SPV 085-72552 CD
Produced by: Michael Schenker & Ralph Patlan

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Himself, UFO
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. No Turning Back
  2. My Time's Up
  3. Fallen The Love
  4. Because I Can
  5. How Will You Get Back
  6. Blinded By Technology
  7. Age Of Ice
  8. Standin' On The Road
  9. Sea Of Memory
  10. On Your Way
  11. Reflection Of Your Heart
  12. Roll It Over
  13. Eyes Of A Child

Before any discussion of musical importance - what the hell is with Michael Schenker's new 'wild bushman of Ohio' look?!! Ted Nugent eat your heart out!
Despite being a huge McAuley/Schenker Group fan, and occasional fan of Michael's releases since then, I still find it hard to get excited about impending new albums, due to the fact you never are quite sure who will sing for him and what the direction the album will take.
In recent times, the releases have been merely adequate, without blowing anyone away.
Schenker's albums also require several listens and a little patience in order to get the most out of the songs.
Vocalist on the cheekily titled Be Aware Of Scorpions is Chris Logan, an accomplished vocalist in his own right and sounding relatively at home here.
Chris in places sounds like a softer spoken Joe Lynn Turner.
Rounding out the band is drummer Jeff Martin and Bass player Reverend Jones.
Musically, there is nothing here that stands out as out of character, that hasn't already been heard on the last 2 or 3 albums already. And that's really the problem at hand.
Several listens into this album and I am no more excited about it, than when I began. There's lots of slick guitar play at hand, which is always enjoyable to listen to, especially from Schenker, but the songs as a whole are flat and somewhat uninspired.
There just isn't enough difference between the songs to warrant repeat listens and for that matter, there isn't enough difference between these songs/styles to those of previous albums, where the song writing was a little better.
I can see some long time fans enjoying this, but other fans of the early years not responding at all and as for outsiders or casual fans - I can't see any enthusiasm being raised at all by this release.
BOTTOM LINE: Just another MSG album I am afraid. That's not necessarily a bad thing for many, but there's also nothing here to warrant getting over excited about. Had the songs had a little more life and energy, maybe that would have been a better result.
In comparison to classic Michael Schenker at his best - this is a long way short.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Die hard Schenker fans only.

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