gypsy Rose album and more in line with the vocals of Bangalore Choir than Accept.
The album opens with a big chunky rocker in Before I Die, but the mid-section of the album is quite laid back – more a groove dominated style. Flying To Close To The Flame and Fantasy Man have good choruses and strong vocal performances.
There are some acoustic driven tracks in Rescue Me and Once In A Lifetime before the album starts to rock hard again with the excellent We Were Alive.
More acoustic guitars mix with electric on the equally catchy Flesh and Blood and then dominate the ballad Queen Of My Dreams – featuring one of the best vocals of the album.
Yellow closes out the album the way it started – with a big groovy riff.
The Bottom Line
A solid album helped by a very good vocal performance and great production. It may not the catchiest or most memorable rock record around, but definitely worthy for past and present David Reece fans. Bangalore Choir comes next!
PS. Utterly without question, the worst cover art of 2009 so far.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Reece

Line Up:
· David Reece: Vocals
· Andy Susemihl: Guitars
· Stefan Schwarzmann: Drums
· Jochen Fünders: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· David Reece
· Bangalore Choir
Track Listing
· Before I Die *
· All The Way
· Flying Close To The Flame *
· Fantasy Man
· The River
· I'll Remember You
· Rescue Me
· Once In A Lifetime
· We Were Alive *
· Flesh And Blood *
· Queen Of My Dreams
· Yellow *

--*Best Tracks

14/10/09: Wardy -
Rating: 90
One of the best voices in rock, David REECE returns with his second release since relaunching his career. Last years Gypsy Rose was a magnificent album and set David up very well for this, his first solo release.

I can't help but wonder where David would be now had he remained in the scene before quietly hanging up his 'pipes' after the impressive Sircle of Silence albums, that debut in particular taking a little from the then detuned 90's and mixing with some heavy but contemporary metal. Songs such as Pieces of a Falling Star and Dancin on the Sun being prime David Reece! This was of course a departure from the spectacular On Target with Bangalore Choir which remains a favorite for many melodicrockers. But David gave us some real good stuff back then and while his return has been a highlight for me, I've seriously missed that voice this past decade! But call me mad, I'm all for this and then some!

REECE explores a more mature melodicrock, while tracks such as Flying Close to the Flame and Fantasy Man do indeed nod and wink to his past genre's, David now takes a more modern approach to the majority of his songwriting on this album and presents himself as an artist who has truly managed to grow, move forward yet all the while remained faithful to traditional rock.

Lyrically REECE is captivating. Making way for standard lyrics, David chooses to reflect and re-embrace times in our lives that meant something. The lyric "You see the light Once in a Lifetime" may conjure up thoughts of sadness for some but the manner in which the song is delivered and the wonderful chorus gives one hope and inspiration. The way in which David sings to his partner in Queen of my Dreams is simply beautiful... the broader appeal and message of Flesh and Blood is rewarding... good good stuff!

And there's plenty of rock, Rescue Me, We Were Alive and Yellow are only a few that summon up the excitement of Bangalore Choir. And hold onto ya hat for that hidden track Chasing Shadows come albums end, this one manages to take everything that was great about Sircle of Silence and Accept, and indeed REECE, wrap it all into one ball and smash it outta the park! Hands down the heaviest and baddest David has sounded for some time and an incredibly kicking tune! Ace the in pocket for these ears and I hope for more of this come REECE II.

If I had to gripe at all it would be Fantasy Man is a bit pop rock but hell, it's fun and why the hell not I guess!? Considering this is one of this years best melodicrock releases there's not much bad to say really (cover art aside ;) )

It's been a real treat hearing David Reece back in the game. I've always found his vocals perfect for this genre and rate him up there with the Sammy Hagar's of the world when it comes to car stereo blasting with windows down on those hot summer days... and that! ;)

Definitely a MUST BUY in my books!

14/10/09: tuomas -
Rating: 90
My alltime favorite singer!! I love Bangalore Choir and Accept was a good one too!! Were the hell have you been David???:D Good stuff!!;)

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