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Produced by: Not Listed
  1. Break Away
  2. Love's gonna get Ya
  3. Shine On
  4. Breakin' My Heart
  5. Rock Me
  6. Tell Me Why
  7. Love Won't Wait
  8. Suzanne
  9. Chance Of A Lifetime
  10. Crashin' Hollywood
  11. Christina
  12. No Place Like Home
I have heard a couple of pretty opposite opinions in regards to Network's long forgotten album. The guys recorded this ages ago and it has taken the good folk at AOR Heaven and Point Music to ressurrect it.
To guage your possible enjoyment of this album really depends what you are looking for. If it is a hard edged modern rock album, or a pure AOR record you want - you will not find it here.
What you will find is a record that given a chance in it's time, had a real chance at success.
That time was the late 80's - a period that this album reflect perfectly with it's over blown keyboards, big vocals and choruses and a production that also reflects that era.
All in all, it has dated a little bit now, but I say that with all due respect, because as I mentioned before, that should be expected given the date this was recorded.
Network has touches of Bon Jovi, Journey, Firehouse and also reminds me a little of early Helix, but not quite as mean!
Break Away is a good opening track and sets up the rest of the album in your mind. Big hooks, keyboards and importantly - hair!
There is a little Bon Jovi and Journey in the tune. Love's Gonna Get Ya is a big party rocker. Not a bad track, but I prefer others on the album.
Shine On is a mid tempo ballad. There is an equal keyboard/guitar mix, while the chorus is a killer melodic piece of music. This track reminds me heavily of Stan Bush and his mid tempo rockers.
Breakin' My Heart is a good uptempo ballad with plenty of hooks and keyboards.
Rock Me is a good fun uptempo party rocker. A little in the vein of a classic 80's soundtrack tune.
Tell Me Why should have been a hit. Big guitar hooks and great fun hard rocker. Typical FM radio - a la 1986.
Love Won't Wait is a more guitar driven number has a solid groove.
Suzanne is the first big ballad of the album. This is a good pure ballad with hints of Firehouse and that big 80's American stadium sound.
Chance Of A Lifetime is an uptempo rocker. Typical hard rock anthem material, with loud guitars and loud vocals! Not bad.
Crashin' Hollywood is a big keyboard and hooked filled rocker. This track is pretty good.
Christina is another ballad. This is more traditionally styled and paced. Good rising chorus with nice Journey-ish melodies and harmonies.
No Place Like Home is another mid to uptempo hard rocker. Plenty of big hooks and guitar riffs.
So I think you get the point.
Given the suitable warning I have given you - if this sounds like it might appeal, you will duely be rewarded.
ESSENTIAL FOR: This is for lovers of big USA stadium keyboard & guitar rock - 1985/6 era

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