a l b u m r e v i e w s


Produced by: Tommy Denander

Released: OCT 2
Closest Relative: Prisoner, Giant

  1. Rainmaker
  2. Father Of Your Sins
  3. Nancy Hold On
  4. Kay
  5. Seriously
  6. Sound Of My Heart
  7. Going Insane
  8. Blood Brother Run
  9. Passion Again
  10. Bad Call
  11. King Of Fools

Rainmaker is mainly the brainchild of Z Records and therefore one of their major releases. The band is primarily comprised of guitarist/producer Tommy Denander, his vocalist Geir Ronning and bass player extraordinaire Tony Franklin.
Denander has been involved in several projects of late and Geir was also with him on the Prisoner album, also for Z Records.
Rainmaker have bravely undertaken the task of recording a big stadium rock sounding album.
Denander's guitar work and production style naturally lends itself to this style, so it is not big surprise to see them pull the stadium style off well.
The album however still feels like a studio creation, rather than a live rock band at work.
The vocals are solid, the bass playing the outstanding standard we would expect from Tony and the guitar work great, but there is a programmed feel to the rest of the music.
The sound of the album is comparable to Prisoner, with also parts Giant and Talk Of The Town.
Opening track Rainmaker is one of the best tracks and has some huge backing vocals and a big stadium feel to it.
Father Of Your Sins is very much in the style of US rockers Giant on their songs like Chained. A big rock sound and a little funky.
Nancy Hold On continues some of that Giant guitar sound, but has a more polished European feel and a chorus in the vein of the more Westcoast Talk Of The Town record.
Kay starts of a little heavier, the drum sound is a little more attacking and there's plenty of guitar tricks, plus good lead and harmony vocals.
Seriously has a great build up to the start of the track - it's a little more dramatic in it's approach until the chorus catches you by surprise - the accompanying music drops away completely to leave only a soft Toto style vocal. A very good and quite original song.
Sound Of My Heart is another cool tune, a big acoustic driven power ballad with a slightly haunting vocal.
Going Insane is an aggressive, darker track with some menacing vocal effects - interesting!
Blood Brother Run sounds a little like Thin Lizzy in it's vocal sound and musical approach. It's one of the heaviest tracks of the album.
Passion Again is another highlight track - back to the uptempo AOR of the likes of Prisoner and Talk Of The Town.
Bad Call & King Of Fools are both darker tracks, but lack a little something in getting the listeners attention.
BOTTOM LINE: An album that for me wasn't as strong as I had hoped. There are some great AOR moments in the first half of the record, but the second half didn't seem as strong. There is certainly nothing wrong with the production and I dare say that anyone that found great happiness with the Prisoner and Talk Of The Town records will find this equally as pleasing.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of Tommy Denander and fans of stadium rock European style.

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