Mike Tramp The Rock N Roll Cirkuz Sony Denmark
Produced By: Mike Tramp

Running Time: 61.00

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Rock/Pop Rock

Links: Mike Tramp
Songs: 70%
Sound: 90%
Mike's going to kill me for this. I've previously been painted as a Tramp fan-boy due to my very positive reviews and coverage of Mike's music. And I guess that is true to a point I love Mike's solo work and I grew up on White Lion and rate Recovering The Wasted Years as one of the finest solo records of the decade. But here is proof that I will always call it as I see it regardless of who the album review is for.
And with The Rock N Roll Circuz, I feel that Mike has shifted into a direction I'm not as keen on and think that some classy songwriting has been affected by choice of musical direction.
In part the part where this album really works Mike returns to the storytelling feel of his Recovering and More To Life Than This albums, delving into the Springsteen meets the more laid back White Lion approach that gives Mike his solo sound. Lyrically Mike sticks to his familiar theme of life, love and doing it all for Rock n Roll.
Songwise, the one minute intro track is of little consequence, but the opening All Of My Life is just golden. Everything I love about Mike's work and about rock n roll in general.
Back To You has a more modern approach, but is still 100% Mike and another winner.
Come On is the first sign that other musical elements have crept into the music, with a slight mid-west country feel in play. Still, another memorable song.
Anymore is a heartfelt ballad, with acoustic guitars driving the song and strings bringing that country feel to the forefront.
Highway is another uptempo sing-along favourite not as prominent with the acoustic influence and rocking along nicely.
Elsewhere on the album is the mid-west/country tinged ballads of The Road and Wiseman; while Rockabilly gets a run on No Tomorrow and Sunshine; and John Mellencamp gets a nod with Between Good N Bad and Lay Down Your Guns.
More traditional Tramp fare comes in the form of the haunting orchestral ballad When She Cries, featuring a wonderfully heartfelt vocal.
The Bottom Line
The album starts with a bang and a few choice Mike Tramp cuts, but there onwards drifts into more acoustic driven tracks with a strong mid-west sound and even come country-ish influences. This album I feel, is more dependant on mood than Mike's other work. The laid back style is great for those moments when something like this hits the spot. I'm not sold on every track and prefer Mike's last two solo release over this, but I'm still a fan boy at heart.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Recovering The Wasted Years
More To Life Than This
Rock N Roll Alive
The Rock N Roll Circuz

Line Up:
Mike Tramp: Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Promo: Not Listed
Essential For Fans Of:
Mike Tramp - Solo
Track Listing
Enter The Circuz
All Of My Life *
Back To You *
Come On
Anymore *
Highway *
No Tomorrow
The Road
Between Good 'N' Bad
When She Cries *
Lay Down Your Guns

--*Best Tracks

01/03/10: William B. -
Rating: 90
I didn't like this album when I first listened to the album. Then I thought about my private song writing and songs that I keep to myself. Some of these songs reminded me of my songs that I never let people listen too. I developed respect for this record on a angle that I am glad to have remembered.

After listening to it 5 times or so, I am really enjoying the songs. I think I am appreciating the lyrical approach and the raw side of Mike Tramp. This isn't the White Lion (rockin classy soung) This is a more artistic and unique side of Mike. I recommend this album to those that write songs that come from within, yet don't seem to feel presentable to the public.

I think the first track would appeal to most Mike Tramp fans.

I also highly recommend songs like (between good and bad) which sounds a little John Mellencamp!Then there is(wiseman). Wiseman had a lyrical approach similar to "When the children cry" It has become one of my favorite songs on the record and it really grew on me.

If I was only aloud to listen to this once; I would give it a 70. After 5 times, I highly recommend it if you know how to appreciate the record. 90 is fair because there is some inner (deeper)stuff coming out of Mike here!

01/03/10: Chris Kaiser -
Rating: 85
I finally was able to purchase this CD from nehrecords after months of hearing about it and trying to find it on the internet. I am pretty happy with the CD and it is what I expected from Mike Tramp, the solo artist.

Bring back the real White Lion!! Come on, Vito!!!!

12/01/10: Lukas -
Rating: 75
Mike has finally found out White Lion was not only him and put the one-man reunion down to rest. I'm truly happy he finally returned to making solo records. I was looking forward to hear the new tunes after years, the opener All Of My Life is pure Trampsong with everything you want from Mike, as well Back To You, Between Good'n'Bad and intimate Wiseman. The rest of the tunes ain't bad, but lacking the magic of Mike's last 3 studio albums. It's evident Mike wants to hit comfortably the mainstream scene after he returned back to his hometown after 20 years. I don't care if it's country or buggy, but I want it from the heart with passion. Like on Capricorn or Recovering.

08/01/10: Paul -
Rating: 65
Major disappointment is the best way to describe this cd. ALL OF MY LIFE is the only song that reaches it's full potential. There are a number of other songs that seem like they were good ideas that weren't fully developed. Hard to explain.

06/01/10: melih -
Rating: 97
I loved it.Melodic and peaceful.His voice is great.Songs are beautiful.Obviously a lot better than "return of the pride".

06/01/10: Shawn Kubiak -
Rating: 75
Being a Mike Tramp fan for many years I was eagerly awaiting this release, but after waiting & waiting for this album to be purchased in the US or Itunes, it just never happened. So purchasing this album cost me $30 US dollars which is kind of disappointing to begin with.
Songs on this album like: 'All Of My Life," "Back To You," "Come On," "Highway," & "Between Good & Bad" are great Tramp tunes, but the rest of the album really fell short for me. Prior Tramp solo records I have enjoyed from beginning to end, but this one not so much.
All The Best,

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