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Stone Canyon Records
Produced by: Nelson

Released: OUT / Website
Relatives: Garth Brooks, Ricky Nelson
GENRE: New Country

  1. Try My Love
  2. One Of The Things About You
  3. She Loves Me
  4. From The Word Go
  5. With This Kiss
  6. Goin' Goin' Gone
  7. What's In A Name?
  8. What About Me?
  9. She's Way Too Cute For Him
  10. Forever Isn't Long Enough
  11. You Call That A Mountain

Nelson are no strangers to the country way of life. After all their father is a pop legend that crossed over into the genre and his sons are following suit.
This is indeed a country album, but not in the traditional 70's way of thinking - rather it's part of the new culture of pop-country artists that cross over into the mainstream and have much wider appeal than the pure southern accent of the old school of thinking.
Nelson themselves have previously snuck the odd stripped back acoustic country song into their albums. Tracks like What About Me? off Silence Is Broken (re-done here) and Someone Like You off their last album Life are great examples of what Brother Harmony is all about.
It's slick and it's smooth, it has those twanging country riff's, it has sweet sugar coated lyrics but above all, it has all the usual trademark Nelson hooks and harmonies and a very strong production.
These guys know what they are doing and slide effortlessly from the pop rock world into the country pop genre. She Loves Me for example is a great piece of pop songwriting that could easily fit onto either of their last 2 albums.
BOTTOM LINE: There is no denying the quality and style of this album, what remains as the only question is whether you personally want to hear something like this.
If you enjoy the changes of pace and can adapt with the boys, I suggest you will be rewarded. But if you have never found yourself tapping your foot along to a Shania Twain tune of humming to a Garth Brooks hit, then this would be better to avoid.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Long time Nelson fans and fans of their softer side. New country fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:After The Rain . Because We Can . Imaginator . Silence Is Broken . Life . Brother Harmony . Like Father Like Sons

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