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Produced by: Stan Meissner
  1. Wild & Blue
  2. The Darkest Side Of The Night
  3. Never Look Back
  4. Walk Through The Fire
  5. Restless Moon
  6. A Million Miles Away
  7. Love & Desire
  8. Whatever It Is
  9. The Eyes Of Love
  10. The Best Is Good Enough
  11. Running After A Dream
  12. The Power Of The Night
Despite running between musical styles the great Canadian AOR man Stan Meissner has probably recorded his best and most enjoyable album to date, under the guise of the band name Metropolis.
Joining Meissner is the wonderful vocalist Peter Fredette of Kim Mitchell fame.
This is primarily a Westcoast fan's wet dream, smoothly running between pure Westcoast sounds and a more mainstream AOR and occasionally into power pop/rock.
But above all the melodies are well intact and the frequent and memorable hooks mixed with Fredette's top notch vocals make this album a winner by most standards.
Keep in mind, this is one for Westcoast fans or pure AOR fans. If that's you this will not disappoint.
The opening track Wild & Blue has a killer hook and is one of the album's essential tracks. A pure AOR rocker, the big hooks and melodies within are very memorable.
The Darkest Side Of The Night is a grower. It is fairly plain and more laid back, but the vocal hook in the chorus really sticks in your head.
The power AOR anthem Never Look Back has hooks everywhere in typical Meissner fashion. Throw in some fine backing vocals / layered harmonies and a subtle mix of keyboard & guitar and this is another example of pure AOR.
Walk Through The Fire is his new version of the track co-written with Carl Dixon. A good track, following closely to the style used on the Dixon album One.
Restless Moon is a very smooth and classy westcoast ballad with heavy Toto influences. A cool hook and big sentimental chorus.
A Million Miles Away is a less in your face number, a moodier more subdued track, the chorus comes and goes with little fanfare. Similar again to the style of the Carl Dixon album.
Love & Desire is another more nondescript number. Good, but not reaching he heights of some other tracks.
Whatever It Is is another uptempo AOR anthem. Mid paced to start, it soon shows it's hand and is another lead track. Another great hook.
The Eyes Of Love is a slow westcoast style ballad. Pretty good, but I like the other ballad better.
The Best Is Good Enough starts at mid tempo and heads into uptempo westcoast AOR with an anthem-ish bridge and chorus. A track that grows.
Running After A Dream is another good mid tempo number with a solid chorus and multiple layers of keyboards and a few guitars also!
The Power Of The Night is simply a monster AOR ballad. Layered with vocals and keyboards and soaring hooks, it's one of the album's bigger tracks. More Toto comparisons too. The vocal is like a moody Steve Lukather track.
BOTTOM LINE: This album should be accepted really well within the community of Westcoast fans. It's a solid album of very strong songs, but personal taste will dictate your enjoyment of it.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Meissner fans, Fredette, Carl Dixon & Kim Mitchell fans. Westcoast & pure AOR fans.

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