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Mercury Japan PHCW-1055
Produced by: Paul Gilbert

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Iron Maiden, Impellitteri
GENRE: Melodic Metal

  1. Phallic Tractor
  2. Fire Of Rock
  3. Snakebite
  4. Technical Difficulties
  5. Miss Mistreater
  6. Bolt In My Heart
  7. 17th Moon
  8. Waiting
  9. Poison Eyes
  10. BRO
  11. God Of The Sun
  12. Give It To Me
  13. The Executioners Song
  14. Children Of The Grave

Like I have just said, there is a stack of melodic metal releases to sift through this past 6 months. Mostly European too, which makes this review even more pleasing to do.
The Europeans have their own sound, which is cool when done well, but American metal music has always had it's own sound also. The problem is that American melodic metal releases are few and far between.
Good news then that there is now two in two months - Impellitteri's album and the new much anticipated Racer X album.
And further good news that both albums are just great. To my ears this album is even better than the bands original releases. They have all grown up, done their won thing and obviously know their talents better than 10 years back.
Jeff Martin sounds great and sings a storm and it's brilliant to hear Paul Gilbert finally shred again.
Can't really pick any weaknesses here. There are a couple of instrumentals for the purists out there and a stock of shredding and solid riffing, a great rhythm section, no ballads at all and more metal than you can poke a stick at.
Check out the hard and heavy Fire Of Rock, Snakebite and very cool Miss Mistreater. Great stuff and a real Pro job.
BOTTOM LINE: Metal fans should immediately rush out and buy this, John Norum's newie and the Impellitteri album. Do so and you will be satisfied for months to come.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Racer X fans, Paul Gilbert fans and melodic metal fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Street Lethal . Second Heat . Extreme Volume Live . Extreme Volume Live II . Technical Difficulties

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