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Stone Canyon SCR03
Produced by: Nelson

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Ricky Nelson
GENRE: Country / Pop

  1. Stood Up
  2. Waitin' In School
  3. Milk Cow Blues
  4. My Bucket's Got A Hole In It
  5. I'm Walkin'
  6. Fools Rush In
  7. Travellin' Man
  8. Hello Mary Lou
  9. Garden Party
  10. I Got A Feelin'
  11. I Believe What You Say
  12. It's Late
  13. Just One More (Studio)

This is almost a partner release to the band's other recent release Brother Harmony. Like that album, this is a record that possibly will not appeal to the guy's regular fan base.
The album is a tribute to their father Ricky Nelson and covers a dozen of his best known tracks in a spirited live performance captured a little while back.
The album is stripped back and semi-acoustic in nature, but the atmosphere and the quality of the recording are both enjoyable.
The nature of the songs are predominately country in flavor, with a few crossing over into the pop mainstream that was the 60's scene.
Gunnar and Matthew's interpretations of such tunes play it pretty safe much as they could have been delivered by their father back then.
All this is very enjoyable, but the sheer nature and style of the songs will make this release a die-hard fan only affair. The album is 100% classic style country, with touches of 60's pop and a little bluegrass even.
The style as I said, is very 60's pop/country and that is a world away from the Nelson's 80's & 90's AOR seen on their studio records.
BOTTOM LINE: The album departs even further from those roots then Brother Harmony, so if that one only just scrapes through for you, then this may not.
However, if you loved that album, this has a unique approach and atmosphere that will add another dimension to your Nelson collection.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Die hard Nelson fans and fans of Ricky Nelson & classic country.
DISCOGRAPHY: After The Rain . Because We Can . Imaginator . Silence Is Broken . Life . Brother Harmony . Like Father Like Sons

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