a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: Rick Chertoff, Vin Poncia, Matt Serletic & Mike Chapman
  1. The Warrior
  2. Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
  3. Wish I Were You
  4. Carnival Lights
  5. Love's Got A Line On You
  6. Goodbye To You
  7. I Should Be Laughing
  8. Downtown Train
  9. The River Cried
  10. Everyone Gets Older
  11. Say What You Will
  12. Beat Of A Heart
  13. Heartache Heard Round The World
  14. Isn't It Enough
  15. No Mistakes
  16. Hands Tied
I have always liked Patty Smyth's music, my two favorites being Scandal's The Warrior album and her solo Never Enough album.
In recent times, she has mellowed out a lot and now is in pretty same MOR pop rock territory, but she still cuts a fine tune.
This best of gathers just about everything it could and a couple of unreleased and hard to find tunes. I am grateful for that and think this compilation is made necessary for those tracks, but if you have already got the above two records on CD, you are pretty much complete anyway.
The Warrior album is covered by the inclusion of the awesome and hit single title track, Say What You Will, Hands Tied and the also classy Beat Of A Heart.
Patty's first solo album Never Enough was recorded with the in depth help of one of my favorite bands The Hooters. The guys played on and co-wrote several of the tunes. It is a great pop rock album and can still be found on CD in Japan.
That album is represented by the tracks Downtown Train (the Tom Waits song, later covered by Rod Stewart and remixed here by Kevin Shirley), The River Cried, Heartache Heard Round The World and Isn't It Enough (the Danny Wilde classic).
Her most recent solo and self title effort is represented by the massive hit single Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough, No Mistakes and I Should Be Laughing.
More interesting and essential inclusions come from Love's Got A Line On You and Goodbye To You - 2 tracks from the long deleted debut Scandal EP.
And Everyone Gets Older is an unreleased track from 1985.
It's classic Patty Smyth and a cross between the Scandal and solo material. Another Rick Chertoff (Hooters, Cindy Lauper & Never Enough) production.
There are some new tracks here, including the recently released Wish I Were You from the Armageddon soundtrack. That track was co-written by Patty and husband John McEnroe with AOR legend Glen Burtnik. Carnival Lights is another new track. It has a similar feel to that of the last track and the material on her most recent self titled solo album.
I highly recommend you get this compilation if you have no Patty Smyth CDs and have little chance of getting any. However, if you have seen The Warrior and/or Never Enough in any second hand store or maybe a re-issue, then grab those first for the best set of tunes.
If you already have those, like I do, then this CD will round out the collection nicely!
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Patty Smyth fans and fans of female sung pop rock.

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