Queensryche Tribe Sanctuary Records
· Produced By: Queensryche

· Running Time: 41.50

· Release Date: July 22

· Released: US

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

· Links: Queensryche
Songs: 65%
Sound: 80%
I have never been a Queensryche fan. There – I've said it. I can almost hear the stunned silence. They just don't do a lot for me. But I have heard each and every album and can see why so many do love them. They are certainly one of a kind.
Tribe sees the band re-unite with guitarist Chris DeGarmo. Fans across the world held high hopes for this album and I think it's ok. Yes, it's certainly better than the last couple, which seems to be the view of most fan comments so far.
But it still fails to reach any new heights and as far as what I can hear, the return of DeGarmo hasn't resulted in any major difference in the band's recent sound.
I found the album to be fairly laid back – not overly heavy and more akin with the band's most recent output.
As far as analyzing the album, for the first time I decided to call in my good mate Mick Ward, who is a long time 'Ryche addict. I feel his review is an excellent reflection of the album, right down to the mark he awarded it. So I'll run his full review and agree with the score, which is now the official rating! The following are his words – feel free to add your own in the interactive reviews section….

In my opinion, when talking things Queensyrche, there are 3 types of fans.
The purists of the early days, up to and including Mindcrime, who have long since moved on choosing to ignore everything since, and for some, including, Empire. The long time devotees of the Ryche (this is me), who have (and on occasion reluctantly) persevered with the band regardless of their output since Mindcrime, and the Queesnryche fans who don't give a toss about history and judge each release independent of the last. It is these fans, the ones who have loved either Hear in the Now Frontier or Q2k who will lap up Tribe without second thought. Understandably, I am confident the early year purists will choose to avoid Tribe. For those of you like me, don't despair; there is light at the end of the tunnel if you are prepared to take the walk!
Of those of us who have followed the comments made by the band members leading up to the release of Tribe, I think it's safe to say that most, myself included, have been overcome with anticipation. I dare say a few of the early year purists were fuelled with anticipation also, especially when informed of DeGarmo's return. Unfortunately, after my first listen of Tribe, I feel it more appropriate to say that you, like me, may have fallen victim to the hype. Let me explain.
A while ago on Tate made the comment, referring to the recording of Tribe, that the band was in the process of making the most intense album since Operation Mindcrime. Misleading. To the listener, this is not an intense album.
For whatever reason, DeGarmo returned for writing credits, and from what I believe the recording also, of Tribe. Wrongly or rightly I gained the impression that this would mean a return to form, and quite possibly a return to "Classic" Queensryche. Unfortunately this is not quite the case.
In a nutshell Tribe is a combination of Hear in the Now Frontier and Q2k. In fairness I would go so far as to say that it reflects the better songs from both of these previous albums. Tribe also has a familiar vibe to that of Promised Land, the majority of the songs being similarly paced throughout the album, and quite dark in both lyric and music (check out 'Blood' for dark lyrics, I'm guessing this one's about the recent war on Iraq.). I find this dark sound a good thing, as the songs that are the exception to the rule, 'Losing myself', 'Falling behind' and 'Doin Fine' are, to my ears, the weaker songs on offer, their chirpiness and attempt at being uplifting feeling somewhat unnatural and forced. But on a good note I also believe this to be a better album than either Hear in the Now Frontier or Q2k.
I'm interested to see how the buying public responds to Tribe, as lead track and first single 'Open' is quite a good song and the obvious choice for lead single. One of a number of DeGarmo co-credited tracks, 'Open' has grown on me to the point that I rate it as the best Queensryche song I've heard since 1994's Promised Land, and I am satisfied this is as good as most of the songs on that very album. A big fat heavy rhythm with lush vocals. This is modern day Queensryche at its best. Given the right promotion it could fare well.
Unfortunately I doubt that the remainder of the album will satisfy the average buyer who expects, after hearing 'Open', that everything is 'Ryche' with their world again.
This problem is mainly attributed to poor track listing. After the fine opener we a force-fed track two, the horrible 'Losing myself', reminiscent of the 2002 Tate solo album. This is a poor song so early in the album. Michael Wilton stated recently on that Tate had been bringing music written by his solo band to the floor, and that he (Wilton) was not amused, going so far as saying the songs were, put politely, NOT worthy of Queensryche. (Good on you Michael for standing proud!) And here's the evidence, 'Losing Myself', written by Stone/Tate. Those early year purists, and maybe others, who out of 'curiosity' give the album a listen, I can see walking away after only track 2 without listening any further! It's not a terrible song, and if included on the Tate solo album would have been one of the better tracks, it's just, as I have no doubt Wilton would agree, NOT a Queensryche song.
And on the issue of track listing, after track three we get three slower tunes in a row. Why - there are heavier songs to come so why not mix it up a little?
Let's move on shall we?
The title track 'Tribe' is quite interesting, very like 'Disconnected' from Promised Land, but with a stronger chorus, although the chorus did take persevering with before I got it. I now really like this track but would not be surprised if it is the least favourite for some of you.
I love 'The Art of Life', and believe this should have been extended by another few minutes and closed out the album. (No traditional epic closer here people, instead we get a little happy ditty that I think is quite poor). 'The Art of Life' has the smallest saxophone piece you're likely to hear, a sound, blow, hoot, blast or two and nothing more. It's a shame as I for one would have liked to have heard a full-blown sax performance. The song has Geoff talking through the verses, and the chorus more than makes up for lack of vocal. A slow, brooding, dark, and damn fine song.
I also have to comment on 'Rhythm of Hope', an acoustic-come-epic track, with a fine melody line in the verses from Tate. But I feel the guys (no DeGarmo here) have gone for too epic a chorus. I would have liked a little less come chorus time, as they say, less is more, right? Otherwise a very strong song.
Whether it's me being starved for some new Ryche, and some harder Ryche at that, or whether I'm easily influenced due to my passion for this band, I am quite taken with Tribe and am enjoying it more a more every day.
My three favourites are 'Open', 'The Art of Life' and 'Rhythm of Hope', no,' Tribe', no, sorry I can't decide! I can't comment on the packaging as I haven't seen it, but from what is displayed on the net the packaging looks good, and will hopefully go to create a more complete album, which would be a good thing.
I can't urge you enough to throw away all your expectations and disregard the hype, then give this album a decent go. Work with it for a while before concluding one way or the other, as you may need to give the album some initial effort. If it pays off for you like it has for me, it will be well worth it!
PS; For the record I loved Geoff's solo album, and rate Tate as the best vocalist, period, regardless of the fact that his range may be diminishing; we all get older people! Also for the record, my favourite Queensryche albums are Empire and Operation Mindcrime. So there!
The Bottom Line
To summarise, Tribe is not an album for fans of only the early years, maybe an album for those who have persevered this far, and definitely an album for fans of Promised Land AND its follow ups! Count me in! Whatever negativity I've oozed during my review, this is an OK album, after all this is, love it or hate it, present day Queensryche.
Low marks for: Delivering an album of total running time, a mere 42 minutes.
For a lack of (almost total absence of), guitar solos, which brings me to my next point…
For choosing to make an album which (although I'm am very into right now), is an album I would still regard as a bit of a yawn, when the opportunity to really push the envelope again was there for the taking (particularly with metal being healthy again, prime example: Maiden).
And of course failing to live up to the hype, which, might I remind you, was brought about by and certain members themselves.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Queensryche
· The Warning
· Rage For Order
· Operation:Mindcrime
· Empire
· Promised Land
· Hear In The Now Frontier
· Q2K
· Tribe

Line Up
· Geoff Tate: Vocals
· Chris DeGarmo: Guitar
· Michael Wilton: Guitar
· Scott Rockenfield: Drums
· Eddie Jackson: Bass

Essential for fans of:
· Queensryche
Track Listing
· Open
· Losing Myself
· Desert Dance
· Falling Behind
· The Great Divide
· Rhythm of Hope
· Tribe
· Blood
· The Art of Life
· Doin' Fine
--*Best Tracks

20/12/08: Leo -
Rating: 45
Geoff has got such a good voice.So what the hell is he doing? Music sucks, lyrics suck. Where is the Queensryche that everyone loves??????This is a waste of money. But i purchased it to support one of my favorite bands of all time.Hopefully they will record some actuall good songs someday.If you want to buy something go purchase their OPERATION MINDCRIME 2. It at least looks like they put forth some effort in it.

24/02/06: Keith -
Rating: 20
Everyone else wrote it so I won't repeat it. I have no idea what is in their minds.

07/04/04: John DeWald -
Rating: 22
This disc should come with a warning sticker: "DO NOT OPERATE HEAVY MACHINERY WHILE LISTENING TO THE MUSIC ON THIS CD". It's really incredibly boring. Sometimes bands mellow and they still produce listenable material. But in some cases, "mellow" is synonomous with "boring" and that's the case here. They really need to either get Chris DeGarmo full-time or stop saying that they've re-united with him. Chris' involvement with this disc it's almost more of a guest writer slot.

I've heard that Geoff Tate doesn't like metal and he that he never considered himself or the band to be in that genre. I've also heard that Michael Wilton wants nothing more than to make a true hard-rock/metal album. It would be nice if Geoff could find the fire to make the album that Michael would like. I think most fans want to hear something as mighty as "Operation: Mindcrime" or "Empire", without necessarily having to be a Mk. II of either of those two classics. Another "Tribe"-type release will probably doom Queensryche and that would be sad.

17/03/04: Michael -
Rating: 75
I agree whole-heartedly with Mick's review. As a long time fan of Queensryche, I have to say its an "OK" album though a "bit of a yawner". My favorite song is actually The Great Divide, but it is too short! My favorite albums by far are Rage for Order and Operation: Mindcrime. Queensryche is obviously, to me, capable of returning to form.

11/02/04: Jonny B -
Rating: 46
The 'ryche have made four attempts to try to get this modern rock thing done right, and every time, they have failed.

Why have rock bands of old been unable to perfect the modern sound? Take a look at what Nickelback, Evanescence, Ra, Andrew W.K., and The Darkness have done. These are modern rock groups who are writing the best music that is coming out of the scene. I've got terrible news for Queensryche, Bonfire, Britny Fox, Def Leppard, and any other has-beens that are trying to be followers: You are still well-below the modern standard, and if you did your homework, maybe you would do better.

22/09/03: Superstitious1 -
Rating: 66
I loved early Queensryche, but most of the stuff from the past 10 years hasn't done a lot for me. This new offering hasn't done much to revitalize my passion either. I think "Tribe" is just ok. "Open" and "Losing myself" give the album a nice start, but I get's kinda boring from there. It reminds me too much of G. Tate's 2002 solo album, which I didn't like. I'm sick of all this mellow stuff. I long for the day when this band will trully start rocking again!

17/09/03: AndyD -
Rating: 95
See my earlier review (15th August).
Having played this album almost every day for the last month - I was right! It is a real grower. Once the songs really get into your head, they somehow improve with each listen. Doesn't often happen but great when it does. Stay with this one!
Also, the remasters of the first 7 albums are ALL awesome.

02/09/03: Apostolos Kaponis -
Rating: 25
Sorry guys. This was the last chance that I gave to this group after consecutively three albums who dissapointment. In the past Queensryche was considered the group with great expectations but the last 10 years transformed into bullshit. Please, don't buy this cd and destroy for one more time the good image of the old ryche.

28/08/03: Dan Colwell -
Rating: 90
Songs are good would have given it a 100 if there were some solo's

22/08/03: Marshall Faulk -
Rating: 88
I was pretty hyped for this release after hearing some of the soundbytes(thanks!)but the album itself seemed to easily lose my interest once I got it. A few real great moments and crunching riffs(desert dance/art of life) but not enough DeGarmo fret work to put this record over the top. Nice try though. Good enough rock record to have in the collection via DOWNLOAD...glad I didnt shell out 15.95. I think that sums it up.

21/08/03: dragonboots -
Rating: 100

Firstly lets start with the packaging on this the fourth of the ALIVE series. Remember how you used to stare at the centre fold from ALIVE II and drool, well this has me drooling again. Stylish embossed cover opens to an inner cover which shows the stage shrouded in darkness and then this in turn opens to the full fury of KISS and the MSO in musical action. But wait there’s more with a programme style booklet tucked into the left sleeve and a poster tucked into the right, finally KISS is back with a label who understands what KISS represents, and how in KISS terms too much is never ever enough.

Now onto the music itself, and believe me any KISS fan who finds something to whine about here is really being mean spirited. This CD rocks big time and must surely cover every base in a way that say any other ALIVE album ever could. Here goes:


Kiss as we know them best but sounding tight and energetic! Six of the best in traditional style. Tommy Thayer is placed high in the mix here and he sounds awesome to boot. These are all great versions on offer, highlights being hard to pin point, but perhaps the most playfully vocalized version of ‘Calling Doctor Love’ ever could be one and the jam it out head-rush of ‘Let Me Go Rock and Roll’ could be the other. The inclusion of ‘Strutter’ here as the one two kick off against show opener ‘Deuce’ is awesome too, harking back to days long gone by. ‘Lick it Up’ was never a favourite of mine when performed by its non makeup daze line ups, but this time it sounds great with an inspired almost Who like middle section introduced. Its simple and that’s what its supposed to be and that’s what makes it work so well.


If one of the things that made you a KISS fan in the beginning is just how diverse they can be musically then this second installment is going to be right up the same alley as yours and mine. Performed with an ensemble the five songs here are deftly heightened to musical nirvana. ‘Beth’ brings a tear to your eye and somehow magically looses the twee factor that strangles it in its studio version upon ‘Destroyer’. I was at the show and I can tell you Peter was genuinely thrilled to perform this song this way as were all in attendance who heard it. ‘Forever’ actually sounds much improved by a grittier vocal from Paul but nothing compared to the two discs greatest moment ‘Shandi’. This is a greatly underrated pop song and Paul and the rest of the band prove its validity right here. It sounds mature and contemporary with fantastic back up vocals and another fabulous vocal effort from the Star Man. Australian Kiss fans love this song and you can hear the crowd roar its approval.


In full flight and with full Melbourne Symphony orchestra we return to the bombast of the beginning of the show but this time with orchestration in tow. And it works really really well, especially as the score never detracts from the basic songs formats. It enhances rather than changes everthing that has worked so well for so long, hats off. No surprise that this set list is weighted heavily in ‘Destroyer’ material as its theatrics lend themselves so well to this over the top delivery. ‘Do You Love Me’ scales great heights with throbbing horns (!) and ‘King of the Night Time World’ sounds reborn with its punchy staccato revamp. ‘Black Diamond’ always had a classical feel and this time proves to be true. One of Kiss’s finest. In case we all become a little complacent we have two surprises in ‘Great Expectations’ resplendent with children’s choir (in makeup no less) and a disco ball Mozart version of ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’.

So in conclusion this CD is worth every cent for which I paid. Unlike other compilations the band has pushed out onto the market of late, this one really is different and special enough to earn a place as a true Kiss release and to sit proudly along side the glory days of ALIVE I and II. Leave your prejudices at the door and expect to leave with a smile.

21/08/03: Abel -
Rating: 80
If your a fan who judges each Queensryche album released independently by it's own merits then do yourself a favor and check out Tribe.BUT,if your a so called Queensryche purist who will only accept their early day albums such as the EP up untill Operation Mindcrime then you might as well pass on this ablum because it is not the Warning or Rage for Order.Tribe is a very deep all around very good album by Geoff Tate and co.It is much much better that their previous two efforts Hear in the Now & Q2k.By the way we are reviewing the cd not how the songs would potentially sound live.Metallica St.Anger was a major dissapointment to a whole lot of fans for several reasons like very poor production and messy mixing.The drums on St.Anger sound like Lars is playing medal trash cans and the lyrics are a joke on St.Anger.Thankfully Queensryche's Tribe cd is NOT like Metallica's St.Anger.I will break down each track...

1.Open-is a cool mid tempo rocker whose lyrics have a darker Promise Land vybe to it with passages like,"You're an angel with your wings broken."It contains a very cool bass riff in the middle followed by dual guitars of Wilton & Degarmo riffleing away.
2.Losing Myself-doesn't seem to go with the flow of the album and was probably better suited for Geoff Tate's solo release.Although it is very catchy it doesn't sound like a Queensryche song.It sounds more like something U2 would do ala Achtung Baby cd.
3.Desert Dance-is another rocker featuring Degarmo.It is faster paced than Open with a bit of an arabic feel to it.I hope they play this one live.
4.Falling Behind-is a bit of a weak track.Features acoustic guitar with slide guitar by Degarmo.Starts off pretty good but the chorus could have been better.
5.The Great Divide-is a very good song that sounds like it would fit well on a movie soundtrack.Has a big open athmetic feel to it.Strong lyrics by Tate.
6.Rythym of Hope-is a fantastic ballad.Well written track featuring acoustic guitars.Great lyrics and vocal performance by Tate.The violin section only adds to this great song.Their bet ballad since Silent Lucidity.A real gem off this cd.
7.Tribe-Is another darker Promise Land style track with some haunting vocals by Tate on lyrics like,"The face of God....The answer to the mystery."Cool instumetal part at about the 3 minute mark.Catchy Queensryche signature style chorus.This is one track that will probably sound even better live.
8.Blood-has a cool build up on a very infectious beat.PL style track with lyrics like,"It's all gone wrong.There's blood on our hands."
9.Art of Life-features some spoken word by Tate ala(Empire) during the verses.One of the heavier tracks on the cd.I can see why it seems to be a favorite among Queensryche fans.Features a very catchy classic Queensryche signature style chorus and cool heavey grinding guitar riffs during the intro and before each verse.
10.Doin' Fine-is a slower paced weak track that would have probably fit better on Tate's solo cd.

All in all Tribe is a deep all around very good album that feature strong lyrics and musical arangements.The tracks Open,Rythym of Hope and Art of Life are worth the price of the cd alone.

19/08/03: Champagne -
Rating: 70
Disappointment! Mellow! Yawn! I gave it a 70 based on talent of these guys and Tates' Voice. These guys can rock but haven't for 3 recordings now (Hear, Q2K, Tribe). Shame on them. This album is a bigger disappointment than Metallica's St Anger. The final test for both came in how the new material came across live and metallica's St Anger was hard and awesome live...while QR new stuff was...well...yawn!

15/08/03: AndyD -
Rating: 85
I guess it's down to the standards previously set by my own all-time favourite band, but I have to say I am a little surprised by the general reaction to Tribe. Sure it's not going to challenge Mindcrime/Empire/Promised Land but then what does? It's clear that despite the hype on the web-site, DeGarmo isn't really back in the fold. When at their best, his contribution was immense, both musically and lyrically.
That was then and this is now. Give Tribe (several) listens with an open mind, whilst it may not be a bone fide classic it still has feeling and brilliance which very few artists ever achieve. After being initially unsure, after repeated plays I think this is a genuine grower (as was Promised Land). Sadly, I do however agree with the general consensus that this is not the record which will once again set the world alight. Shame as the guys have proved their talent time an time again.
Put another way, any disappointment with Tribe pales into insignificance compared to my feelings about St Anger - it still sucks big time!

14/08/03: frytz -
Rating: 85
Well, it's certainly not a classic and it really a love/hate situation, but this album is uncompromising like expected and isn't at all bad....especially cos it has a depth that most of the newer albums don't have! I don't think it's dark like promised land and I'm happy with the way it came out....and after all the songs groove!!!

12/08/03: Wardy -
Rating: 70
Some cool comments here! I did my original review a few months ago now, and have many times pondered the album further, and I am happy to say that I stand by rating of 70%. Having now bought the original version of Tribe I am happy with the packaging also, love the look of the packaging, the photograph of the bands not bad, but no lyrics is a big kick in the arse!

I still find Tribe to be exactly ‘half’ a great album. I wasn’t wrong when suggesting some people may not enjoy the title track like I did (and still do), but when listening to the tracks in my selected order they pretty much go like this: Open, Tribe, Blood, The art of life, Rhythm of hope, and finally Falling behind. So I still find Tribe a strong song.

Also since my review, as outlined above, Blood has become a favourite. Love the dark themed lyrics and gentle delivery of the track. I’m mostly drawn to the heavier tracks so Blood has been a real surprise. Same goes for Falling behind, lyrics a well done here too. Just to contradict myself, the heavier Desert Dance I don’t bother listening to much. Really don’t find the song appealing due to its chorus. The songs I haven’t mentioned are the ones I ignore, tracks 2 and 10 still piss me, and The great divide still bores me.

There’s been some wonderful albums this year, (and still more to come, Maiden Sevendust and Cornerstone being high on my must haves list), and I’m happy to say that after the initial disappointment with Tribe as outlined in my review, it remains one of my favourite releases for 2003.


11/08/03: Craig Bishop -
Rating: 60
I consider myself one of the biggest Ryche fans but this sounds more like another Tate solo album to me. Weak performance by their standards... and where in the hell are the guitar solos? Q2K was not a well received album but at least it rocked and had some great guitar work! Was Wilton asleep during the recording of this one or did he have no input?
OPEN starts off the album in fine fashion, a real highlight and one of the strongest songs they have written in years. From here it's all downhill..... The only other highlights being THE ART OF LIFE and RHYTHM OF HOPE (the title track is also passable, but only just.) Being able to sound like their artistic triumph in Promised Land and actually delivering performances of that calibre are two completely different things. The song structures and writing are sub-standard to say the least. Sounds like all band members are just going through the motions. This is definitely the lowpoint of their career and I cannot recommend it to anybody but for the diehard fans (and I'm one of them!)

Album ratings (in order):
1. PROMISED LAND and OPERATION MINDCRIME - Too hard to choose, so they both make top billing.
3. Q2K - Yes... I like this album very much. It rocks! Took a few listens but a big reward awaits if you give it a chance.
4 EMPIRE - Their most commercial/accessible album. Hasn't aged as well as i might have thought.
5. RAGE FOR ORDER and THE WARNING - Hard to choose between these two. Rage is the stronger album but the highlights on Warning are better.
6. HEAR IN THE NOW FRONTIER - They were crucified with this album but it still has several highlights and cannot be ignored.
7. TRIBE - Didn't you just read my review???
The EP is just that, so I cannot compare it. Though it is a must have!


10/08/03: Christian -
Rating: 80
As a long-time QR-fan I think "Tribe" is surely the best Queensrych album since "Empire", after two really weak outputs with "HITNF" (with the exception of "Spool") und "Q2K". I like the dark sound of the songs, but I also think there could be a little more guitar sound on it. Great songs like "Open", "Blood", The great divide" and "The art of life" of course sound different than any "Mindcrime"-Stuff, but why not? That was the eighties!! So I agree with Mick Ward: Tribe is Queensryche at its best at the moment. My rating would be even higher if there would be more running time than poor 42 minutes.
Go on guys, this is the right way!!

05/08/03: Kevin - kgp129@netzero.ent
Rating: 60
I was anticipating classic Ryche sound on this one since DeGarmo was back in the fold. This album is average at best. Open and The Art of Life are the only standouts on this album.

03/08/03: Hootchietoad -
Rating: 75
Based on the buzz that DeGarmo was back, and the material would be akin to Mindcrime, this is nothing but a failure in most people's eyes, and more importantly, ears. However, when reality strikes, Tribe is an extension of HITNF, Q2K and Tate's solo CD. You either like latter day 'Ryche or you don't, plain & simple. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed their last two efforts, and thought Tate's solo disc was quite good. Tribe is okay, but lacks Q2K's heavy vibe, and HITNF's diversity. High points for me are: Desert Dance, Tribe & Losing Myself.

03/08/03: Jason Muzzell -
Rating: 70
I wasn't expecting Mincrime, but at least Empire. The album is good, but that's about it. The magic is gone? God help us if this Def Leppard disease is catching on! Of course i heard that Tate is not much of a "metalhead" and never liked doing the heavier stuff. Yikes, that scares me. I am being rather nice with my rating.

03/08/03: Mike Matney -
Rating: 70
I have to pretty much agree with Mick's review. I've been a fan of the band for a long time and this CD is growing on me the more I listen to it. But it's obvious now that this is not the same band that gave us Operation:Mindcrime and Empire. If you can live with that fact then give it a chance. If not skip it.

02/08/03: Lobster -
Rating: 65
Average. That's it. You can listen to it a couple of times but eventually it'll bore you as it did me. I don't understand how these great 80's rock bands lose their ability to write catchy songs. So many come and go yet Bon Jovi is still out there getting radio play. I understand the music seen has changed but if you have something that works don't break it. Bon Jovi is pretty much the same and they're no where near the top of my list. It's not as if they lost a major members musical influence within the band (ie. Steve Clark). Then again, maybe they've all out grown their drug and woman usage which was their main influence. Good for their lives bad for fans. Somehow they have to find a way to balance both and tap into what they once had.

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