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Kivel Records
Produced by: Nine24

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Extreme, Kingofthehill
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Chuggin' Beers (Intro)
  2. Pleasure Ride
  3. Exit Sign
  4. Evil Ways
  5. Temple Of Insanity
  6. Feel The Burn
  7. Good Time Girl
  8. Pop Song
  9. Sex

Nine24 rewind the rock clock to a time where fast guitars and fast women ruled the airwaves and rock n roll music was fun. There's no way you can listen to this and not feel transported back in time.
This is Nine24's second album and sees the guys capture some real rock n roll energy in a collection of tunes that swagger between early Van Halen and early Extreme. (No, there is no hint of the VH/Extreme hybrid, Van Halen's III).
The band have a raw, funked up hard rock sound, with tongue in cheek lyrics and plenty of hard guitar riffs that ride over vocals that twist and turn with the melodies. Much in the vein of the debut Extreme album - an album that I think they have never topped.
Nine24 also have their own brand of rock and combined with their youthful energy should be able to gain a good following with this record.
Now the negatives...the guys need to work a little on making the choruses stronger. On the albums eight tracks, there are some catchy moments, but none that hit an instant home run as far as infectiousness.
There's plenty of hard head banging guitar riffs, which is great, but in order for these guys to make a lasting impression in this scene, they need to add stronger choruses and some more melodic hooks.
The album is produced well, but I might also add that 8 songs running 32 minutes isn't the greatest value for money in the market place. Another 2 tracks would have made the package a better proposition.
The artwork and packaging is superb, the website is eye catching, but the music is where it counts.
BOTTOM LINE: If the song titles don't spell it out for you, then the album's title should. In fact, best take the band's advice and grab a 6-pack before throwing this on, then sit back, crank it and enjoy with some friends.
If the first Extreme and albums like the one and only official Kingofthehill album do it for you, then check these guys out.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Those that love in your face, attitude filled American rock n roll.
DISCOGRAPHY:Nine24 . 6-Pack

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