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Escape Music ESM-065
Produced by: Paul Dean

Released: June 1 / Website
Relatives: Intruder, Change Of Heart

  1. Paradise
  2. Love Is
  3. Touch
  4. Love Surgery
  5. Rock A Day
  6. 2 XTC
  7. Birds Of A Feather
  8. City Of Sin
  9. Ride The Storm Alone
  10. Paralyse Eyes
  11. Light The Fire

Paradise are the latest signing to the UK AOR label Escape Music and herald from Canada. The band features Kick Axe vocalist George Criston and guitarist Joe Wowk, plus Loverboy keyboardist Doug Johnson - which basically adds up to a pretty good mix.
The album was produced / mixed by Loverboy's Paul Dean, which should give you an indication that the quality within is going to be pretty good.
That is indeed the case. Fans of good solid straight ahead hard rock with an American stadium feel and s slight tendency towards 80's party rock should get well into this.
The production style is similar to that of Loverboy or Paul Dean solo, with that nice crunchy hard guitar style in play.
What we are not told, but I add for the record, is that the album is actually 10 years old. It was recorded in the very early 90's, but was never released.
Paradise fit the mould of other classic Canadian hard rock bands like Honeymoon Suite, making it very easy to like for fans of that countries music.
In fact these guys are very similar to fellow Escape Music artists Intruder and Change Of Heart.
The style is equal mix guitars and keyboards, with strong vocals and as expected, a very tight production job.
Style wise there is also a little Motley Crue in there, (not as sleazy!), and some more pompish Boston and Alliance comparisons.
BOTTOM LINE: The best thing about Paradise is the selection of very catchy rock songs. They are obviously a classy group of songwriters and the fact you want to play the album again after finishing it is a strong indication of the quality and effectiveness of the hooks.
It may be an archive release, but it is still a welcomed one and a release that fits comfortably among others of it's genre. Keyboard and guitar rock fans will take to this album, who's best attributes are a solid production and a great vocalist.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of Canadian hard rock. Escape Music fans, fans of keyboard/guitar mixed commercial hard rock.

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