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Atlantic Japan AMCY-7150
Produced by: Various

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Themselves

  1. Where Are They Now
  2. I'll Leave It Up To You
  3. Had Enough
  4. Promise Her The Moon
  5. Just Take My Heart
  6. Superfantastic
  7. You Don't Have To Be Strong
  8. Anything For You
  9. Wild World
  10. Ain't Seen Love Like That
  11. Dancin' Right Into The Flame
  12. The Chain
  13. Goin' Where The Wind Blows
  14. That's What It Takes
  15. To Be With You
  16. New Religion (Live)

I think we have all had our fill of compilation releases from Mr. Big - in recent years there has been a couple of live albums, an acoustic live record and a full Best Of.
This time we have an album of the band's best ballads. I wonder if the label would ever consider a compilation of the band's best rockers?
In Mr. Big's favor is the fact they can't write bad songs and have written several classic ballads. In the album's favor are two new tracks and 4 new versions of classic old tracks. Add to that a bonus mini Mr. Big mouse mat and I'm sold!
Ok, so this one is for the die-hards only, but at 16 tracks, it's pretty good value for money.
Where Are They Now and I'll Leave It Up To You are new bluesy ballads, influenced by the band's new guitarist Richie Kotzen and taking up where Get Over It left off. Nothing too far from formula.
The remakes include Had Enough, Promise Her The Moon, Just Take My Heart and You Don't Have To be Strong.
The differences between the new and the old are quite noticeable. Richie Kotzen has made a clear impression on these tunes, putting his trademark guitar style over Had Enough in particular. They are one step bluesier than the originals.
A bonus track of a live version of New Religion is added for Japan. Not worth the upgrade alone though.
BOTTOM LINE: Once again, another example of a prime release aimed at the established fan. This compilation is unlikely to add a single fan to the band's base and suckers like me financed it! But for die hard Mr. Big fans, the new recordings and two new are well worthy of being added to your collection. But how about a hard rockers compilation?
ESSENTIAL FOR: Die hard Mr. Big fans like me.
DISCOGRAPHY:Mr. Big . Raw Like Sushi . Lean Into It . Raw Like Sushi 2 . Bump Ahead . Japandamonium . Hey Man . Big, Bigger Biggest . At The Hard Rock Live . Live At Budokan . Get Over It . Deep Cuts

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