Produced by: Scott Humphrey

Released: OUT / Website
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GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Get's Me Through
  2. Facing Hell
  3. Dreamer
  4. No Easy Way Out
  5. That I Never Had
  6. You Know...
  7. Junkie
  8. Running Out Of Time
  9. Black Illusion
  10. Alive
  11. Can You Hear Them

I guess the biggest disappointment with Ozzy's new album is the fact Zakk has resorted to playing in his modern rock friendly tuned down guitar mode, while Ozzy resorts to using muffled vocals and other unnecessary studio effects.
Sure this album rocks like only Ozzy can, but compared to albums like Ozzmosis and No More Tears, I am ultimately disappointed by this album.
Ozzy also wrote again with Jack Blades, but passed over those couple of tunes they wrote together for others on this album, including writers Tim Palmer, Joe Holmes, Mick Jones and Marti Frederikson.
I just don't find this album as comfortable to listen to as I did the past 3 which I loved. Ozzmosis especially was ultra cool.
This is more of the same Ozzy, just tweaked with a more modern sound. Like I said, it still rocks and there is still some great hard moments, but on tracks like the piano ballad Dreamer, Ozzy doesn't sound quite at home as he should.
I found the placement of a loving sentimental piano ballad at track three, surrounded by two modern rock mind-crunchers a little odd. And of course, Ozzy can do ballads as good as anyone else, just didn't get this one. That track was written by Ozzy with Foreigner's Mick Jones and Aerosmith/Almost Famous collaborator Marti Frederikson. Running Out Of Time is a second track written by the trio and hits the spot much better. It's also placed at a better junction in the album.
But the other highlights for me were few and far between. It's good, but not up to past Ozzy standard.
Add to all this the fact Zakk's trademark sound isn't quite there, with a definite lack of flashy solo's missing also, I was a little bummed. I could find the urgency and passion that Ozzy normally commands.
BOTTOM LINE: I was really looking forward to this album, but instead will cease listening to it very shortly and will resort back to the last 2 albums for my Ozzy fix.
Too much Ozzfest and not enough Ozzy.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Long time Ozzy and Zakk fans only...
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