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Frontiers / Now & Then FRCD 086
Produced by: Jason Hook

Released: Sept. 27 / Website
Relatives: Warrant, Bulletboys, Motley Crue
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. The One That Makes You Crazy
  2. Dragon Fly
  3. Guns Of July
  4. Temptation
  5. Anything For Money
  6. Adriana
  7. How To Your Master
  8. Stark Raving Mad
  9. Only You
  10. Morphine
  11. All My Friends In Heaven

Bulletboys guitarist Simon Hook takes off in his own side project - Monkeyhead. Also in the line up is Simon Davis on vocals, Paul Bartel on Bass and Steve O on drums.
Even though this is a brand new studio album, these guys are all about old school good time, fun LA sleaze rock n roll. So to are the Bulletboys, but these guys have a sound quite unique from that.
There are touches of the guys in Monkeyhead's sound.
There is also a little Motley Crue, Warrant know - the whole LA crowd sound!
Simon Davis is a solid vocalist - one which I will look forward to hearing more from.
Most of the albums tracks are uptempo, good fun hard rockers that are definitely not to be taken seriously.
Adriana is a great example of the album - a hyped up stadium rock anthem which was previewed on the Union 4 sampler a short while ago.
Only You makes a pretty cool rock ballad - the only one of the album.
BOTTOM LINE: This is a good fun, no shit LA style American hard rock album.
The production and mix could have been better. The sound is good and the songs are strong, but the quality of the production doesn't quite match.
Nothing that a little more cash wouldn't fix, but above all, if sleaze rock n roll odes it for you, Monkeyhead are a new band that certainly have songs capable of kicking your ass.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of LA area styled 80's sleaze hard rock.

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