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MTM MUSIC: 199669
Produced by: Various
  1. Axe
  2. Harlan Cage
  3. Guild Of Ages
  4. Sunshine Jive
  5. RTZ
  6. Big Bad Wolf
  7. Velocity
  8. Ransom
  9. Mark Spiro
  10. Heaven's Edge
  11. Restless
  12. Garbo Talks
  13. Mystic Healer
  14. Jimmy Lawrence
  15. Arti Tisi
  16. Unruly Child
MTM unleash another great compilation of their current releases with a few teasers to keep us keen for the future ones.
Without talking about every track, I will touch on the new ones.
And the album kicks off with the pick of them all. Axe are in the studio completing their new studio album and a new best of. This track is an advance listen from the new studio album that will appear mid year.
These guys just keep getting better. The song is a cover of Angry Anderson's Fire & water, from his Blood From Stone record that Bobby Barth played on and toured behind.
I heard of the plan to record this in Munich last May, but was not prepared for how good it would sound.
Bob Harris is a vocalist of the highest order and listening to this you can see why.
The new Axe album will be something special that is for sure. Bobby was still learning to use his new home studio and
once again listening to this it seems he has got the hang of it! It sounds a million bucks and I now like this better than the original.
Harlan Cage chip in with a track from their excellent Double Medication Tuesday Japanese release, so you don't have to import for one track on this instance.
Same with Ransom, adding their song I Can't Stay Away. Good track too.
Mark Spiro chips in with an unreleased tune (nice touch), very much typical Spiro fare.
Mystic Healer's album is about to hit the shelves and here is a taster. A good track that requires a few listens to really like. But now that I have done that I am looking forward to the release. Very keyboard 80's, very Mark Mangold.
Arti Tisi is another new track and another that requires some listening. Something like the Big Bad Wolf release me thinks.
And that is about it, as the Unruly Child is now out.
A nice collection of classy tunes, but it would be cool to see a couple more unreleased tracks to make it essential.
ESSENTIAL FOR: MTM collectors and fans.

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