Outloud Outloud Frontiers Records
FRCD 421
· Produced By: Bob Katsionis / Mixed: Tommy Hansen

· Running Time: 44.07

· Release Date: August 28

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

· Links: Frontiers
Songs: 96%
Sound: 97%
The first I heard of this band is when vocalist Chandler handed me a CDR backstage at Firefest 2008 after his performance with Talon.
I respect Chandler's abilities and thought he did as best a job as he could with Talon, but the fit wasn't quite right. I wasn't sure about what the CDR would contain, but gave it a spin upon arriving home.
I was completely and immediately blown away from the first listen and was so impressed I did everything in my power to sign them to Angelmilk before things there disintegrated. Thankfully the fine folks at Frontiers Records felt exactly the same way and this, the band's debut album, is now to be released shortly.
Simply put – this is one of the finest debut albums I have heard in sometime and my love of the album has only increased over the months that I have been playing it.
American Chandler Mogel joins forces with Firewind keyboard/guitar player Bob Katsionis with his band mate drummer Mark Cross along with Jason Mercury (Bass) and Tony Kash (Guitar).
Outloud deliver a hugely energetic and stylish hard rock album with one foot firmly planted in the best of the 80s, but the other foot right here in the present, using the best recording gear to make a monster sounding record – smartly using Tommy Hansen's genius ear to bring it all together in an earth shattering mix.
There is just so much power and energy within this record, you can't help but to sing-along, tap-along…whatever…and feel utterly exhausted by the end, only to want to crank it all over again from the start.
Outloud match the sleaze of Lynch Mob with the balls of Skid Row and mix it with the individual style of bands these guys are otherwise known for – Talon and Firewind. But in my mind this surpasses both those bands and has become an absolute favourite of mine for no shit ballsy melodic hard rock.

Track By Track:
What I Need is a frantic double timed hard rocking track that Bang Tango or Lynch Mob could easily have delivered in 1988. Catchy as hell in its own right, but surpassed by the brilliance that is the anthemic stadium rocker in waiting We Run. Utterly glorious!
The old time piano/guitar dueling on yet another uptempo rock Tonight proves that these guys aren't just getting lucky with a couple of cool tunes – they know how to write consistently memorable tunes. Another wonderful chorus, layered vocals and a stomping beat.
Search For The Truth continues the energetic run of rockers and I can't recall a recent album that had 4 back to back gems of this quality to open proceedings.
But let's not stop there. This Broken Heart is a wonderful acoustic ballad that gives the listener a minute to catch their breath. Chandler's vocals here are just wonderful and more emotional than anything on the Talon record.
Breathing Fire starts fast and gets faster, with that storming rhythm section again at the fore. Another strong chorus here on a song that's just different enough not to repeat anything already done on the record.
Wild Life is another old school hard rocker with a 80s heart AC/DC style riff. A very simple song with a simple chorus, but again…different than any song before it. This album has variety and consistent fusion. A rare trait.
The riff rocker Broken Sleep is a classic album track – not immediate, but still welcomed each time it comes around.
Out In The Night sees the tempo cranked into double time again. No big chorus here – an energetic hard rocker and more a glorified 4 minute guitar solo with lyrics!
Lovesigh is another chance to take a break from the sonic onslaught. This is another emotional acoustic ballad with some passionate vocals. Interesting that the two slower tracks on the album are both acoustic ballads. Very old school and very much appreciated here.
Outloud is simply a balls-to-the-wall hard rocker with riffs, screams and a double kick drum onslaught designed to completely drain the listener of any energy left remaining and destroy ear drums. Sensational stuff!
The Bottom Line
Had this been released in 1988 it would have sold a million plus – without even trying. The hard rock world needs bands like this and I believe this is not only a highlight of 2009, but of the last few years. This is the type of music I sought out when I became obsessed with AOR and hard rock. This would have been on high rotation for me in 1987, 1992, 1997 or 2002.
A fabulous debut album from a band that has a real future ahead of them. Expect to hear a lot more from these guys.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Outloud

Line Up:
· Chandler Mogel: Vocals
· Bob Katsionis: Guitars, Keyboards
· Tony Kash: Guitars
· Mark Cross: Drums
· Jason Mercury: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Skid Row
· Lynch Mob
· Talon
· Firewind
Track Listing
· What I Need *
· We Run *
· Tonight *
· Search For Truth *
· This Broken Heart *
· Breathing Fire *
· Wild Life
· Broken Sleep
· Out In The Night
· Lovesigh *
· Out Loud *

--*Best Tracks

16/09/09: Darkelf -
Rating: 20
This album is brutal. "We Run" is kinda cool with a catchy chorus, but the rest does nothing for me. I don't think the singer's voice suits the music. Just my opinion.

15/09/09: Zaber -
Rating: 95
Great CD.. I liked Chandler Vogel with Talon, but other than a few tracks, he really seemed to be trying to fit his voice to the songs as written rather than just singing.. with Outloud, he's completely unleashed his voice, and it is good... very good. Chandler and Bob Katsonis are an amazing team, and I already cant wait for the next disc.

2nd best release this year for me, as far as the hair metal/hard rock genre goes.. If Andrew gave this a 96%, The Poodles new disc better be at least a 98. :)

10/09/09: SoMuchMusicSoLittleTime -
Rating: 68
Really was looking forward to a can't miss melodic rock gem here. Especially after hearing "We Run" on the MR5 compilation which is a song I think is quite excellent. But I am shockingly disappointed in this album. When I think of everything else I have heard this year this horse barely gets out of the gate in comparison. Hate to say it but "one killer, the rest pretty much filler" is my assessment when I pit this against the competition.

05/09/09: Hans Teunissen -
Rating: 9
I love it. For me the debut of the year. Last year H.E.A.T. ,this year Outloud. Melodic rock isn't dead but alive and with a sunny future.

31/08/09: Blais-sabbath -
Rating: 90
Un album qui se savoure un peu plus à chaque écoute!!! Chandler est de loin meilleur que sur Talon, il n`est pas encore un maitre, mais il se débrouille très bien! L`influence de Rainbow se fait sentir sur les riffs de guitares tout au long du cd!! À l`exception de la pièce "This broken heart", rien n`est à jeter!! On a droit à des pros et ça sentant!! Une belle des belles surprises de cette fin de 2009!!!

28/08/09: William -
Rating: 84
I saw Andrews review, so I got a copy of the album. I ended up liking the middle tracks the best. I think because they slightly reminded me of classic warrant(Jani Lane).

I got through the first 5 tracks and did not really get into the album, I felt I had heard it all before and the material lacked a sense of fresh rock. I realize that melodicrock is meant to remind us of the 80's but within that truth, only the best bands will stand out

I got to track 6 breathing fire and found myself enjoying the music; this continued with wild life and broken sleep which totally reminded me of Jani Lane at times. I think other than those 3 songs I wasn't really pulled in by this album.

I do appreciate that it is a rock record with a lot of guitar, and it is rare for me to only like middle tracks of a record.

track 6,7, and 8 are worth a look. I think this band has some talent and should try to re-invent themselves so they can stand out from an era that ended up having many bon jovi and def leppard copy cats that simply got un noticed.

I think 84 is a fair score, because this band did deliver a rock record. These guys have the energy that I wished Bryan Adams still had, but this album lacks a fresh melodic approach.

I used to be a sucker for any rock album that had some rock riffs and cool solo's but these days I look for more inventive things or deeper song writing. Khymera's last album had a lot more life, as did the phil collen (manraze) album.

Better luck next time Outloud; your talent could turn a melodic masterpiece someday.

25/08/09: daredevil -
Rating: 70
Not too bad, some cool songs and maybe even a "grower" But misses out on layered backing vocals and strong chorusses, which it desperately needs...

24/08/09: Rick -
Rating: 65
I am not Happy with the songs! WE RUN is a cool song-but the rest??? Miles away from SKID ROW !!! SORRY,I don't get the attraction either TOO!!! 65 / 100


22/08/09: Mike Singe -
Rating: 96
If this stuff is generic, then we need more generic!
I don't always agree with the reviews on this site but this is one of the best releases of the past years for me!

22/08/09: Don -
Rating: 85
this is indeed a great CD, especially deserving props for the vocals and the drumming, BUT...
did anyone notice on the 2nd verse of the first song the lyrics are either ripped off or an homage (take your pick) of/to "Turn on the Action" from Dokken off the "Tooth and Nail" CD ?
must be a trend...D2 did the same kind of thing on their new CD, with homages to Kiss, Motley Crue, and Vixen lyrics
interesting ideas for sure !

21/08/09: Peter -
Rating: 90
Great Debut CD from (Outloud)...'WE RUN' should be the melodic rock hit of the year and is by far the STAND-OUT song here. 'TONIGHT' is where I hear some Bon Jovi influences;'Runaway'-anyone!)and is an another highlight.The album as Andrew said does really grow on you with repeated listens and has a great production job. I'm just happy to have another great 80's sounding Melodic Hard Rock Band on the scene along with the great(H.E.A.T)debut. A Highly recommended disc!!

21/08/09: The Carl -
Rating: 80
I STILL dont get all the hoopla for this band. I dunno maybe Im missing something but its pretty much run of the mill generic melodic rock. Not bad, but far from outstanding.

21/08/09: RockMan -
Rating: 78
Yeah, I'm with the others on this band. "We Run" is a fantastic song but outside of that, it is mediocre at best. The guitars are well played but the songs themselves just don't have very much meat to them. I'm sorry, I don't get the attraction either. 78/100

21/08/09: oren - OREN_CL@HOTMAIL.COM
Rating: 65
NO WAY !!!!!

21/08/09: Paul -
Rating: 76
Honestly, pretty generic stuff here. No really outstanding tracks, in my mind. Very disappointed based on the review here and on other sites.

21/08/09: Ian -
Rating: 0
Fantstic 80's nostalgia trip with a modern production job. Outloud have put together a barnstormer of an album, filled with passion and love of classic melodic hard rock that any fan of the genre will be glad to own. Chandler Mogel is the revelation here, 100% better than on the Talon cd, his commanding performance filling each of the songs with emotion and an obvious joy at being in this band. A sure fire winner.

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