Z Records
Produced by: Not Listed

Released: July 15 / Website
Relatives: Heavenly, Stratovarius
GENRE: Progressive Rock

  1. Seasons
  2. Forever And A Day
  3. Dreaming
  4. It's A Warning
  5. Masquerade
  6. Out Of The Fire
  7. Wasted In Paradise
  8. Winter

Northwind are a 5 piece French heavy rocking outfit, who specialize in a slightly progressive influenced European neo-Classical melodic metal.
Guitarist Chris Savourey is of the band Heavenly and has previously worked with Northwind singer Franck Midoux on his third solo album from 1998.
Now they have decided to form a band project.
Seasons is an 8 track 45 minute album of intricate melodic metal fused with progressive rock, all in that familiar European style.
This is nothing outside the formula for bands like Heavenly, but the songs on Seasons are excellent. This is good stuff! In fact some of the best I have heard in this genre for a while.
One particular favourite is the 9 minute plus epic It's A Warning.
I normally like my songs shorter, but when they are well done, they are well done. This is one such case where the songs retains listener interest throughout.
The songs are all very well produced, with an even and balanced mix, plenty of hooks and an emphasis on song textures and melodies rather than overly complicated chord progressions.
Comparisons to Heavenly, Stratovarius, Vanden Plas and other such European rockers are easily made, but there is also a little of the heavier side of British rockers Ten evident on tracks like Forever And A Day.
Vocalist Midoux has a clear and concise vocal sound, with little accent apparent in the delivery apart from a couple of stand out occasions where he sings in a lower octave. The voice is still obviously European, but so is the music!
BOTTOM LINE: A good solid melodic heavy rock release with equal touches of progression and power. Strong songs and a strong singer are backed up by some great musicians, making this one of the better European power rock releases of the year.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of European melodic metal, power hard rock releases.

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