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Chavis Records
Produced by: Mystery Bloom

Released: OUT NOW / Website

  1. Frame Of Mind
  2. Beyond The Real
  3. Lifetime In The Heart
  4. Adore
  5. Pray Another Day
  6. Paperback Writer
  7. Idol Dream
  8. Face The World
  9. Soulmate Serenade
  10. Life

Mystery Bloom are the first signing to new American melodic rock label Chavis Records.
The band were formed in 1994 and this is their debut album.
Their sound is mixed, with some traditional straight up melodic hard rock mixed with other classic rock influences, like the band's penchant for heading into retro/Led Zeppelin territory.
Their approach is a tough, no nonsense one, with a tight, tough sound, with no bells or whistles getting in the way. It's very stripped back, raw melodic rock, but with some good hooks nevertheless.
Lifetime In The Heart is definitely the stand out melodic rock track of the album, this is where the guys sound their best.
In other places the music is a little too varied. Sometimes it's funky, sometimes a little retro, occasionally acoustic, but there's lots of rock too.
The production is not as great as it could be.
The songs are solid, but at times the bass track is so loud, it almost destroys the speakers and the drum track is also a little annoying in places. It's the mix, not the band, but it needs mentioning.
It's one of the best album covers of the year, but the music fails to match first impressions.
BOTTOM LINE: There's some great promise shown here on the band's very competent debut. But here is also a way to go before they match the big boys. The flow of the album doesn't quite work for some reason. It might the variations in the approach. The guys need to pick one particular angle that they think works best and stick to it.
But on the strength of the songs here, there's good reason to be optimistic about the future.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of American melodic rock with a twist/retro vibe.

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