Motley Crue Saints Of Los Angeles Motley/Eleven Seven Music
Produced By: Motley Crue

Running Time: 44.00

Release Date: Out Now

Released: WORLD

Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 95%
Sound: 92%
One would normally expect to have more to say about a Motley Crue release, but this one almost speaks for itself. It is so systematically a "Motley" release that describing it track by track is more or less pointless!
The bar has been set high for 2008's best albums, so the pressure has been on everyone to deliver. Thankfully Motley Crue find themselves in a similar predicament to several other icon acts this year ready for a kick ass record.
And they deliver!
Based lyrically on the band's past as described in the biography The Dirt, the album was written in most part by bassist Nikki Sixx and guitarist Mick Mars.
Musically speaking this is about everything you could ask from a band with such a colorful history and long career in 2008. It isn't the best produced album of their career or perhaps the most commercial, but it is 100% Motley Crue.
The rawer sound and the sometimes punkish hard rock are symptomatic of an album recorded with few overdubs and a true live feel. And that means the energy just pours through the speakers. There's a lot to like here and everyone delivers solid performances.
Vince Neil in particular delivers some great vocals and the vibe is really classic good fun, good times, sleazy rock n roll. The lyrics are a laugh to listen to as the band chronicles it's journey from the early days in LA.
Highlights include the frantic hard rocker Face Down In The Dirt; the extremely melodic old-school sounding Down At The Whiskey; the more contemporary 'old meets new' hard rock of Saints Of Los Angeles (which has a huge Dr Feelgood style sound); the moody intensity of MF Of The Year; and the classic Crue double header of Just Another Psycho and Chicks = Trouble (Girls Girls Girls era sound) also impress.
The punk rock Goin' Out Swinging has a great energy and cool chorus and is a fine way to close the album.
The Bottom Line
I've heard comments from a few fans unhappy with this release and I think I can understand where they are coming from this is a very loose, raw and almost simple record. But at the same time, it is pure classic Motley and has a kick ass beat and tight production quality, so for me it delivers more than what I expected and basically everything I have previously enjoyed from the band. I think I'm with the majority in saying Motley are back on track and this album is a winner.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
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Theatre Of Pain
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Dr. Feelgood
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Generation Swine

Line Up:
Vince Neil: Vocals
Mick Mars: Guitars
Tommy Lee: Drums
Nikki Sixx: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
The Crue!
Track Listing
Face Down in the Dirt *
What's It Gonna Take
Down At the Whisky *
Saints of Los Angeles *
Motherfucker of the Year
The Animal in Me
Welcome to the Machine
Just Another Psycho *
Chicks = Trouble *
This Ain't A Love Song
White Trash Circus
Goin' Out Swingin' *

--*Best Tracks

23/02/10: Brad -
Rating: 88
This album was much better than expected for me. Quite honestly, the Crue hadn't gotten it right with Vince singing lead since the all-time classic Dr. Feelgood. This to me is the right amount of the classic sound and modern sound. The lyrics are for sure the weakest part, but the vibe of songs like the title track, "Face Down in the Dirt", and "Goin' Out Swingin'" is just about perfect. Definitely a solid effort that contributed positively to the classic artists upsurge of 2008.

29/11/08: Doug -
Rating: 87
Very good cd. It is by far the best cd they have released since Dr. Feelgood. Very strong effort and MUCH improved songwriting.

28/11/08: Peter -
Rating: 93
Is this good or what?! Never been a Crue fanatic in their early days. But,to my surprise these guys are really capable of delivering an entire high quality album.

Saints of L.A. is a solid piece of hardrock, leaving for example the recent Dokken output miles behind and who could ever think that was going to happen back in the eighties.

The raw sound works perfect, heavy guitars and great rhythms all over the place and Vince Neil sounds vicious.

Favourites: Just Another Psycho and Motherfucker of the Year

28/11/08: Jimmy Beach -
Rating: 99
Love it love it love it ... THE CRUE IS BACK !!!!
I have been a Crue fan since day 1 when Too Fast For Love hit the streets and Shout at the Devil is still one of the best records of it's day ...But the last few music endeavours havent been all that hot to say for the Crue.. But I must admit this is my favorite Crue cd to date.. The raw raunchy nasty habits Crue are back.. Vince sounds good ( Which is a shocker ) Mick is a very underated guitarist and just does his job ,Tommy hits the skins like he did when he was in his prime and Nikki well is the coolest dude on earth ... Great cd , I love it and I buy alot of cds, about 100-150 a year easy and this is in my top 3 of 2008 ...Hail to the mighty Crue !!!!

22/11/08: Raffaele -
Rating: 95
I think one of best album of year. The Motley sound roar again.
Their best album from Dr. Feelgood.

01/10/08: danimal -
Rating: 30
I pretty much crapped on the Extreme album released this year and I kinda wanna crap on this. To be honest and blunt, this is not a true Motley Crue record. Tommy Lee, Vince Neil and Mick Mars are barely if not at all credited for any of the songwriting. Most of the songs, if not all, were written in the partnership of Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba, James Michael and Marti Fredricksen. Not that that would be a big deal to 90 % of people but if you hear how slick the songs are, there's alot of bark but barely any bite to them. And that to me is a disappointment. Because what made Motley kick ass in the 80s and 90's for so many years and excellent records were the songs. They had bite, they hit you right between the eyes ,and they were real songs made by a real band. The Sixx AM writing team should stick with SIXX AM records (which by the way I loved the Herion Diaries soundtrack). This record is like hearing Motley Crue after getting a bikini wax. Songs like Saints of Los Angeles, Just Another Pyscho, and Chicks + Trouble are passable. Really though this record is my least favorite by the Crue. Generation Swine is a classic compared to this.

05/09/08: Nick -
Rating: 90
I can't think why anyone in 2008 cannot be more than happy with this release!! I like the production (the drums are thumping) and the majority of songs rock hard and are catchy.

With the amount of 80's and 90's bands releasing quite inferior product to their heyday albums, this stands up really well and is superior to previous attempts. More please!!

30/08/08: HARLAN -
Rating: 90

19/08/08: Mike -
Rating: 95
I really like this CD. It seems to get better with each play. For my ears this is every bit as good as DR. Feel Good. It's good to hear a group stay true to what made them popular.

The first song I heard off of this of course was SOL courtesy of the Rock Band game. They couldn't have released a better song to get out of the blocks. It has all that I look for in a song catchy chorus and heavy riffs throughout. Not going to take a lot of space and recap each song, suffice to say that for the most part this is one release that is well worth picking up.

I have read some slagging of this on metal sludge but the idiots on that board would bitch if you gave them a bar of gold.

Support the guys that are still true to what is still great tunes today! You really can't go wrong with this.

19/08/08: Benno -
Rating: 95
Hard to imagine that in 2008, Motley Crue could/would/should be capable of putting out an album of this quality. I've been hanging out for this since the four "new" tracks were recorded for their recent career retrospective but my hopes and dreams of an album of music of that quality have been far surpassed.

A standout on the album for me is Tommy's drumming, man is he hitting the skins harder than he ever has! It gives each track a real drive thats long been missing from the Crue's recent studio output.

Credit to Nikki too for taking that "Heroin Diaries" concept and running with it while it was still fresh, I think the album and tour have given both a kickalong in the promotion stakes.

Style-wise I guess its closer to Feelgood than anything else, the slicker production has seen to that. And for fans of the book you're in for a real treat as it treads the boards of the earlier part of their story. But I reckon even casual fans of Motley will get a kick out of this, even if they haven't read the book. Standout track "White Trash Circus", I always play it twice when playing the album.

Bottom line, this is a solid rock album with some of Motley's sleaze ironed out yet all the punch left in. And something about the running order makes the album get better from start to finish. Gold!

19/08/08: Kissfan101 -
Rating: 95
I've never been a big Crue fan but this CD is really fun and the music kicks arse! I'm taking away a few points because nearly all the songs are "remember when" songs about when they were The Saints of LA and when LA music meant something.

19/08/08: devilsstomp -
Rating: 93
I was excited about this album but admit the intro and first song didn't do much for me. However, as I listened through the whole album and spent some time there is some great stuff here. The classic Crue vibe covers each song w/ an updated Crue sound. Updated sound? It's a current sound but not like so many bands before (including Crue) going in a "new" direction sounding lame like the newest fad. This sound rocks. The title song reminds me of Primal Scream. A couple other personal favs: Animal in ME, Just Another Psycho, and Chicks=Trouble. Sorry but there are songs I don't dig: What's It Gonna Take (more than this), Welcome to the Machine (seriously this shouldn't even be a B side).

Rating: 90

18/08/08: YNGWIEVIKING -
Rating: 78
I think this album is much better than expected, but for me it's just OK
Yes the prod is good and VINCE is more than OK, but a lot of song have this PUNKish feeling and i don't really stand that !
But again , is much much better than expected
So i suppose that the real fans will be more than happy

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