East West Japan AMCY-10021
Produced by: Tom Size & Mr. Big

Released: OUT NOW / Website

  1. Intro
  2. Lost In America
  3. Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy
  4. Shine
  5. Price You Gotta Pay
  6. Superfantastic
  7. Alive & Kickin'
  8. Suffocation
  9. Static
  10. Dancin' With My Devils
  11. To Be With You
  12. Electrified
  13. Addicted To That Rush
  14. Blame It On My Youth

After a short, but interesting intro, Mr. Big's final Japanese concert is underway. Within 30 seconds you can tell something is different? What is it?
It's raw, that what it is. For whatever reason, this live CD sounds rougher and rawer than any of the other live Big releases and I love it!
This is what live albums should be - not touched up in the studio releases and polished album like recordings.
Eric Martin sounds great, with a raw edge to his vocals that adds atmosphere. The rest of the guys sound their usual 100% professional selves. I don't detect anything lacking from this performance, even with the band falling apart behind the scenes.
So Mr. Big fans will enjoy the rawer, more direct live approach of this album.
However, a few minor points. As a 'farewell' live release, this falls short of paying a fitting tribute to a fabulous band. The set list is cut in half from the actual gig and the track selection leaves out some of the best classic material. Included instead are some of the bluesier numbers off Get Over It that were generally less accepted.
More fitting would have been a full concert double CD release, with all eras of this fantastic band covered.
BOTTOM LINE: Not the essential release this should have been - maybe there is still a more fitting send off release still coming? Another solid live album, with the added bonus of having a more honest live sound, but not quite the atmosphere that previous albums have had.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All die hard Mr. Big fans!
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