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SPV 085-21552 CD
Produced by: Mike Varney

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: UFO
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Muddy's Cold
  2. Jerusalem
  3. Too Close To The Sun
  4. This Is A Life
  5. Living And Dying
  6. King Of The City
  7. Death In The Family
  8. Whip That Groove
  9. Last Man In Space
  10. Sparkling Wine

Yes, I am finally reviewing this album!
The new Mogg/Way sees the guys filling in time before getting back to the studio with Michael Schenker for another UFO album - due hopefully later this year.
But the guys don't tread water, this is a pretty solid album.
The last Mogg/Way album Edge Of The World I thought was OK, while not being brilliant.
This album I think is very good without being brilliant!
It is certainly better than the last album and contains the best songs I have heard from any of these guys since the UFO Walk On Water album. Now that was awesome!
The sound is what is to be expected, very close to UFO, but without that extra quality that Schenker brings to the band.
Muddy's Cold and Too Close To The Sun are OK, but maybe plod along a little.
Jerusalem & This Is A Life on the other hand are more in your face and have a great kick to them.
Living & Dying has a cool bluesy groove to it, while King Of The City rocks along nicely.
A few other tracks like Death In The Family and Last Man In Space just drag a little for my liking.
BOTTOM LINE: An essential purchase for any Mogg/Way / UFO fan, but outside of that circle I think there will be limited interest. If you haven't already bought this, chances are it isn't on your shopping list and this review will hardly make you add it. Sorry! Shame, because these guys are great musicians, there is no denying that.
Still, I can't help but just think about how cool the next UFO album will, or at least, could & should be.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Mogg/Way & UFO fans. British melodic hard rock fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:UFO; Mogg/way - Edge Of The World . Chocolate Box

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