Night Ranger Hole In The Sun Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Night Ranger

· Running Time: 53.35

· Release Date: April 20

· Released:

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

· Links: Night Ranger Frontiers
Songs: 94%
Sound: 94%
Could this, the first Night Ranger studio album in some 10 years be the most controversial release of the year? Could it be the most controversial release of the band's career? It shouldn't be, but in both cases, it just might end up that way.
Why? Because once again a much loved band with a long musical history has dared to update their sound and some fans are not going to be willing to come along for the ride.
As also stated within the REO Speedwagon review, there will be some fans that are happy to see their favourite band evolve and produce new sounds (as long as the quality is there) and there will be others that will remain sticklers for the artist's classic sound.
Night Ranger's case is further complicated by the fact they have constantly evolved throughout their career and not everyone has loved every record (except perhaps me!).
Night Ranger are constantly being held to the sound of their first three records – the records that saw them break through into mainstream success and pick up a legion of fans along the way. But after the third record 7 Wishes I recall the band at the time saying there was a need for a change and change they did.
Since 7 Wishes in 1985 the band made another 4 studio albums (5 if you include the Feeding Off The Mojo release) and none of them have sounded remotely the same!
Depending on the day of the week and my mood, my favourite Night Ranger album varies. Most days it will be Big Life, but sometimes it will be 7 Wishes. Other days Man In Motion is picked and I'm really fond of Neverland also. Then there is the classic debut and Midnight Madness and one can never forget Feeding Off The Mojo, featuring a fractured band line-up.
I know not everyone will feel the same way as I do, but personally speaking I love each and every Night Ranger record. They have never let me down and Hole In The Sun is no exception.
Now when I am in a loud, kick-ass mood and I have a penchant for something big, uptempo, in your face and very contemporary, Hole In The Sun will be my favourite for the day.
A few things have to be said about Hole In the Sun. It is a seriously in your face kick-ass rock n roll record. There are guitars everywhere on this record and less keyboards than on any other Night Ranger release to date.
It is also a very contemporary release, with some down-tuning of the guitars and some moments of sheer modern rock commercialism.
Knowing how the roots of the band are firmly entrenched in 80s melodic rock along with some of the fanbase, it is inevitable that the style of this record will cause a stir and I expect debate will continue throughout the year ahead.
I have had the advantage of living with this record for more than 2 months now. That's a lot of valuable listening time and in some ways it was needed as I was definitely thrown by the directness of the songs and the style at first.
The album took a few listens to get my head around, and then a few more before all the songs really began to click.
Sometimes the best albums are the ones that challenge you and demand extra attention.
I am acutely aware that for all I have written here, there will be some that will not give this album the time it deserves and some opinions are going to be wildly passionate for both sides.
Until I see the feedback once this gets released, I will not be able to see if my feelings are in the majority or the minority, but put a tick in the positive column for me – as like all other Night Ranger albums, I love this record too.
Track By Track:
Tell Your Vision sets the album up perfectly. It describes in audio what this album is all about – loud guitars and in your face riffs, modernized for the band's first album of the 21st Century. The song launches with a massive guitar riff and from there it only gets heavier. Kelly Keagy has never sounded so menacing, howling along through the verse before Jack Blades takes over for a psychedelic bridge before both vocalists dive into the short, but harmony filled chorus hook. Initially I thought the song was way out there for Night Ranger, but with subsequent listens it becomes more familiar and includes the odd influence from Dawn Patrol and Man In Motion.
Drama Queen simply has guitars everywhere! It isn't as heavy as the opening track, but rocks along at a faster pace. The song has a modern rock vibe but classic Night Ranger dual guitar riffs that are constant throughout the song - so much so it is almost like one long solo, with the guys laying on multiple layers of riffs.
The chorus is something new to get into and gets better with every listen and elsewhere in places like the bridge, it sounds just like old Night Ranger.
Gonna Hear From Me is another stomping rocker which reminds me a little of the Damn Yankees sound, with that brutal in your face hard riffing that Ted Nugent is so good at. Except this is Brad and Jeff and the duo serve up a straight ahead, old school rock n roll riff to blow your head off. Along with Tell Your Vision, this to me is one of the heaviest tracks I have heard from the band and quite simply it rocks with massive attitude!
Whatever Happened is the first of a couple of major curve balls, but the more I listen, the more I love it and the more it sounds natural for the band as they are in 2007. Starting with an attitude laced Jack Blades vocal and punkish bass slap, the song reminds me of something Avril Lavigne or Kelly Clarkson might record and score a hit with. The hooks are there during the verse, but the chorus is from heaven. This is a full-on commercial modern pop rocker mixed with Night Ranger's all-in harmonies and sonic guitar onslaught, complete with another left turn with a mid-song bridge.
There Is Life is quite simply Sister Christian 2007. While it isn't a replica of the band's smash hit from the early 80s, it has the same style, class and vibe, down to the piano into and the building verse to the big sentimental chorus. Kelly Keagy delivers a fine lead vocal and once again the band's trademark harmonies are in full force.
Rock Star is left turn number two and matches the contemporary modern rock vibe of Whatever Happened. This is a great track, I love it. There's attitude to the max in this spunky, punky rocker with a killer chorus. At the heart of the song is a great lyric and general sentiment and another catchy chorus, although this song is the most tuned down and modern song of all those on the album.
The album's title track Hole In The Sun is another rocker with a ton of attitude and another kick-ass chorus with an extra layer of guitars. A simple premise only gets better with each listen, this song has a little more of the band's classic sound in it and a nod of the head towards the Seven and Neverland sound.
I wasn't into Fool In Me to start with, but have grown to like it a lot as simple acoustic ballad accompanied only by some cool percussion and fine harmonies. It actually reminds me of something that could have come from a Shaw/Blades release, except Kelly is singing.
White Knuckle Ride has a tuned down and dark guitar riff and some production effects and sees both Jack and Kelly sharing lead vocals. The song rocks and has a heavy riff through the chorus, but takes a few listens before it makes complete sense.
Revelation 4 AM is a simpler track, which starts slow and gently, with a smooth Kelly Keagy vocal. The chorus again takes a little work, but is pretty cool – more acoustic driven than electric, but still quite uptempo. There's a lot to listen to underneath this track's obvious musical parts, so it takes some time to get to know fully.
Wrap It Up is probably the most traditional Night Ranger song of the whole album. This is a dual lead guitar riff-rocker, with a solid tempo and a good fun chorus. Lots of guitar parts here and a traditional sound base that could fit on Man In Motion perhaps.
Being closes the album in a fairly laid back setting. It is a simple (for Night Ranger at least!) acoustic ballad with various additional musical backing such as soft percussion and non-intrusive keyboard parts. An ok song, but perhaps the weakest track of the album.
The Bottom Line
Many fans will still prefer the band's early work, but that should not stop anyone from enjoying what Night Ranger is today. Hole In The Sun is a challenging and varied record, created by some guys that aren't comfortable repeating or living off their past.
Their desire to move forward and create something new and fresh shines through on this hard rocking record – perhaps the band's heaviest release ever.
Negative point - that album cover! ok, so...some aren't going to get it, some won't want to get it, but for others, I'm sure it will be a highlight of 2007. Let the debate commence…
Studio Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Dawn Patrol
· Midnight Madness
· 7 Wishes
· Big Life
· Man In Motion
· Neverland
· Seven
· Hole In The Sun

Line Up:
· Jack Blades: Vocals, Bass
· Jeff Waton: Guitars
· Kelly Keagy: Vocals, Drums
· Brad Gillis: Guitars
· Michael Lardie: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Night Ranger
· Damn Yankees
· Kelly Keagy - I'm Alive
Track Listing
· Tell Your Vision *
· Drama Queen *
· You're Gonna Hear It From Me *
· Whatever Happened *
· There Is Life *
· Rock Star *
· Hole In The Sun *
· Fool In Me
· White Knuckle Ride
· Revelation 4 AM
· Wrap It Up
· Being

--*Best Tracks

23/07/08: domino -
Rating: 80
Hole In The Sun is a solid and strong effort by NR but not one of their best release. It's a really good hard rock album, but there's nothing here that make me scream for a miracle. There are here some really good tracks as the opener Tell You Vision, first single You're Gonna Here from Me, the nice ballad There Is Life, the melodic Whatever Happen and the acoustic version of their biggest hits Don't Tell Me You Love Me and Sister Christian (US release).
But the rest of the songs are just ok and this is not what to expect from a band that released back in the day masterpieces like Down Patrol or Man In Motion.
Overall this cd is in the same level of Seven and a little belowe Neverland.

23/10/07: Peter -
Rating: 100
This album rocks and then some! A mind blowing guitar sound and for a change songs which are actually fit for 2007 and not as 80% of other bands their material, repeating the 80's over and over again, just updating the sound a little. This is what still makes it worth to keep buying cd's and to my regret there aren't many bands this can be said of.

This cd is finally something different again to listen to, no try outs and strange side steps though, this is all seriously hard rocking stuff, but brought in a genius way which Night Ranger is known for.

The spectacular guitar work certainly hasn't changed either, Watson - Gillis, the best guitar tandem I know (hope they solve things with Jeff).

Hole in the Sun is a brilliant masterpiece just as Seven and Neverland are.

For those whining and complaining that it doesn't have any thing to do with their 80's songs, go to the L.P.-trade fairs lots of old shit can be found there.
On the other hand, those who would like the hard rock scene to survive, here can be heard how that is done.

Definitely the best cd of 2007!

01/09/07: Al Williams -
Rating: 90
The band blows away any cobwebs with opener, Tell Your Vision which after an almost scratch mix type drum track intro, comes crashing in with killer guitars, rocking drums & a massive production sound. The vocals are certainly “out to getcha” style & the band mean business, no messing!
Drama Queen, without making other reviewers - who’ve already posted their reviews … - think I’m ripping them off, I must admit it is totally full of riffola here on the guitars like they’re out to prove a point, but these guys have nothing to prove they are so far ahead of all that! I hear a sound in this track that is reminiscent of their lesser know – Underrated – period of Man In Motion / Neverland in terms of rocking guitars throughout.
Next track, You’re Gonna Hear It From Me, I’m sorry, but I almost hear a hint of glam rock star Gary Glitter type influence in the chord structure in places, but then way more edgy than anything that character could ever produce. The scary thing is even the chanting late on in the song makes me think, “Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rock ‘n’ Roll …..,” that made GG all his cash! It still rocks out though, really punchy track.
Whatever Happened next is for me kind of my surprise favorite track …, well, maybe 2nd fav on here, it’s got a huge chorus, strong harmony vocals throughout & parts of it remind me of Peace Sign from the Seven album, although it’s a much stronger track / song.
It’s already been said elsewhere about next track, There Is Life that it’s NR’s up to date Sister Christian, but I think it stands alone on its own merits as the best track on this album IMHO. Some might say that the bridge late in the song hints at The Beatles, but hey, that’s no bad thing right.
Rock Star almost has a tongue in cheek intro not unlike Nirvana’s, Smells Like Teen Spirit, a little based around a rock club the guys visit on each Japan visit. It a huge chant chorus type track, cheeky but still rocking enough to sustain the overall nature of the albums format.
Title track Hole In The Sun is perhaps not their strongest album title track, but its still in the same strong rock vein of the rest of the album & yes, this album most definitely rocks with power & then some!
Don’t buy this expecting a bunch of ballads, that said next track Fool In Me is a ballad akin to more latter era Night Ranger releases, perhaps not Goodbye, Sentimental Street, but again strong enough in it’s own right.
White Knuckle Ride, is almost rock / rapping on the verses, probably my least fav track on here, chorus is still strong & guitars of course, riffing throughout!
Revelation 4AM reminds me of Seven era Night Ranger again, but once more I like this song, it has it’s slow side on the verses & rocks a little more in the choruses. Lot’s of harmonies on this track. Awesome!
Wrap It Up is the first of the 2 J.W. penned tracks & it’s catchy & it maintains Night Ranger’s progression as this album really picks up & in fact rocks harder than where Seven left off & continues what Neverland really started for these guys on a new path to keep current with todays rock bands.
Last official track here, Being – There was a bonus hidden track at the end of this promo copy, more on that in a minute. – is a beautiful, haunting, easy going closing track that has an almost renaissance kind of style & harmony.
OK, now I don’t know if when this gets an official release you’ll all get the final, hidden track here but if you do I hope you enjoy it as much as I did & do!
It’s no less than an unplugged version of Don’t Tell Me You Love Me. Fantastic! Icing in the cake that you’d already got guys!

02/08/07: Bruce -
Rating: 83
I was always a fan of eighties Night Ranger and felt they had a good blend of melodic pop sensitivity and kick ass rock guitar. I also was able to adapt to and enjoy the Neverland album in the later ninties. This album certainly has it moments and maybe has three or four songs I really like, but also bogs down at points along the road. At time I hear Beatles elements and that can be cool, but I agree with another reviewer that they overly do the dark ninties guitar sound and while a nod in that direction is ok at time to many older bands are using that to be accepted I guess by younger audiances. I prefer being yourself and althought that certainly can evolve over time I am not sure this is a true evolution for these guys. I actually prefer Kelly Keaggy's new solo cd to Hole In The Sun.

31/07/07: Tom -
Rating: 0
Ouch! This is Night Ranger? Sorry guys, but "Hole In The Sun" is badly produced, lacks melodies and does not even come close to the hits Night Ranger will always be remembered for. If that´s what the guys want to go on with, then fine - but it´s like wasting such awesome talent.

28/05/07: Arney -
Rating: 88
I like this album alot, reminds me of their last 2 studio efforts in parts.I found myself singing along to the songs quickly because of the catchy melodies & lyrics. As a long time fan of Night Ranger I am not dissappointed at all except for the lame artwork on the cover. This release is definately a must have.

19/05/07: Michel -
Rating: 75
I must say i'm a bit disapointed, i was anxious to here the album, but i did'nt like it as much as the other, there some good thing in it, but the melodie does not reach me, it a long way from the midnight madness, the dawn patrol or neverland, finaly it a ok album, just ok !!

16/05/07: JasonR -
Rating: 85
Good to see the band melding their classic twin guiatr sound with more modern approaches. 'White Knuckle Ride' and 'Whatever Happended' are worth getting the album alone for. Less keys than usual and the ballads just lack that real epic/bombastic touch you expect from NR.
Shame Jeff Watson has left though :(

16/05/07: StevenB -
Rating: 100
INCREDIBLE! Absolutely incredible. The guitar work alone on this album warrants it a 100%. It is funny, even the two songs I wish the band hadn't done on this album I like, I just don't think they are Night Ranger. To the tracks:

Tell Your Vision-Incredible tune all around. Tightly composed, played and sung. Some of the best vocals since Man In Motion on this track. Perfect opening track in the vein of DTMYLM, RIA, 7W, BL. Almost wished this song title was also the album title!

Drama Queen-A great rocker with catchy hooks. Again incredible guitar work, especially the solos. Fun, upbeat, everything a good Night Ranger tune should be.

You're Gonna Hear From Me-Wow, this one was a favorite right from the get-go. I love the anthem-like quality of this song, and the chorus is so catchy it is impossible not to sing along to it. More amazing guitar work.

Whatever Happened-Not Night Ranger. Sorry to be blunt. While I like the song it is too radio-friendly, popish. I could see Avril Lavigne doing this song, not NR. Worst part: NO GUITAR SOLO. :( Could be a hit though because non-NR fans would like it.

There Is Life-Good ballad. Typical Night Ranger ballad, good melody, great vocals and backing vocals. Another great guitar solo. Perfectly placed on the album after the 4 rocker-upbeat numbers. A NR album without a power ballad or two would just not be right.

Rockstar-Another "Not NR" song. I actually like this one, but just wish another band had done it. The guitar is understated, almost non-existent. But this one is still catchy and I find myself singing along despite wishing it wasn't on my new NR CD!

Hole In The Sun-This one was written off as a filler the first few listens but has grown to be one of my favorites. Incredible song. Again, composing, vocals, guitar work are all top shelf. Also the intro to this one, I am almost 100% sure, was used in a TV commercial. I can't place which one, I want to say a car commercial and was shown a lot during the NCAA basketball tournament. Anyway, I love this song.

Fool in Me-My favorite ballad on the album. Much better than Being which I think is the weakest ballad Night Ranger has ever done (more on that later). I love the lyrics on this song. Hearkens to Better Let It Go off of Big Life.

White Knuckle Ride-My favorite song on the album. The guitar is incredible, absolutely incredible. And the lyrics are great, the chorus is so hooky and catchy it is impossible to know the lyrics and NOT sing-along. Great song by a great band.

Revelation 4am-Very good song, I love the tempo change from the verse to the chorus. Kelly is in top form here vocally. I would have like this to be a bit more electric than acoustic, but that is a minor complaint.

Wrap It Up-Great straight ahead rocker. I wish it would have been placed last on the album as it would have been a perfect ending ("wrap it up!"). Guitar guitar guitar!

Being-My least liked ballad ever by Night Ranger. Just does nothing for me. I don't like the vocals, Kelly almost sounds like he is slurring at times. Not a bad song, just not up to usual NR standards as far as ballads go. I wish this had been replaced by another mid-tempo song, something along the lines of WYCYE or Soul Survivor.

Overall I love Hole In The Sun. These guys just have an incredible chemistry when they are together and creating music. There is a magic that occurs from the synergy of Jeff, Brad, Kelly and Jack (and Fitz when he is there) writing and recording together. I know at least one NR fan that thinks this will be the final album from the band, and I think he might be right. It is a great one to go out on, but it would be sad if we didn't get another 10-12 song effort at some point down the line, preferably with all 5 originals.

15/05/07: Paul Haworth -
Rating: 85
As a longstanding Night Ranger fan yes I agree it is different, but bands move on and I appreciate what they are doing here. Fine effort, definitely needs to be played a few times to get the best from it.

15/05/07: Laura S. -
Rating: 90
Here we have a great, solid effort by the Mighty Night Ranger! Those of you who diss this cd...WTF? A very enjoyable cd. Jack & Kelly's vocals are great and this cd shoots for a different target than Kelly recent solo masterpiece. Heavy and melodic! The way NR should be! Thanx guys...I hope I don't have to wait 9 years for your next one! LS

13/05/07: Dag H Moldskred -
Rating: 70

This is not the real aor Nightranger and should have been released with a new name.
It has nothing to do with the sound of the records done before the comeback.
Its a poor crossover,not to modern but its like Led Zeppelin crossed with Velvet revolver or something,NO KEYS and not to much melody,why they have a keyboarder on the record i do not know.
Its an ok cd but not the aor album i was hoping for since its released on Frontiers and the bands history,they had 2 lousy comeback albums late 90s wich had NO IMPACT so i really thought they would play the music they used to with success.
But for me a big mistake and very dissapointing album.
Maybe it will sell a couple thousand cds but not much more.


13/05/07: Dave A. -
Rating: 88
Ok, now that I have listened to this one for a week:
Tell Your Vision is awesome, I love it A+

Drama Queen-not my fave because of the guitar riff, but definetly a grower, chorus is true NR though. B

You're Gonna Hear From Me-Awesome! Another killer track IMO A+

Whatever Happened-not a huge fan of the verse styling, but another grower, and the bridge/Chorus is truly awesome A

There Is Life-I ahte this one, truly skip it now, listened once and that was enough for me. Sister Christian 2007? Hell no, not even close. D+

Rockstar-same as Drama Queen to me, not the greatest but definetly a good song Damn yankees : B

Hole In The Sun-not that fond of this one as well, one of my least favorite rockers. B-

Fool in Me-this is alot better than the previous mentioned ballad, I like this one B+

White Knuckle Ride-Another killer track IMO love it! A+

Revelation 4am-another track I love, this is a cool song IMO A+

Wrap It Up-J Watson, love this song bro : A

Being-Not a huge fan of this one either, C+

Except for a couple of tracks this is a great cd for NR in 2007


03/05/07: Splash777 -
Rating: 90
Night Ranger are back with a familiar sounding album that uses modern production to great effect. I believe the band sounds better now than at anytime in their history. The guitar solo's are amazing to say the least. Not every song is a total success but so much of this album is great that the weaker material is acceptable. I would say that this album is the bands best moment since Midnight Madness for sure. Don't let a great album slip past you. This album deserves to be heard and is better than most of the music currently being played in the mainstream media.

01/05/07: Mike -
Rating: 94
Anybody who doesn't like this CD in no fan of Night Ranger. It may be a little different and a little loud, but there is no mistaking who it is. A band has to grow. You can't rehash the same old sound. I like "Hole In The Sun" way better than "Seven" or "Neverland". This CD rocks. Andrew, as always, you're on the money with this one.

01/05/07: guillermo -
Rating: 5
puta mierda. Es mejor irse de prostitutas que gastarse el dinero en esto. El proximo album se lo compongo yo peor no puede ser es aun peor que lo de Europe y ya es decir

01/05/07: Lawrence Han -
Rating: 90
This album is better in my opinion than 'Seven' or 'Neverland'. It's been in heavy rotation in my Car CD player so I've listened to it alot. Also, have been a fan of the band since Dawn Patrol and own all their albums including the fractured band album. As far as the songs go, my favs are You're gonna hear it from me,Hole in the Sun,Tell your Vision, Whatever Happened. There is Life is a piano ballad a la Sister Christian, but I think the chorus is lacking. It is a good song and the 1st verse is good, but is a very generic song at best if you really listen to it over and over. You're gonna hear it from me reminds a little of Gary glitter with the drums and I can imagine it'll be fun IF they ever play it in concert and it's one that you can turn up in the car. Drama queen, I'm not fond of the lyrics but the guitar solos are blistering. In fact the 1st 2 tracks have some great solo guitar work. White Knuckle Ride I do like it's a bit more heavy riffing and it was written in part by Gillis. The 2 slow songs, Fool in Me and Being didn't quite get me at first, but after listening for a bit I really like Fool in Me. These 2 tracks remind of Let Him run in the simplicity of the songs. All in All, if you really give it a chance, this album still sounds like Night Ranger. There is less layering on this album and the keyboards are there, but diminished. Keyboards are hit and miss and I think the talented keyboardists don't get credit sometimes. I miss Alan Fitzgerald on the keys. Just like my other fav band (Honeymoon suite) has Ray Coburn on keys.

Now talking about Jack Blades and Kelly Keagy. Kelly has stayed more the rock course musically over the years as attributed to I'm Alive. Jack Blades I think has veered away a bit and added more country or maybe more acoustics into his writing and I think Tommy Shaw has influenced his writing quite a bit since Hallucinations.

on another note, I won't go see Night Ranger in concert without Jeff Watson. what's the point? Also, if they don't play any other songs but their hits, it's almost the same show every year.

29/04/07: Midman -
Rating: 95
I have been a fan of NIght Ranger since the Dawn Patrol album but I am in the minority because I actually like the Neverland,Seven and now Hole IN The Sun cds the best! Night Ranger has never disappointed me and Hole In The Sun may be there best yet. It's loaded with great tunes and great playing! I love the sound of the heafy guitars and the layered harmony vocals. The ones who dont like this cd, just try and give it another listen or two and you'll dig it more. I gave this a 95% because there are one or two tunes that dont blow me away but overall , I love all the tunes.

28/04/07: Jeff -
Rating: 90
I actually managed to listen to this album with an open mind. Anytime a review mentions a change in direction for a band, it makes me a little nervous because sometimes the change is drastic and doesn't work for me as a fan. But then I heard Kelly Keagy's "I'm Alive" album and I was blown away so I thought, "if this album is this good, the new Night Ranger could be damn good too". So I managed to keep my mind open as I put in "Hole In The Sun" for the first time last week. I have to say I am impressed. It IS a little different from their earlier stuff, but then again so were "Neverland" and "Seven" and I loved those albums as well. It still sounds like Night Ranger. Some of the songs just sound a little bit edgier. Right now, some of my favorites are "Whatever Happened", "There Is Life", "White Knuckle Ride" (which is one of the hardest NR songs yet), "Wrap It Up" and I can't seem to get the chorus for "Revelation 4 AM" out of my head... nor do I want to. :)

27/04/07: Glen -
Rating: 80
Not much I can add to the discussion. This CD has a few really good tracks (Tell Your Vision, Revelation 4am, There is Life, Gonna Hear From Me), a few good tracks, and a few stinkers (I guess I'm one of the few who cant stand Drama Queen). Like most others, I had high hopes for this CD, and it didn't quite meet them. I don't mind the moderinizing of the sound at all, I just find some of the songs forgettable and easy to skip. I'm sure I'll be listening to this one more than "Seven" or "Neverland" in the next few years.

Rating: 95
I understood this album from the get go. A lot of bands from the day are trying to evolve and I don't have a problem with that. NR have made an outstanding CD that not everyone will like. It is right up there with the new Winger CD as favorties for the past year. Unfortunately, to many people are set in their ways on what they want from their bands. Granted not everyone hits the mark, the new Europe, but I for one don't want to hear another Midnight Madness(great CD). This is my favorite NR CD next to Man in Motion.

27/04/07: Zok -
Rating: 48
No, this is a big disapointment. Where are the melodic songs? It´s ok to update your sound, but this is not the right thing. They have done amazing songs, but this is to weak. No song is in my head, not my thing at all. It´s not fun to crash records at all, I am really happy to give good rates, but so far this year it´s to many downs.

26/04/07: mrmusic413 - n/a
Rating: 78
Jesus... what is wrong with some of you?

You let 3 trendy pop metal songs wreck an entire album. (And then have the naivity to discuss production etc. without any regard to budget, etc... Think before spewing your hate and overboard judgement.) It's a shame, because if you'd open your ears and absorb the harmonies, first rate guitar work, and overall playing on tracks like "Tell Your Vision", "You're Gonna Hear It From Me", "There Is Life" (great ballad), "Fool In Me", and "Being", you'd notice that that the vintage NR sound is fully intact on those cuts.

Mistakes were made,sure, but don't be foolish enough to slam an entire album when the above mentioned cuts are some of their best stuff since BIG LIFE.

26/04/07: Ross S. -
Rating: 95
While I suppose I can see the point of those who found it less obviously melodic than their earlier releases, I've heard it 2-3 times now, and I really am starting to really like it. Two things that really stand out: (1) it's not as compressed as was "Seven" and generally sounds better [although it is mastered a bit loud for my taste] and (2) the twin guitar battles are back. Irregardless of whatever happened to Jeff, he and Brad play their asses off on these tracks.

I'm with Andrew on this one; I like it.

25/04/07: chad ledoux -
Rating: 88
after nine long years of waiting for new night ranger material, hole in the sun is finally upon us. i can understand some of ya'll not caring for it because they changed their sound a bit. but after a few listens, this record does indeed grow on you. there were four or five songs that didnt need to grow at all. tell your vision, drama queen, whatever happened, you are gonna hear from me, just jumped out of the speakers. there are a few mediocre songs on here, unusal for a night ranger record. but the band sound like they are hungry again. its unfortuneate that jeff has left the fold. some other standouts include, white knuckle ride, there is life, and wrap it up. it isnt 1985 anymore, can't keep reproducing the first three records.

25/04/07: Don -
Rating: 75
On the subject of NIGHT RANGER...just my 2 cents on the new CD.

I like it for what it is fact I like it more if I try to tell myself while listening to it that's it's NOT Night Ranger but rather some hot new band ! I do not think fans are going to go for this however.
I am not one of those people who thinks they should right Midnight Madness or Dawn Patrol 25 years later - I do agree that they need to evolve.....notice I said EVOLVE, NOT CHANGE ! There is a difference between change and evolution. Evolution is KEEPING EVERYTHING YOU ONCE HAD THAT MADE YOU GREAT AND THAT PEOPLE LIKED, harnessing the best of that, eliminating the weak spots and simply MAKING IT BETTER ! Change is throwing a 180 degree curveball at people.
I think you must always keep at least one foot planted in your roots and build and evolve from there -ADDING TO IT - but NOT subtracting !
Unfortunately, Night Ranger subtracted. To me Night Ranger was always a silicon slick pop/rock band beefed up by a smoking guitar team who played blistering leads - even on ballads ! Well, the guitars are definitely there on the new CD - no doubt about it. But they lost that slick pop edge and huge emotional choruses and in its place they did what all too many other over their 80s brethren have done.... they made a "downtuned, dark and heavy CD." Why does every 80s band think going "dark and heavy" is the answer ? How is anyone supposed to ever evolve and come up with something a little new and different if everyone is going "dark and heavy."
I don't think there are any bad tracks on the CD and I think it's a real good album - IT'S JUST NOT A REAL GOOD NIGHT RANGER ALBUM ! You cannot be something you're not.
And to make matters worse what they did to Jeff really sucks and to alot of fans this will be the last straw.

Had to give an objective long time fan argument on this one because they have always been a huge favorite of mine.

25/04/07: Steve -
Rating: 92
First off, this cd was just released on April 20th. How many of the reviews were before that? They must have been reviewing the cd on the 30 second sound bytes on this website. Most of the other bad reviews were only a day or two after the release.

I have the entire cd and have listened to the WHOLE cd….every note….more than ONE time. BIG Night Ranger fan here. Have everyone of their cds. I personally was not a fan of 7 at all….lacking melodies and no stand out tracks. I felt Neverland was only so-so….I liked three tracks….the others just didn’t sound like Night Ranger to me…they sounded either Damn Yankees or Shaw-Blades. The earlier cds before the band initially broke-up I felt were all great. My personal opinion is this cd is great! Sure it is different, but yet it is enough the same. When I heard Night Ranger say the old…..we didn’t want to make another Midnight Madness…that scared the crap out of me…..I have almost never heard a cd be any good when someone says that. It is their way of saying…we forgot how to make a cd as great as the old stuff, but that is not the case with this cd.

It is funny, because I too heard Kelly’s solo cd. When I heard the 30 second samples I was geeked beyond geeked. But than I listened to the whole cd and you know what it is lacking? Look over Night Rangers writing credits….Kelly wrote Sister Christian and little else. That cd while on the surface sounds ‘like’ Night Ranger is not even close…review following on I’m Alive. But back to this cd. It is great. There are great melodies and they are original at that. I myself could go either way……Guitar Heavy or Pop sounding Night Ranger…..I could careless….just have the songs be quality like they had in the past.

This cd has a modern feel. And they are quality songs. You want quality ROCKIN songs: how about Drama Queen and You Are Gonna Hear It From Me? You want you MELODIC Night Ranger: how about Whatever Happened or There is Life? I really like this cd…great fresh songs. Don’t let the bad reviews from people who haven’t listened to the whole cd scare you. Listen to this cd over and over again… grows on you believe me!

25/04/07: PHIL POMROY -
Rating: 95
Well, a bit of controversy me thinks! Having read the interviews and reviews, I wasn`t exepecting an 80s sounding Night Ranger, rather an album similar to Seven, but with an updated even more modern feel. Since getting the album, it`s been playing in my car non-stop & it sounds great! Whatever the situation in the band, Brad & Jeff have never sounded so on fire, but without relying on the past and making the solos sound too `old skool`. I can understand why some may have a hard time getting into the new sounds, but persevere, as I think there`s much here that repays a bit of time spent getting into the album. I can still remember reading awuful reviews for `Big Life`, and now that`s a classic! I`d rather have an inspired and modern sounding Night Ranger in 2007, than a band simply going through the motions and living on past glories. Well done guys - great album!

25/04/07: Tommy -
Rating: 0
Here are the facts that ALL bands from the 70's and 80's should be smart enough to know. If you can’t stick with the sound that made you famous, than expect your album (cd) to FAIL. If you want to be creative, than record your album (cd) and give it away! Do I want to hear "you can still rock in America"??? Yes, yes I do, maybe not the same lyrics, but the same sound! I am so sick of hearing this “recreating ourselves" crap! You put an Album (cd) out to make money, correct?? You have bills to pay correct?? If I was NR or any other band from my generation I would put down about 10 demos, call in about 100 fans and let them tell me what they think...duhhhhhhhhh. This CD was so horrible; I threw it out my car window! The problem here is that these guys are getting old, and their rock attitude, which helped them write great songs are gone. The other problem is the producer...Michael Lardie????? You’re kidding me right? This is the same guy who played and produced for Great white. All NR had to do was listen to GW's last few albums to know, this guy stinks. Bottom line: Stick with what works! If you’re too embarrassed by being from the 80's, than get a day job!!! This recording was a complete waste of time! Jack would have been smarter, to reform and record a new Album (cd) with Damn Yankees! Sad thing is, it would probably sound like the GREATFUL DEAD! Sorry guys to be so hard on you, but if your going to sell me a counterfeit Night Ranger album, than you deserve it!

25/04/07: rocknut -
Rating: 9
Excellent hard sound, big guitars and cracking songs. Night Ranger flex their muscle once again. Great album.

24/04/07: Mats -
Rating: 90
What can one say , well a great album , first album in a while that got my foot tapping on first listen. Seriously what spoils this release for getting over 90 is in my opinion a couple of duff tracks in the end. But give it a chance with open ears forget for a while who it is and listen to the music, much much better than somethings coming out in this day and age that gets much raver rewiews. So let the music do the talking and LISTEN to the album.

24/04/07: AndyC -
Rating: 85
I am listening to this cd now for the first time all the way through, having only heard bits and pieces before. I really wonder what some of you guys are on. FFS LISTEN to the thing before stamping your feet because it isn't Midnight Madness, Dawn Patrol etc.

IMHO this is the best Night Ranger album since Man In Motion. Some of the interplay is stunning and musically probably the cleverest thing NR have ever done.

How many of you have made judgements on soundbites or just one listen?. Kudos to the guys for not standing still and producing a totally new album (come to think of it I cannot remember any Night Ranger album that is completely the same as any previous works)and being brave enough to try something new.

This album ROCKS...just give it a try.

24/04/07: Luca -
Rating: 80
Listened to the record 4 times. Every time it gets only better. I found melodies, aggressive riffs I love. I was expecting another modern rock record without any hooks in this one, after reading fans being let down by this record. I really like this record, Tell Your Vision really rocks, Drama Queen is another hit, You Are Gonna Hear from Me is another killer, Whatever Happened is GREAT, There is Life is a great ballad. The best part of this record are the first 5 songs. Then, I believe Rockstar is a track I don't like. It reminds me of Blur for that verse with the guitar played like that. Too much standard modern rock. The rest of the disc ranges from normal songs to very good ones : I love Revelation 4am, Being, Wrap it Up is a great rocker, White Knuckle Ride is not my cup of tea while it rocks hard, Fool in Me could find a place in Neverland, good ballad, Hole in The Sun is a great rock song with a modern bluesy arrangement.
This record rocks much harder than Seven or Neverland for instance. I still prefer NR first 4-5 records over this one, but this is still a very good record.
But I am still in shock for Jeff Watson being out of the band. I'm sorry but I couldn't accept the fact of another guitar player in the band, as good as he can be like Reb Beach is. I'm still waiting to hear the other side of the story.

23/04/07: Roger -
Rating: 99
Outstanding album ! Give him a chance : Listen to it 3-4 times

22/04/07: Strunz -
Rating: 30
not a good album, only a couple of songs are ok.

that's too bad, was expecting better.

30% score

22/04/07: Nigel Verner -
Rating: 60
This was without a doubt the cd I was most looking forward to this year and will surely be my biggest disappointment. I think the majority of the readers reviews here speak for themselves. I was not looking for a rehash of 80's Night Ranger sound but I was certainly looking for the melody and harmony which made this band one of the greatest melodic rock bands ever. Instead we have a modern sounding rock album that could have been delivered by any one of a dozen bands out there. The musicianship and production are not in question here, but the decision to update or make that completely remove the classic NR sound definitely is. Stan Bush and REO proved recently that you can deliver a more contemporary sound but still stay true to your roots. As mentioned before, with the demise of Jeff Watson, I think this is NR's swansong, what a pity. Still, there's always the live DVD ( I hope ) still to look forward to.

21/04/07: Paul -
Rating: 67
Oh man...this is a hard CD to review and to rate numerically. It falls short of what I think a great melodic rock record should be and it falls short of what a great modern rock record should be as well (in my opinion of course!) I don't think the CD is as terrible as some say but it's not as good as others say either. One thing this CD has is GREAT guitar playing. Jeff and Brad have always been terrific. The sound quality of the recordings are great as well. There are some songs I like and some I don't. There are a few songs that I frankly find so annoying I always skip them. This isn't an immediate, fun CD that you love off the first listen and as I keep listening I do find new things I like about quite a few of the songs. If you're a huge NR fan and have to have everything they've ever done and have money to burn, give the CD a shot because there IS some good stuff here.

However, if you're looking for good melodic rock CDs, I'd suggest the solo Kelly Keagy CD's and the new REO since those are far more satisfying to my ears. I just don't believe this CD is going to be a success and unfortunately, I suspect that this CD and Jeff's departure means that we'll never have another new NR CD again. I've always loved NR and have enjoyed every CD from Dawn Patrol through Seven. This one just isn't resonating strongly with me and I wish it did. Alas, the musical chemistry isn't letting me get into it easily. They are still great musicians. Man, I feel guilty giving them a less than favorable review but I have to be honest...I won't be listening to this one much at all. :(

21/04/07: alan -
Rating: 98
pure genius. take a 2nd listen and you can hear and feel the layers of melodic complexity that is unmatched in this decade. i think with this sound night ranger will be back filling u.s. arenas within the year. simply outstanding!!!!

21/04/07: steve15 -
Rating: 60
Thanks god for fan reviews!! i was just about to buy this cd & read some of the reviews for it..
A friend at work was playing this cd & i had to go listen to it.
First response was what the fu??
When i see andrew giving it a 94 i'm expecting near perfection not even close!!
Jack Blades songwriting just keeps getting worse!!
with his solo cd , n rangers 7 cd , shaw n blades hallucination a sad downward spiral...
Question for andrew....
if you give hole in the sun a 94 what would you give the other night ranger releases?
I'm a big Night Ranger fan But any cd review that's 90 or higher should have 10 killer songs on it not 2 or 3.....

20/04/07: Rockman -
Rating: 65
Well, I do agree with the reviews below. The reason we all look forward to a Night Ranger disc is for the Night Ranger sound. There are bits and pieces where Jack and Kelly put some night vocal harmonies together but the songs just do not have a beat or memorable arrangement. Guys, you are very talented and smart musicians. We all know it's not all that hard to write memorable 4-5 chord hits with layered guitars and vocal harmonies but that IS what everyone wants. Pick up the latest PC69 disc, replay Midnight Madness and see what the common denominator is. Straight ahead 4/4 beats at 120-140 bpm. It's the recipe for success.

20/04/07: Andrew -
Rating: 94
Hey Frank - I didn't particularily care for the Jack Blades solo album and my review reflected that. Go read up before having a dig at me.
I like any given album for what it is...not who it is.
READ the one will be mislead into thinking it is someting it isn't.

20/04/07: Frank -
Rating: 10
I just can't believe that Andrew rewarded this crap with 94 points. I'm sorry but I'm starting to feel that Andrew is not objective anymore towards certain artists like Jack Blades and Harem Scarem. Night Ranger was one of my favourite bands and Big Life is one of my favourite albums, but Hole In The Sun is one of the worst albums of the last few years. They are competing with Europe's Secret Society for disappointment of the decade.

20/04/07: Drew -
Rating: 70
Kudos for trying, Night Ranger, but this falls flat. Why does the argument always go, "did you really expect us to rehash Midnight Madness over and over again?" No, but why not retain some sense of the melody and sound that made you great?!

Now, this is not a terrible album. It does have a nice sense of aggression and energy, and there are even a few decent songs. But this is yet another band that falls to live up to the promise of some of their earlier work.

19/04/07: Almir -
Rating: 15
WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP!!! Horrible CD. Another band that constructed a fan base (me included, but not anymore) with solid Hard Rock based on catchy choruses, great memorable songs, great vocals, great guitar riffs. You'll find NOTHING of this here. On the contrary. Bad Songs, awfull vocals, fucking downtuned guitars. The same god damn mistakes of Harem Scarem's Overload, Winger's IV, Europe, problably Scorpions and so on.
There will be people that like it. Sure, but I bet my balls that these guys will NOT be performing ANY of these songs, lets say, next year, when this release cool down. That's why I don't see the point in "updating" their sound this way. Why they didn't follow the example of House of Lords or Pink Cream 69, bands that made fantastic and critically aclaimed records recently without changing the style. Like I said in the messageboard, to compare this shit with Man in Motion, Neverland or Damn Patrol is a mortal sin.

19/04/07: koogles -
Rating: 25
"Hole In The Sun" may be appreviated to spell H.I.T.S. but, alas, there will be none from this tuneless abomination-of-a-CD. Sounding like it was recorded in about an hour- and written in even less- this haphazard mess takes everything I DIDN'T like about "Seven" and magnifies it to the point where I don't even recognize it as being Night Ranger anymore. (Maybe Velvet Revolver.) The first three tracks are noisy and annoying- little more than rockin' just for the sake of rockin'- burying the needle in the red but leaving melody and craftsmanship in a cloud of dust. And this claptrap is just WAYYY too "modern" sounding. I'm not trying to say Night Ranger should take another walk down Sentimental Street in 2007, but the same attention they paid to melody in the 80s would have been nice. Instead, we get a CD with only a pair of tolerable tracks (the somewhat "Sister Christian"-ish "There is Life" and "Whatever Happened"). "Whatever happened??!" is definitely the question I was left to ask after hearing this one. Sad, because I really wanted to like "Hole in the Sun", having counted Night Ranger among my "core" bands. However, "rotten to the core" seems to be the bottom line here.

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