Cyanide Records CYND 6975
Produced by: Thom Panunzio

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Themselves
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Hollyweird
  2. Squeeze Box
  3. Shooting Star
  4. Wishful Thinkin'
  5. Get 'Ya Some
  6. Emperor's New Clothes
  7. Devil Woman
  8. Wasteland
  9. Livin' In The Now
  10. Stupid, Stones & Dumb
  11. Home (Bret's Story)
  12. Home (CC's Story)
  13. Rockstar

Never before has the statement "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" been more relevant.
Well, at least within the ears of the beholder anyway.
What you take away from this CD is totally dependant on what you expected from it in the first place.
First the facts - this is the first full length Poison album in a long, long time, with only the archived Crack A Smile and the 5 new tracks from Power To The People keeping us otherwise entertained.
It comes with major financial support from Jimmy Buffet's new label.
So with a lot of anticipation comes the album a lot of fans have been hanging for.
And you know what? It sounds like shit. The production is half-assed, half-baked and sounds like a one take studio demo.
Basically you could expect this, or forgive this of a new artist or a smaller label. But this is Poison. In terms of the genre, this is one of the biggest bands of the last 15 years.
In excusing the sound of this album the band would argue that they tried to capture the raw spirit of the band's first couple of albums. True enough, as it rocks along in fine fashion, but that doesn't change the fact that it sounds like shit.
It's muddy, under-produced, badly mixed and features crappy drum and guitar sounds. Even the backing vocals don't enhance the feel of the album. There are several voids during songs where you just wish backing vocals would have been considered.
There is a good side - some of the songs. There are some great moments here, with Shooting Star, Wishful Thinkin', Hollyweird and Wasteland some of the best songs in Poison history.
But with others like Devil Woman and Squeeze Box, it's like there is something badly missing. Maybe it's just the mix and the lack of musical support around key parts of each song.
I enjoyed CC's vocals on Emperor's New Clothes, but that's where it should have eneded. Livin' In The Now sounds like a Samantha 7 left over and what's with the exact musical repat of the track Home? One features Bret's vocals, the other CC's. Guys - if you couldn't decide which was better - hire a producer with the balls to make the decision.
In fact, hire a new producer anyway, as the album sounds way below average.
My take on this album is based on the fact I loved what I heard with the 5 new tracks on the Power To The People CD. They sounded crisp, clear, well produced and musically in your face, which is what I was hoping to hear more of. A progression of sorts.
However, if you love raw, demo quality party rock and don't take this album seriously at all, then this will hold infinite more appeal.
BOTTOM LINE: The big shame here is that you can create the atmosphere of the classic era without skimping on the production. It's all in the style and delivery of the songs. You don't have to employ a shitty half-assed production feel to evoke an emotion. This to me sounds like the band have pocketed their handsome advance and made a cheap record.
The band is basically releasing something they can tour on the back of and hope for the best. Sorry guys this is 2002, not 1982, the fans deserve and expect to hear better quality releases than this.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of the Poison debut, party rock fans and die hard Poison fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Look What The Cat Dragged In . Open Up And Say...Ahh! . Flesh & Blood . Swallow This Live . Native Tongue . Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996 . Crack A Smile...And More! . Power To The People

28/08/05: maureen -
Rating: 0
you guys should stop blaming CC for all the bad music if you
think its bad. im a true poison fan. i love them. i would never
criticize any one in the band. you, the people who criticize poison, SUCK!!

18/01/04: jamie bumgarner -
Rating: 60
This cd is not that great, i was dissapointed, but check out Brets solo cd 'Songs of life", it is the Poison cd that I hoped that this would be!

27/09/03: Mike -
Rating: 0
I'm a old BIG-fan Poison,i have 29 years. Maybe the rating may be higher like 0 but this number explains my huge deception.all albums are amazings, but...what is this? a joke?...pure essence rockroll poison?...PURE SHIT! heart hurts but i disagree with the voice, the riffs, the production, the quality songs, the attitude...with all!.If you're fan of Poison, i can't understand that you can buy this poor,pathetic and horrible disc. Anybody must buy this!.Bret, hear me, look in your own and i'm sure that you can find the reason to had make this!..and the solutions for the future..And CC, only fuck oFF!..your opinion of Poison in the interview with S7...poor lier, yo're nothin' without Poison jerk...and Poison can make good songs without you...listen NAtive Tongue or Crack and're was big..but now you're only a stupid old boy!

24/09/03: Geoff -
Rating: 50
Oh no, poor Poison. How could one of my favourite 80's metal bands of all disintergrate to this?! Where are the kind of tracks that made the fans love them so? Where is anything that made anyone ever like the band? Where is the real Poison hiding in this mess? We all know the production is about as good as green urine, but I'd have accepted that if there were songs that would shine through the sh*tty production. Unfortunately, there is not. And to think these guys used to be on par with Bon Jovi and Def Leppard . . .

'Hollyweird' is nonsense, 'Squeeze Box' is bigger sonsense and one of the worst covers I ever recall hearing, 'Shooting Star' is one of the better tracks off the album, but man, such poor excecution and it comes off sounding like a very, very poor attempt at rehashing the 'Fallen Angel' theme. Unfortunately it does nothing of the sort.
'Wishful Thinkin' and 'Get 'Ya Some' are tragic peices of more nonsense.
'Emperor's New Clothes' is a new level in badness. Shocking track! No, Poison, no!
'Devil Woman' is about as catchy as the album gets and I can listen to this one. Might have even been pretty cool with a good production job.
'Wasteland' is another of the better tracks, but still very weak, as are 'Livin' In The Now', 'Stupid, Stoned & Dumb', 'Home' - both versions shocking! And 'Rockstar' finishes the album on an equally mediocre note.

Poor, poor Poison. Oh well, I can write this album off, but I don't think they'll do it to us again. Onward and upward (Because they sure as hell can't go downward!) I only give it 50 because I don't have it in me to rate Poison lower than 50.

31/07/03: Boz -
Rating: 46
Posion's latest release, Hollyweird is exactly that. It is truly hard to believe that this is the best effort Poison could give their fans. Most of the songs on this sound like demos that were not finished. One might feel that Poison are not interested in being in the studio after hearing this one. They clearly have the talent to create great melodic rock music. The best example of that would be 1990's Flesh & Blood, which track for track was as good as anything at the time. The highlights on this album are suprisingly the C.C. DeVille songs: "Emperor's New Clothes", and "Livin' In The Now." As least they don't sound like demos. In fact if they said "Blink 182" or "SR71" on the sleeve, they may actually get radio play on some modern rock stations. As for the other tracks, "Squeeze Box", and "Wishful Thinking" seem to be the strongest tracks, but a far cry from what Poison is capable of. One might get the impression from Hollyweird that Poison themselves don't think they can sell anymore.

07/07/03: shane -
Rating: 5
I missed seeing them in cocert when I was younder and I was a HUGE fan. I loved their first 3 albums this was the album I was hoping that would be the "real" 4th Poision album. The album that should have simout out after Flesh & Blood. But this just stinks. I was so high on Poison after going to the concert here in LA the other night that I ran out to get the new disk and another copy of greatest hits. But besides Squeeze Box the rest of the disk sucks and even that song is just ok. This does not sound anything like the Poision of old. Crack a Smile is more like old school classic Poision than this thing. And I really was hoping it would be good. Im returing it tommorrow.

08/10/02: Mike Clifford -
Rating: 90
This is not their best cd by far, but it does bring back some of the feel of the old days. I think it would have been an even better cd with the Samantha 7 left overs from CC. If you like Poison's old stuff, you'll probably like most of this cd too. My best song picks of this cd are: Shooting Star, Wasteland, & Rockstar.

07/08/02: Matt -
Rating: 75
There are good songs, pretty good songs, and not so good songs. The production of this album is what kills it for me. The guitars sound soft and weak, the drums don't have that deep pounding sound, and the vocals aren't exactly tight. It sounds like it was recorded in a garage on an old 4 track player to be honest. But there are some really good songs that could have been great, if the production was better. If you want to hear some bitchin' songs...then check out Brett's new stuff at I'm wondering why the Hollyweird album didn't sound like that!

07/08/02: brent -
Rating: 100
this isa cool poison album i don't really care what critic's say
this is a party good time album and poison are really are rockin'
in 2002 and hollyweird is a killer album and tunes like devilwoman,wasteland,gotta getch ya some are classic poison.
this is my2nd fave new poison album crack a smile,hollyweird are two best new poison album's in the 2000's and enjoy and have nothin but a good time POISON ROCKS IN 2002.

31/07/02: Joe -
Rating: 100
This cd rocks. I dont get how some people can bash this cd, in my opinion we have waited for a new Poison cd for some time now and they deliver big time with this one. Rocking athems, music to get the blood pumping and heart beating. I think that CC song on this is one of the best. I say go out and buy it, you wont be sorry.

15/07/02: Jason -
Rating: 75
This cd isn't near as bad as the negative reviews it got here. It is not great either... but if you like Poison's older cds then you will definitely like this one! The songs fro the most part are good...of course like alot of albums there is a couple of duds thrown in. This is a fun cd and shouldn't be taken too up....your mind and give this album a won't be disappointed!

15/07/02: Jon Stewart -
Rating: 50
Poison never had the vocal talents of bands like Warrant,or Enuffs Enuff. But they brought us some good catchy songs from time to time. I really think they need to ditch Sissy Deville though. The guy talks like Gilbert Godfried and looks like Phillis Diller! And he always seems to drag the band down to his crackhead level. Bret michaels, (who at least has kept his looks)is the best part of the band besides Rikki Rocket. I will probably keep this cd to have in my collection as the only reason. I hope they lose Deville and get someone like Paul Gilbert. Then you would see good songwriting. And Bret would have to sing better than he ever has.

15/07/02: Will Cowell -
Rating: 5
didn't like it at all, and haven't listened to it again since the day i bought it. two or three songs almost meet par, but then i realized, hey they are struggling to write "fallen angel" again. they could of done alot better than this. major disappointment.

13/07/02: Greg Sykes -
Rating: 65
I'm surprised by the mixed reviews on this album. I liked Posion's first two albums the best because CC's guitar playing played an important role in giving Poison their identity. I didn't buy the album, and I'm soley judging it on the soundbytes I've heard. When I downloaded Squeebox, I thought it was just a demo, because there were not effects on the vocals, and the backing vocals were kind of crummy. The songs themselves do seem to have the Poison stamp on them, but nothing like Talk Dirty To Me or Nothing But A Good Time. I think this album is probably best for the absolute hardcore Poison fan, but the rest of us probably are(at least I am) very disappointed. Sorry.

13/07/02: Jennifer -
Rating: 95
I completely disagree with the review. The album ROCKS!!

11/07/02: Roadiedave -
Rating: 0
I agree with the review, this album SUCKS !! I am a big Poison fan & own evrything they put out. I think CC should shut up & play guitar. If he wants to sing, sing in the shower CC. The production on the cd sounds awful, sound like it was recorded under water. As for the songs them self they are weak, nothing reaches out and grabs you like many of Poison's songs do. I bought the CD with high hopes, but this CD is a MAJOR let down. Don't buy it...

08/07/02: andy -
Rating: 95

07/07/02: Davide Zublena -
Rating: 99
The sound is orrible , it's true ..... BUT THE FIRTS ALBUM WAS

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST POISON ALBUM EVER.... GREAT CLASSIC SONG.... The Production is very important for band like DEF LEPPARD or JOURNEY.....

For Poison the production should not be most important than the songs..... and here the songs are GREAT

Listen to Shooting Star , Rockstar , Devil's Woman , Get Ya Some--- ALL TIME CLASSIC .... a fun and great album


07/07/02: Rusty -
Rating: 60
As you might be able to tell by my email address being one of their album titles, I am a huge Poison fan and have been for 14 years. I own just about every piece of music they've ever recorded including unreleased, demos, and live stuff spanning their whole career. Here's what I take away from listening to Hollyweird. It's a good solid album, but it's not the at the level of Poison I would come to expect and I'm actually more disappointed than anything. I agree with many that the production isn't up to par, but I also understand they don't have a huge label to have a top dollar producer and studio anymore. As for the song writing and music, it's good, but "mediocore" good. After waiting for so long for a new/fresh studio album from the boys, I expected to be blown away. I like the songs, but they don't make me wanna party, dance, and bang my head, and just plain smile and have fun like old school Poison songs do when I hear them. I only find myself slightly bobbing my head to the new songs, period. And that tells me it definately won't be in my top 5 fav Poison albums, but I will always like and support Poison because they've made my life so much more enjoyable in the past 14 years. But, I haven't heard an 80's hair band put out and NEW studio album in the late 90's/2000's that has really impressed me YET!!! I'm not giving up hope just yet!

05/07/02: Anthony -
Rating: 70
I think for anyone who bought or heard the new songs from their most recent live album, this cd is a bit of a let down. The songs "can't bring me down," "strange," and "last song" showed a lot of promise. Although I don't hate this cd, I think if Poison went with the formula for the previously mentioned songs, they'd have made a really strong cd. Some songs I love, but others are soon forgetable. Why they chose sqeeze box instead of shooting star is a mystery to me, their version of sqeuueze box is horrible. If you want to hear the way that song should be covered, go out and listen to the Roxy Blue version.

04/07/02: KAOS FAN -
Rating: 20
This is complete rubbish.Im glad I haven't bought this pile of trash myself instead loaning it from a friend who's traded it ASAP.Don't get me wrong - Poison's first two albums were genre defining "hair metal" albums.Nothing cataclysmic but very good nevertheless.They've never recaptured their form since and have reached a complete nadir here.
I won't even get into the songs.They are all bad! Production is non-existent.What is it with all the great "hair bands" coming back with awful albums - Motley now Poison. I think Warrant could deliver the goods because at least they have an songwriter in Jani Lane but they seem to be on a permanent sabbatical!
I thought maybe it was just a case of me maturing but it's more than that.Jeff Scott Soto's "Humanimal" project shows how hard rock should be in the year 2002.And comparing "Heartlands" latest excellent album to this crap is an injustice.
I only feel sorry for all of you guys who've wasted their hard earned cash on this very poor release.I love mY glammy hard rock but this should be consigned to the dustbins.A laughable release really.A very irate former fan.Cheers.KAOS FAN!!

03/07/02: Perry -
Rating: 75
Production is terrible on "Hollyweird" the song, and a few others, I think it's the drum sound for the most part... I actually like a lot of the songs but still haven't found lyrics I liked. SO many songs are straight up rehash, it's kind of sad... I love Shooting Star but they don't even try to mix it up, I mean they've only put out a few full length albums they shouldn' be hurting for song topics yet... I'm glad they show a little range with the CC songs even though Livin In The Now is obnoxious. Wishful Thinking is also different, and Stupid Stoned And Dumb has the best backing vocals/chorus on the record. It's a shame Bret feels the need to name check their celebrity friends on songs (two out of the last 3!), and call out to band members any time there's an instrumental section. It's just that the CD sounds kind of cheesy and amateur, and the songs deserve better. At least you can tell they're still having fun doing it, and the tour this summer should prove that too. I think they wer too starry eyed and excited to be making a record that they forgot a lot of what went into making a great sounding record rather than a record just being a vehicle to showcase live songs - Poison isn't some run of the mill punk band who could get away with that. Sounds like a lot of ragging on the CD, I mean I like it, but I'd rather spin an old Poison CD anyday.

02/07/02: Jon -
Rating: 65
I honestly don't understand all the fuss about the production-at least not on every track. Most of the songs I like have easliy distinguished guitars, drums, and maybe slightly mixed-down bass. I'm not an album producer, so I'm not an expert on production, so if anyone can email me with an explanation as to why it's so bad, I'd appreciate it. As far as I can tell, the production is only bad on a few tracks. Some of my favorite songs on the album are Wasteland, Hollywierd, and my favorite, Shooting Star. There are some others that aren't bad, and then some that I hate, like wishful thinking. I hate this song because Brett's vocals sound like the same lame ass vocals that a local band, here in Provo, UT, have. In fact, all of Brett's vocals are lacking-his voice isn't what it used to be, and it didn't used to be that great anyway. All in all, it's got some good songs, with hard edged guitars, but Brett's vocals lack, and the production isn't the best, but only on a few songs.

29/06/02: Ralph -
Rating: 30
I want to preface this by saying that I have always felt that the first two Poison records are classic records.
But this new one is just a terrible album, from start to finish. It's amazing how all the good bands from the 80's just don't have the fire anymore to write good songs, the songs on this record are horrible. Then you get to the production, which is possibly the worst I have ever heard on record, I probably could have recorded better tracks in my bedroom on a four track machine.
Very sad to see how far my icons have fallen.

29/06/02: J -
Rating: 95
Well guys, I don't know if y'all got crappy stereos or what, but this thing sounds great to me! I agree with Andrew that some tunes definitely are lacking some background vocals, but every song has some great points and some are downright classics. I think everybody who frequents this site would love it.(apparently I'm wrong) However, my advice is get it. NOW.

Rating: 60
Dissappointing to to say the least.I couldn't wait for this album..Shooting Star is the only real bright spot. Hollyweird, Wasteland , Stupid, are decent Poison songs, the rest are pure filler.I hope the next album brings back that Poison passion.

25/06/02: Danny -
Rating: 85
Well here we go...a review from the UK where Hollyweird hasnt even been released.But i got it, coz im a Huge Poison fan and have been since i was 14 years old goddamit!!!!
Okay.... everyone is correct....the production sucks major ass.
Honestly....Did Panunzio spend 6 months listening to Brets Letter from Death Row soundtrack and think.."Thats a good sound....". Not good fella's. Production 50...coz im generous.

Songs. Now Im gonna have to disagree with my american friends here.Wishful thinkin and Devil woman suck.They are seriously poor tracks.The best and most interesting songs are Livin in the Now, Home (CC's story) and Rockstar.I have to take issue with everyone slagging CC's singing.I got the Sam7 cd, and caught them here in the uk when they toured and they were really seriously awesome.I met CC after the show and he was really friendly,and told me that he was getting a much better reception in the UK with Sam7 than he did anywhere in the states....go figure.Anyway, I digress.His songwriting is much better than y'all are giving him credit is his singing.Ok , he's no pavarotti, but at least he's in tune, which is more than can be said for Bret on some of these tunes. I have to say though, Hollyweird,Shooting Star,Emporers New Clothes, and stupid stoned and dumb, are all cool tracks.So...songs.....80
The presentation of the CD is a little cluttered,and a little dated, but hey...its a new POISON album.....who gives a fuck!!!
Presentation 90

Overall...its an 85.....sort the production out, get the fans to give CC a frickin break, AND RELEASE THE ALBUM IN AND TOUR EUROPE TOO AND THINGS WILL BE OKAY!

21/06/02: Ryan -
Rating: 50
As I die-hard Poison fan since the mid 1980s, this was a CD I looked forward to hearing more than any other since "Swallow This Live." After all, it's the first all-new album by the band's original line-up since "Flesh & Blood."
I could give a track-by-track report, but the general impression I get is pretty much the same across the board. Some tracks are better than others, but none are catchy enough to be truly memorable. (It now becomes clear why "Squeeze Box" is the first single.) If you really listen for it, you can catch hints of "Open Up and Say... Ahh!" in a couple of the opening riffs and drums, but ths crisp polish of that classic album is long gone.
I really am not sure what has happened to this band. How is it possible that they could write SO MANY "stand up and cheer" songs back in the day, and not even one in this album? Not one MAJOR chord, nor a single combination of really harmonic notes is even attempted. There's still a little too much of Bret's blues influence watering it down.
Think of the basic riff of "Talk Dirty to Me", the chorus of "I Want Action", or the entire song "Fallen Angel." These songs featured uncomplicated, amazingly catchy melodies - ones that people love and still pay to hear cranked up 15 years later.
And what about C.C.'s totally crisp playing on throughout "Open Up..." Was that all producer Tom Werman's doing? Listen to Kix's "Blow My Fuse", which was also produced by Werman in 1988, and you will hear more of the "Open Up..." sound than anything on "Hollyweird."
Then there were the BEAUTIFUL song-writing solos on "Flesh & Blood." Even with its less-polished, more live-sounding feel (and that was a far as the band should have strayed from "Open Up's" highly produced sound), that album nonetheless showcases C.C. at his very best ("Something to Believe In"; "Life Goes On"; and my personal favorite, "Life Loves a Tragedy.")
Yeah, I know you wanted a review of "Hollyweird", and you can consider what I have written of the previous albums as what is missing from the new one. I REALLY love this band, and I will continue to buy their CDs the very first day they come out, but I can't help but be disappointed by "Hollyweird."
Many of the songs will sound better (or at least livelier) in concert, and I suppose Poison has become a band whose tour is really what it's all about, rather then records. But I guarantee the audience reaction to the new stuff will not be the same as it is when the band starts up with "Fallen Angel" or "Every Rose..."
This was perhaps the most important record in Poison's history. It is their proclamation that the original line-up can still work together and turn out amazing, catchy rock after all these years. Had I been in their shoes, I would have invested my blood, sweat, and tears in making each every note so damn energized and catchy that listeners would never be able to shake them from their heads.
That just doesn't happen with "Hollyweird." There are enough hints here that the band knows what we're hoping for, but that they may be fighting it in order to not completely undo their evolution. I recommend all Poison fans go out and buy the CD, but mostly to support the band. I will continue to listen to it (though repeated spins have done little brighten my outlook), but for now it is merely comforting to know the original line-up is back writing material.
Now all they need to is get some real production value back in there (the whole thing sounds piss poor to the point of making "Look What the Cat Dragged In" sound as polished as "Hysteria.") and crank the energy through the friggin' roof! I'm still with you guys, but it's time to ditch the blues, get C.C. to focus more on his guitarwork and NOT on singing, and kick some f@#$ing ass!
So, there's my two cents.

21/06/02: David -
Rating: 85
I guess I agree with most of you on here that the new poison does not warrant a 50% rating. I for one think there are a few good songs on this cd - Shooting Star, Devil Women, Stupid, stoned and dumb etc...I think its a typical poison cd. Production wise I feel its about the same as all their cds in my opinion. They are not the most talented band but they do ok. My only gripe is no more CC songs and I think having a remake as your first single was a huge mistake. If they were hoping for any radio airplay and trying to sell a few more ablums they needed some original material.

20/06/02: Adam -
Rating: 60
I think the obvious has been stated but I'm gonna state it again. Absolutely horrible production and a ton of sub par filler songs on this CD!!!! I thought Poison should have made POWER TO THE PEOPLE an EP release, lose the live section and charge less. That was a great set of songs! Then every summer before they go out and rock America release another 5 song EP at a reduced price. Every summer new good Poison songs at a cheaper price. They get at least one new song on the radio every summer and a ton of sales due to the cheaper price and every summer fans line up waiting to get their new Poison fix. Sounds simple doesn't it, they need a fan in their camp lol, that's all I'm saying. Now with that in mind let's make HOLLYWEIRD a great summer EP. First get a new producer, the guy from POWER TO THE PEOPLE is my first choice. Change the cover image to just the hot chick on the motorcycle. Then let's cut some wasted space off of this long dull disc they gave us. 7 songs gone, just like that. Alright here is this years EP imagining for the last two years we've also gotten 5 or so really good songs for each summer. TRACK 1. HOLLYWEIRD
TRACK 6. HOME (C.C.'S STORY)........
There you have it, with this line up of 6 good fun rockin' songs my summer would have been complete. Now I'm waiting to see them live, my radio station is hopefully cranking out SHOOTING STAR or ROCKSTAR, and once again POISON is getting praised payed and further cemented as the GLAM SLAM KINGS OF NOISE!!!
Thank You......

19/06/02: lowdz -
Rating: 80
Some good songs, the production is crap (in fact the self-produced bonus track, "Rock Star", is the best produced). I can't believe they got rid of Blues Sarecino after the excellent Crack a Smile to record this.They should have paid CC as a songwriter and kept their Ace in the pack.

19/06/02: Adam -
Rating: 86
I'll start be reiterating the obvious. The production was extremely sub-par, the lyrics were a little sophmoric & C.C. has a
nasal and "poppy" vocal. However, those legitimate gripes aside, this is a very decent album. If my aforementioned
dissatisfactions were corrected, I feel this album would've fit nicely between "Open Up..." and "Flesh & Blood." I think the
overall approach is similar to LWTCDI, but some of the "risks" with style are a little more mature. Personally, I think this CD
would've benefited from the inclusion of 1 ballad even, but I guess the Poison boys felt it was unnecessary. Definitely check
out Bret's new solo disc samples on his site, I think that album is more "the Poison album most people expected." In any
case, it sounds better produced, contains better lyrics & is more diverse in it's tracks. That said, I did like "Hollyweird" a lot.
I just think with Best Buy sponsoring the tour and pushing the CD (ok, not a lot, but more support than other "80's bands"
have had recently) Poison would've spent more time working on a more polished product. On to the "song by song."
Hollyweird: Nice, heavy guitar intro & "decent" lyrics. Could've fit in on either of the first 2 albums nicely.
Squeeze Box: Same complaint as everyone else. And I agree with another reviewer, Roxy Blue has the best version of this
song. But, it's in the vein of "Your Mama Don't Dance" & is average.
Shooting Star: Finally! A nice sounding, Poison-esque "Fallen Angel" part II. :) The solo is the best on the disc, and the lyrics
are some of the better on "Hollyweird." It would've made a better single than it's predecessor on the album, but I feel it's
placed nicely as track #3.
Wishful Thinkin': One of my favorites on this new Poison offering! Though everyone can admit there isn't typically an
overwhelming amount of virtuosity displayed on a Poison album, they sure can groove along nicely, can't they? The bassline
here may not be complex, but it's fun and "head-bob-worthy." Reminds me a little of "Teenage Wastland/Baba O'Riley" or
whatnot from The... AnyWHO... Next song. <grin>
Get Ya Some: Nice guitar solo, regular Poison fare here. Nothing dazzling or new, nothing dreadful. Next!
Emperor's New Clothes: This one is really cool. A very different sound, and to me, better than anything C.C. has put out
there (on this ablum or his Samantha 7 "solo" effort). It just doesn't fit real well and kind of broke the flow of the album. I
think C.C.'s songs should've been lumped together, so they didn't seem too displaced. Just my personal opinion.
Devil Woman: Cool harmonica, but still "filler."
Wasteland: This song suffered greatly from the production, or lack thereof involved. It just fell flat and felt uninspired. Very
generic... A poor "Ride The Wind" part II.
Livin' In the Now: See my comments regarding Emperor's New Clothes. Fun, solid track...
Stupid, Stoned & Dumb: The first time I listened to this song I hated it. Every time since I've loved it! Bret kinda overdoes it
on the twang in his voice at the beginning, but it adds to the overall feel of the song. And the chorus is probably one of the
catchies on the album. This one is definitely a keeper!
Home (Bret's story): LOVE the groove at the beginning. This song rocks along nicely, plus it contains a little blip during the
"solo" reminiscent (or a direct rip-off! <grin>) of "Talk Dirty To Me."
Home (C.C.'s story): Many will argue that this is an expendable track... I think it's necessary, but misplaced. Let's say Home
(Bret's story) was set mid-way through the album. Home (C.C.'s story) could've been a wonderful segue into his other 2
tracks. It would've been a more natural and comfortable transition. I think Poison missed an excellent opportunity to keep
from disrupting the continuity of this release by the track order alone.
Rock Star: Good music, ok lyrics, a Poison standard. It's a decent closer and wraps up the album quite well. The production
seemed better on this song, though it still could've had some tweaking.
Overall, I do like this album a lot. I think it's a solid, hard-rocking offering. I'm a very dedicated Poison fan, but it seriously
does not skew my "score." I feel it's a strong 86, but had many disappointing aspects... However, I can overlook them by the
sheer honesty of this music. *This* is where Poison is right now, and I'm happy to be there with 'em. Thanks for reading my
lengthy review. Take care and enjoy the summer concert season! :)
- Adam

18/06/02: Dave -
Rating: 65
65% as in a D effort! I thought something was up when I kept seeing these guys on talk shows etc and they were playing "Squeeze Box", and saying it was the 1st single. One question, why? After all these years they give us a damn cover song! Sad to say but this is one of the weaker versions of it that I have ever heard. With that said, obviously there is the weak production on the cd. Now I don't think it's the worst but it is in no way up to major artist/label quality. If the band says they went for a raw sound then I'll buy that, but they never have sounded this bad on ce before this why now? After you get past the sound of the disc and the cover song, then comes some really good Poison songs. Hollyweird is ok not the best but it is enjoyable. Shooting Star is a damn good song, could've been better with someone producing it..haha Wishful Thinkin', Get Ya Some are good as well. The surprise for me came when I heard Emperor's New Clothes! It doesn't sound like Poison at all, and it has been said that it's CC singing..It's a really good song, and one I enjoy a lot. Devil Woman sounds like either a leftover or a half done song, it needed some more work in my opinion. Wasteland is an ok song, so is Livin' In The Now. My favorite Poison moment on the cd is Stupid Stoned & Dumb! It's Poison,and Bret at their best. The 2 versions of Home is weird, but atleast you get 2 versions of it to compare them! Rockstar is the bonus tracka nd it's a really good Poison song, but it has beena round for a few years. Simply put it's a decent cd and a not so bad Poison cd! With better production, some reworking of a few songs,and a little tidying up of the tracks..( take off the other 2 CC songs besides ENC's) it could have been a ton better. If you're a Poison fan and haven't bought this record, I reccomend Crack A Smile, you'll enjoy it much more! Find someone who has a copy of Hollyweird and burn yourself a copy of it, then take your money and buy tix to see the band live!! will be a much more enjoyable experience!! Dj

18/06/02: Ty -
Rating: 50
It's kind of funny how when a fan loves a band, they like anything they put out no matter how bad it is. This is a prime example, and some of the reviews say the same thing. I've always loved Poison, even Native tongue was ok with me, but not close to the first 3 releases. This cd makes Native tongue look like a masterpiece. I probably could have done better with my MTV Music Generator on my Playstation. I agree with Andrew's review and think Poison pocketed the large sum of the money they got and probably put about 10% into this release. Now all they have to do is play 1 or 2 songs from it live and live off the older tunes we all know and love. Poison has lost my respect after this release and it will take alot to get it back. Bret's vocals sound very good on this cd, and Musically, they sound like Poison of old, but sucks! These were not very well thought out. C.C. singing sounds like Mickey Mouse on Crack! Somebody lied to him and said he sounded good. They need to take his mic away so he can concentrate on playing those 6 strings he has in front of him. I gave this cd a 50% only for the fact that they sound like the Poison of old. They would have gotten a 70 if the production were better and an 80 if The Lyrics were better. They will never get 100 if they keep giving a mic to C.C.

17/06/02: Chris -
Rating: 90
I love raw and polished rock 'n' roll, so the weak production doesn't bother me too much; although it could have been a little better. The bottom line is that the songs are freakin' GREAT and that's what matters most. Besides, some of the best rock albums ever sound very, very raw.

17/06/02: Henry -
Rating: 99
Stop the over analysis!! This is a fun, rock and roll album! If you are tired of the crap that came out of the 90's and just want to hear fun music then this is a grad A production!

16/06/02: Tom -
Rating: 90
This album ROCKS!! People have their own opinions i guess but in time they will realize that this is a true classic!

16/06/02: Steve Wojdyla -
Rating: 85
I have to agree with all these people. Whoever produced this album did a real crappy job! The songs do kick ass on this album though. I've heard SqueezeBox live on tv. Sounds better than on this album. Shooting Star, Wishful Thinkin' and both versions of Home rule for me. Give this it's due but bare with its sound.

16/06/02: Tim -
Rating: 25
I agree with Andrew's review. This could have been a decent cd. Didn't they have a producer? I could have done a better job than that. There are some decent songs, but they fell flat. Sounds like they spent about 2 hours on this thing. What a disappointment. Save your money on this one and buy a ticket to seem them live. They sound much better.

16/06/02: jeffrey -
Rating: 100
Stop analying everything. It's a GREAT ROCK N ROLL CD. Get it.
Don't listen to these moron's. It's sex, drugs and rock n roll.
It doesn't get any better than this. The sound is fantastic, every song is awesome.
Best rock n roll cd to come out in years. GET IT.

15/06/02: Jazz -
Rating: 70
I have been an avid Poison fan since the beginning, all those years ago! This CD is by far the worse one they have put out in thier career. I understand the need to revisit the sound on "Look What The Cat Dragged In" or "Open Up And Say..Ahh!" That was the sound that defined Poison! Pure party rock with just enough serious songwritting to envoke the emotions we all have. This CD does not even come close to the before mentioned CD's. The songwritting is decent, but nowhere near the potential of past efforts. There are a few gems here though, Rockstar, Shooting Star, and Stupid, Stoned & Dumb remind me of the fun times it was to be a Poison fan back in the day. There are too many versions of the small town girl getting screwed over by the Hollywood lifestyle on here. They covered that subect beautifully with Fallen Angel, whay revisit it? Then come the production, it is the worst that I have ever heard on a major release. If they are trying to get the "old" Poison sound then why not work with either Tom Werman or Jim Farci? All in all the album is mediocre. I hope the band takes notes from thier fans and 1. Keeps rockin' 2. Put out a better product for the people who have the power!

15/06/02: Tim -
Rating: 50
Couldn't agree more with most of the other reviews. First I thought it was just me thinking the production sounded like it was recorded in a tin can, but these reviews helped me know it wasn't just me. I love the band, and heard them live last week. They did Hollyweird and Squeezebox, and they were AWESOME live...sounded great. If they could have put that sound on the CD it would have been a HUGE record. Songs for the most part were back to their roots, which rocked, and it should have gotten a better rating, but the production...did I already mention...sucked.

15/06/02: Jonny B -
Rating: 65
First off, I didn't use to like Poison at all! What changed my mind was that I saw them live (not by choice, I went to see opening acts Slaughter and Cinderella). Man what a live show! As a result of they're amazing performance (and the fact that C.C. pecked my bro in the head with one of his guitar picks, the one which I so proudly hang on my bedroom wall), I am now a casual fan, a good enuf fan to buy they're greatest hits comp. But that's not what this review is about, is it?

Anywho, enuf blabbing. What I'm supposed to be reviewing is Poison's newest release "Hollyweird". Did it live to expectations? Well, almost. The songs were great, heck, even I liked them for gods sake! So what was wrong with this release? Well, here's a hint: Look at the reviews already posted. If you said 'the production is below-average', you're close. If you said 'the production is isn't the greatest', well, you're far from it. However, if you said 'the production blows goat cheese' than, YOU'RE RIGHT!!!! Fact is, I, the 'casual' Poison fan, would've been upgraded to a 'big' Poison fan had the production been a bit tighter. It doesn't help when one of the singles off the album is a cover song (Squeeze Box, IMO the worst cover song to date).

But, nevertheless, congrats to Poison to being one of the few bold and brave groups to stick to the style of rock they're used to playing, and not experimenting like several other big name rock bands whom I won't mention. But, do experiment more on the production; you're not even close!

My closing score: 45/50 for the songs, 20/50 for the production.

15/06/02: dokken6008 -
Rating: 78
Okay, let's get one thing out of the way--THE MIXING AND SOUND PRODUCTION suuuuuuuuucks!!!! Actually, the strange thing is: the guy that produced this cd, T. Panunzio recently produced Motorhead's new release, 'Hammered' and he also had produced 1990's Hericane Alice 'Tear The House Down'. Why 'Hollyweird' sounds like it was recorded in on an RCA handheld cassette recorder is beyond me. I couldn't agree more with Melodic Rock's owner by saying that 'Hollyweird' sounds like a bunch of unprofessional demos. My expectations were high for this album. The title-track on 'PTTP' was edgy, kick-ass and totally original. Most of 'Hollyweird' sounds like the band going 'LWTCDI' and 'Open Up and Say...Ahh!' all over again. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I was just expecting to hear maybe a little bit more of experimentation with Poison is all. What I did NOT want to hear was C.C. rehashing S7 material and wasting valuable track time! "Emperor's New Clothes", however, with C.C. kicks ass. Cool guitar solo with the "wa" pedal and everything. But why didn't it stop there (ha! we agree on too much, M.R. owner)??

As for Bret's songs, the title-track is great. "Shooting Star", "Get Ya Some", "Stupid, Stoned and Dumb"--all beautiful; love it. But why the hell is C.C. always cutting himself short on his guitar solos? Does he think that there is a ten second time limit to shred in the middle of a song? The only exception to his ten second rule on 'Hollyweird' is "Shooting Star" where he kicks ass for at least twenty. A lot of times Devilles "solos" sound more like lead fills than a solo.

Bitching and complaining all aside, this album--aside from the production--would have kicked some ass. It may have not met up to my expectations completely, but I sure would have felt a hell of a lot more satisfied on spending twenty bucks at a Barnes and Noble on a cd I had waited for for almost a year. This is one of those times where I just have to say "Good job, better luck next time. Oh, and why don't you hire Richie Zito again?"

The disappointments in life....

15/06/02: troy -
Rating: 50
The songs are good, but the production sucks!!!! Just like Andrew said. I also say to keep c.c. away from the microphone. He sounds ok on "emperors new clothes" but bret would have been better for sure. This is just a very poor release. I'm hoping bret's upcoming solo album will make up for it.

15/06/02: Bro -
Rating: 72
The main review pretty much captures it. This could have been much better, but Poison needed someone unbiased to tell them that some of these songs just plain suck. CC are you listening?

True Poison fans will like at least half of these songs (again, the production should have been more solid). I liked the first record's sound, too. But this one is not even close to that sound quality and it was '86!! Drum tracks sound hollow -- in 2002 they should sound at least as thunderous as the '86 effort!

On the positive side, there are some quality ditties here. Shooting Star is in the Falling Angel vein, Wishful Thinkin' is tight, too. Get Ya Some is similar to Bret's solo stuff, and not too shabby. Home is actually pretty decent -- I like Bret's better, but CC's is pretty humerous and both are catchy and fun. An average effort at best, overall.

14/06/02: Adolfo -
Rating: 85
I like this album. No, we are not in 1982, but this album rocks, in 1982, 1992 and 2002. Great songs

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