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Produced by: Anders Rydholm
  1. Trampoline
  2. Hunter And The Fox
  3. Conscience Calling
  4. All The Best Ones Are Taken
  5. My Daughter's Eyes
  6. Heaven Must Be A Place Somewhere
  7. Premonition
  8. She Bitch, He Bitch
  9. Change In The Weather
  10. Man-made Thing
  11. Yeah, Yeah
  12. Glad To See You Go
Promotion's debut album was released last year AOR Heaven on their classics label. It was a very good slice of Swedish style Westcoast AOR with the added variation of horns and brass instruments. Hints of Toto and Chicago, especially with the use of the horns.
something that these smaller releases often suffer from is the lack of production dollars. But on Promotion's new album Yeah, Yeah the label is the same, the release method is the same, but the production quality has jumped a great deal since the debut.
The style remains similar - lots of very smooth Westcoast AOR/jazz in the vein of Chicago and Seventh One style Toto.
But I think the songs are better, the playing is better and certainly tighter and the vocals are stronger also.
They band have as I said tightened up a little, and the sound now is a little heavier and more urgent.
I think what I mean is the delivery has more 'oomph' in it.
If it wasn't for the horns, you could say the opener Trampoline was quite the AOR rocker. But as it is those horns work really well, that just has to be your cup of tea. They certainly aren't intrusive anyway. In fact there is a little House Of Shakira in there.
Hunter & The Fox has quite a modern intro, a little sampling then a fast and smooth verse. Original and clever.
Highlights of this album are the big anthem ballad Conscience Calling - very modern AOR, the big bombastic
chorus of All The Good Ones Are Taken, the Joey Tempest (solo) influenced My Daughter's Eyes, the straight up Westcoast/AOR of Premonition and the big Toto horns of Man-made Thing.
There are a few different styles involved like She Bitch, He Bitch and Heaven Must Be... and Yeah Yeah, but these only break up the other tracks and add tot he album's feel.
This record will not automatically appeal to all, even some pure AOR fans, as it is fairly diverse and very very nice!
But it is a quality production and is a quality sound and the songs are very well written and performed.
Westcoast fans would be well advised to check this out, I doubt you will be disappointed.
If it is something heavier you are after, maybe not.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of smooth Westcoast AOR and jazzy pop rock. Some Chicago and Toto fans.

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