Escape Music ESM-067
Produced by: Steve Morris & Alistair Gordon

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Heartland

  1. Sirens Song
  2. Poison Ivy
  3. Pressing Flesh
  4. Backdoor To Heaven
  5. This Is The Time
  6. Shame
  7. The House In My Head
  8. Abigail
  9. Holy Water
  10. Answer To My Prayer
  11. Lolita
  12. Carry The Flame

Radio Silence vocalist Alistair Gordon was the centre piece of a strong debut album a couple of years ago, which was a nice example of very smooth pop AOR, without actually heading into Westcoast territory.
Sirens is the singer's new album, backed by a band featuring guitarist Steve Morris (Heartland), Frank Baker, Dave Hopia & Mike Hehir.
The album also features backing vocals from the late great Paul Young - one of the last vocal works he performed.
This new album leaves the smooth sound of the debut behind and heads in a little tougher direction, more in a (dare I say it) Heartland-ish direction.
Sirens Song is a good opener, but it's on Poison Ivy that we see the great flare for a catchy songwriting that Gordon has.
The whole record is filled with numbers that warrant attention. This is more a rock album than a pop album, like the debut. It's of course all pure AOR and light melodic rock. And it's all very good.
BOTTOM LINE: Sirens mixes only a couple of ballads with a stack of mid and uptempo pop rock songs, in a tougher direction than the debut, but just as enjoyable.
If you like good simple, cleaver songs featuring a good lead vocalist that doesn't clone any other singers out there, then check this out.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of the debut, fans of smooth pop rock/AOR.
DISCOGRAPHY:Radio Silence . Sirens

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