Metallica St. Anger Elektra
Produced By: Bob Rock

Running Time: 75.16

Release Date: Out Now

Released: WORLD

Musical Style: Metal

Links: Metallica
Songs: 58%
Sound: 30%
When a band is being lampooned in the press for the sound of it's album, you know not all things are going well.
Yes, it has become trendy to knock Metallica, as their arrogance in the media over the last several years is largely unchallenged by any rival.
The fact is that fans have come to expect great things from Metallica. The band turned thrash on its head in the 80's and were at the headway or legitimizing the music form to a wider fan base. Then the guys about-faced and created one of the biggest ever metal albums in history, with the mega "black" album. That was the band's first venture with famed producer Bob Rock. They have worked with him ever since, as they have done on St. Anger.
With a band as big as Metallica there is no doubt that you will find many that love this album - or anything the band churn out. But through the reviews and fan reaction already publicized, it is clear that those that love this album are in the minority.
Even worse there isn't just one problem with this album. It's clear where listening to it that there are problems on several levels.
The most obvious and main complaint is the sound of the album. It sounds bloody awful. But you can't just say that it has a bad production and/or mix. This is just the production style the band chose. And they should be held accountable for that decision.
The fans were looking for something big. Yes, this is heavy, fast and furious and rocks at a pace that 20 year old would be happy to set. But it sounds so bad it becomes unlistenable. It hurts! With a 6 year gap between studio albums and the very reliable Bob Rock behind the desk, it's clear that expectations called for something better than an album that sounds more akin to an indie garage band.
Just take a listen to sonic intensity of the black album and enter Sandman, then listen to this. No comparison.
So the guys decided to go with this sound - someone should have been there to advise against it - to warn of the consequences. It was a gamble that could have seen the band hailed as geniuses, but it hasn't worked at all. That's what Bob Rock (or any producer) is supposed to do realize this fact and act. He has clearly dented his reputation as a crack producer for being involved in the making of this album. The fact he has now appeared in interviews to justify the sound of this album shows just how deep the resentment goes. Where was the record label in this process? Where was their A&R guy? What did the band spent their advance on? It certainly wasn't studio time.
Yes, the Ulrich's drums sound like trash cans, yes Hetfield's vocals sound strained, yes there is no discernable bass, yes there are no guitar solo's - which on it's own will piss off at least 50% of the band's fan base.
Lyrics, vocals and style aside, this is a way below average album sonically. You are never going to turn the world on it's head by going this far backwards.
Interestingly, the DVD portion of the set features a new live mix of the sound which fixes a few of the problems of the studio version. The drums are more listenable and the songs have a little more life to them. It's still far from their best work, but it does show how important the production and mix of any album is. Crank the DVD and you will find some appreciate of this material.
The Bottom Line
Just why the band thought they could revolutionize the world with this, is anyone's guess. Maybe they thought that releasing this and getting away with it commercially would be a laugh. First week sales were strong, but not enormous, with second week figures dropping significantly. Time will tell how the numbers pan out. But the fact remains that there will be a number of once bitten twice shy fans out there.
In anyone's terms, this album has to be a disappointment. When you stack it against the band's previous releases, it just doesn't do the Metallica name justice.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Kill'em All
Ride The Lightning
Master Of Puppets
And Justice For All
Garage Inc.
S & M
St. Anger

Line Up
James Hetfield: Vocals, Guitar
Kirk Hammett: Guitar
Lars Urich: Drums
Robert Trujillo: Bass

Essential for:
Die hard Metallica fans only
Track Listing
St. Anger
Some Kind of Monster
Dirty Window
Invisible Kid
My World
Shoot Me Again
Sweet Amber
Unnamed Feeling
Purify All
Within My Hands

02/10/08: Gizzman -
Rating: 2
This could be the worst piece of shit I have ever heard!! I couldn't even listen to the whole thing.CRAP,CRAP,CRAP!

18/04/07: Glenda -
Rating: 5
I love Metallica, but this album is GARBAGE!!

26/03/05: Joseph W. -
Rating: 94
Simply an amazing album. Metallica seems to be making music just for music's sake here. The production is refreshing especially after some of their overproduced releases. No solos? No problem. The songs are fast, furious and angry. And--dare I say--progressive in the truest sense of the word. Metallica is raw and aggressive on this release and the songs are inventive. If you're looking for Master of Puppets II, this ain't it. But if you're looking for something new and exciting, give it a shot. And there is NOTHING wrong with the production. It was purposely produced that way to give the album a raw, garage band feel. How can one say that the production isn't "right" when production--any kind of production--is artificial in the first place?

25/03/05: Daniel Serian -
Rating: 0
You want real metal - listen to Accept, Dio, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Stratovarius, Exciter, Falconer, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Iron Savior, Rhapsody, Manowar, Raven, Warlord, Cirith Ungol, etc .... forget about Metallica after 1988. They sold out long ago, and obviously don't care about their original fans from the early 1980's. Actions are stronger than words - when Alternica toured with rap/mallcore bands they presented a bold case against their affiliation with REAL metal. Metallica doesn't care about their original early '80's headbanger fans. That's fine, I haven't cared about them since the late '80s.

I remember when Metallica opened for Venom and Raven (1983/1984), and when they were staunch NWOBHM fans. Nowadays, it's hard to believe that. (Yeah, like a 17 year old American kid knows who Raven and Venom are)

Today, Metallica would rather hang around rap celebs and trendy mallcore idiots than be with REAL metallers.

Metallica (1981-1989)

06/12/04: METALLIhead -
Rating: 100
what is wrong with you people? st. anger is an awesome album. wow no solos big deal! their solos are kick ass but they dont need em to be awesome. you people are retarded. its heavy its awesome its metallica! if you were a true fan you would see where their coming from and enjoy it. the only reason you dont like it is because its not kill em all over and over again. i love every album i have stuff to say about every one but not enough time. this is a heavy album. they have many different styles its called metallica. their going to keep playing music as long as it still feels good no matter who the hell likes it. its heavy its awesome its metallica!!! get over it its good. oh and 40 is not f***in old!!! they are really generous and money doesnt mean s**t to them. this album is raw heavy and down to the bones of them. they rock. jaymz vocals are still great too. sweet cover sweet sound sweet songs. will you fucks get over it? their hott heavy metal awesome and every album is full of soul metal and omg i cant even explain how grerat they are fuck off fuckers

16/11/04: F H Ramirez -
Rating: 50
I bought ST ANGER when it was brand new ... I was so excited. Then I heard it and thought... maybe I just have to let it soak in. I kept listening, and couldn't find anything good to grasp. I watched the DVD and thought it would be really cool to have a DVD like this with songs that I really like. A few weeks later, I sold ST ANGER in a garage sale for $2.50 because I didn't want it in my house anymore.

St Anger's production was okay. I have no problems with them using Pro Tools or anything. There were just some things I didn't like. First, there were no guitar solos. THat's like having an orchestra without violins. Also, the bass is missing presence. It didn't sound as essential as it should have been. The snare drum sound was tinny and annoying. It should have been harder than Bonham, and instead sounded almost like a strung up cowbell. The guitars sounded great, but the songwriting was too jumbled for me to enjoy the riffs... there was nothing to hang on to. It's like George Lucas says... a special effect without a story is nothing. Well, a riff without the songwriting is nothing. The writing is like pseudo-punk... but a lot harder. Like the songs were just thrown together without any rhyme or reason. There is nothing in the structure of the songs that you can sing along with... it sounded like somebody was mad about something, but I couldn't figure out what they were mad about. I couldn't find anything to relate to. Sure I can find things to get mad about, but I don't live my life pissed off 24 hours a day. I kept wondering how Metallica could stay mad for so many tracks without a break in tempo! This made every song on the album sound the same.

I expected the album to be like AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, only steeped up a notch... with a better, more modern production style. JUSTICE is a classic... it grooves, it moves, and you can headbang to it with rhythm. You can also sing along with it. ST ANGER is just anger, all at the same tempo, and you can't sing along with it. Maybe it means something to the band, but it doesn't mean anything to me. I couldn't relate to it.

I respect that they tried to do something, but the numbers clearly show nobody likes this. Nobody can relate to it. I hope the band can jump back from this to something a bit more people friendly. After all, we're supposed to relate to the music we love... not wonder why it doesn't relate to us.

26/09/04: WArdyS3 -
Rating: 50
Not wanting the same old Metallica was one thing, but not wanting a pile of shit is another! I DON'T hate or blame the production. I DON'T hate the music, in fact the single 'St Anger' got me hard and I was very keen to hear the entire album. The problem with this album is the terrible 'teenage dribble they call lyrics! Adolescent waffle!

If you haven't seen Some Kind Of Monster, then to get my point go see it! To watch the guys whinge about their lives and jot down lyrics to express their feelings, lyrics such as 'Pain, Gain, no wait, let's try VAIN' is just the most frustrating thing to watch!!!!!

This album is crap because of the SONGS, the LYRICS, the shit they come up with! Okay, their lyrics have never been incredible, but used to be thought provoking and creative, and at least slightly melodic!!!!! Hetfield is just singing on the beat, not creating a tune or something, well yeah, creative!!!!!

And to think these guys were responsible for moments of genius with Justice and Master and, ahh, this album is just PLAIN frustrating!

16/08/04: Steve -
Rating: 100
I have been listining since Justice. St. Anger is not sh*t, it's different. I remember this same bulls*it in 1991 when they released the black album. All the "die hards" were pissed off with the "new sound". I admit St. Anger is definetly not thier best, but it's a nice change from covers and more ways to play old tunes. look at the crap that gets released every year; stand behind the boys and let them take care of business. You really want metal? Pop The World Needs A Hero in you cd player. METALLICA & MEGADETH = :-) I'm glad they kicked Dave out of Metallica. If they didn't I would not have an assload of kick ass music from both groups!


06/07/04: Scott -
Rating: 0
Complete garbage!! Can you say the rip off band of the new age...move over Kiss.

26/05/04: Lloyd Robbins -
Rating: 30
This website is jam packed with bands a artists far more capable of higher quality heartfelt music than the new Metallica crap. Metallica died after the black album!! Panzy-a$$ corporate sell-outs!!!!!!!

04/05/04: Ryan -
Rating: 25
Don't get me wrong, Metallica kicks ass. Bbut St. Anger sucks ass. I like the lyrics on some songs but I don't know what the hell Lars was thinking when he tightened up his skins. It sounds like he is banging on metal trash cans. I'm not one to dis Metallica, but I think they could have done better.

02/02/04: Scott -
Rating: 50
Easily their worst offering, though it's grown on me to some extent with a lot of extra listening. I'll keep it in my collection, but if I wasn't such a dedicated fan I would've auctioned it off on Ebay a long time ago. Not great...

01/12/03: pablo -
Rating: 10
Bad album, really, maybe two goods songs but its suffer poor very poor productions. I agree "shit sandwich".

19/11/03: Jakk -
Rating: 0
As all who have wrote a bad review, i too think this was their biggest shit ever....I Mean, cmon man, anyone who has known metallica as i did, and dudes im only 18...i went to their show when i was about 13 or 14 years old....and as any fan, i have all their cd's...all but this one...
Gezuz..lars drum sound is terrible...and compare that sound with the almighty sound of the drums in "enter sandman" and "sad but true"....Jaymz guitar was always one hell of inspiration, and in St. Anger i can even hear the guitar sound..all mixed up with those upside-down-empty-garbage-can of lars drums (damn...i still hope he's that best drum player that i've seen in their show)
And just one more thing....stop comparing this cd to Load and ReLoad....those had some pretty good sounds that shown that they were gettin' more mature and were "growing up" like "Bleeding Me" and the everlasting "Fuel"....
We cant say that metallica sucks because they dont, but they've messed up in St.Anger....Lets hope they come up with something better like the new sound in S&M....

obs. Sorry the grammar because im from Sao Paulo, Brazil...hehehe...

04/09/03: x -
Rating: 0
Here is how it is. Metallica has always had a thing for 70's punk music and early hard core. The problem is that great punk music is short 2-3 minutes at most not 7-8 minutes. It was derived from adolescent teens experimenting with drugs and sex. Not some 40 year old dudes who cleaned up their act looking to rekindle their youth.
Metallica had a sound in the first 4 albums, then the black album, which was a cross of old sound in a more commercial package and shorter songs. Very good management at this point. Then they recorded Load and Re-load, fair at best a couple of good songs but not all worth the money. Those two albums remind me of GNR's Use your Illusion 1 & 2. Too much crap separating the great songs. Instead of one great album they opted for 2 fair ones. Which means more money for them. Things are starting to slip away for the band. Jason leaves and they bring in Robert. Whatever, who really cares who plays bass. Both are very good but maybe one saw the direction the band was headed and jumped and the other looking for the biggest paycheck of his life.
Then this! St. Anger. Where they try to reinvent punk & hard core with a Metallica sound. NOT! I'm not much younger then the guys in Metallica and I grew up listening to a lot of the same music they did and this is an insult to that type of music. They lack the experiences that punk musicians did. Plus, they've been poisoned by fame and fortune. They've lost touch with what is and what was. They can't try to reinvent what they don't understand. Money is not what punk music was about and unfortunately it's what Metallica is.
Those of you who like it and don't want to compare it with anything else fine. You're entitled to your own opinion but remember what old Metallica was built on and look what fame and money turned them into. You can't honestly tell me that they are innovative and experimental. They try to go where the money is and not where they should be or what makes most fans like them.
If you read what they use to say back in the 80's you too would understand. Yes, they're getting older but they're also just riding the wave of success.
To each their own but to me it's an insult to fans and music everywhere.

31/08/03: Scott Bell -
Rating: 0
Terrible. Appauling. Cringe inducing, volatile rubbish. These guys get paid so much money to create hype and media attention, but the music, the spirit and the sound is looooooong gone.

31/08/03: Todd Carper -
Rating: 70
Metallica have long been one of my favorite bands, and for someone who owns over 4,000 discs that is saying something. I do not like to compare one CD a band makes to the next unless I am trying to give a point of reference, I like a band to continue to innovate and sound fresh. Metallica have ALWAYS innovated, they sounded like nobody else and nobody sounded like them. They have always changed styles and grown slightly with every disc, but their trademark is time signature changes within their songs and throughout their cd's, with BRILLIANT solos courtesy of Kirk Hammett (and occasionally Mr. Hetfield). The vocals of James Hetfield are usually very well done with enough harmonizing and melody mixed in with his deep voiced crunch to give the songs color. Up to this point, I would not rate any Metallica disc below 85. St. Anger certainly fulfills its namesake, it is one angry disc. There is nothing slow here, no Sanitarium, No Fade to Black, no Harvester of Sorrow, No Nothing Else Matters. For me two things are missing: The shade or change in tempo that has ALWAYS been in Metallica's corner, and the guitar solos. Is this a bad disc??? I would hope I don't ever have to say that about Metallica, but when you are an innovator why try to sound like nu-metal (Godsmack comes to mind) when they are loosely following the trail you blazed??? Metallica DEFINITELY managed to sound different on this disc, but though they showed growth in that sense, was it truly progress??? Depends on one's taste. If you like your metal heavy and without any slower more melodious or mid tempo material, this is your cup of tea. Definitely music to help take the edge off an angry day!

28/08/03: CUTTER - c
Rating: 0

04/08/03: Done -
Rating: 0

02/08/03: Lobster Boy -
Rating: 0
I'm going to dip this CD in butter, eat it, crap it out and mail it back to the guys of Metallica. I think I'd rather put on the latest Slaughter CD. Maybe they'll also get song writing lessons from Duran Duran.

Also, those of you who like this and insult us who don't, BITE ME! Go see them live and keep buying their cd's and crap. You'll be living in a trailer park somewhere down south and they'll have their million dollar homes. They'll turn on their movie screen tv's, with gourmet food service, kick back and reminisce on how they got you suckers to stay with them.

If you do what fans did to Van Halen and not buy a crappy cd you can force them to rethink their next release. Make them release something good or nothing at all. Eventually, they'll realize when their money starts to disappear that they F**ked up. DO SOMETHING NOW! BOYCOT METALLICA! HA! HA! HA!

31/07/03: Boz -
Rating: 41
The latest release from Metallica "St. Anger" is not what you expect to hear: no matter who you are. If the goal with this CD was to make something totally different, then Metallica has succeeded. If the goal was to make their best record to date, turn on new fans as well as old, and sell 10 million records, then they may have missed. After giving this album 11 complete listens, it has grown on me slightly. The problem is, there are no clear stand out tracks, and it doesn't sound like anything that has made the band successful in the past. It lacks gutair solos, melody, and the great vocals that James Hetfield has been giving fans on the last few releases. Almost all of these songs are not radio friendly, with several songs in the seven and eight minute range. Lars has switched it up on his drum sounds this time, it kinda sounds like he is playing on a metal pot or something. Apparently these songs came from the heart of James Hetfield, but may leave something to be desired. It will be interesting to see if this album continues to sell well after the first few weeks.

30/07/03: Big D -
Rating: 0
Based on what I have read so far, it seems as though there are some truly, shallow minded individuals trying to listen to this album. There are those select few that actually take this album for what it is, not what they want it to be. If you were to open your shallow minds a little, and quit trying to compare everything Metallica does, to their past albums, you might actually find a whole new world of music. If the purpose of Metallica was to produce the same shit every album, THEN they would no longer be Metallica. They are an innovative band, and any "TRUE" Metallica fan would see that. Too many people get manipulated by what the media says, or what some dumbass on a website says, that they never allow themselves the chance to truly enjoy this and any other "so-called" shitty album Metallica has produced. Stop trying to make St. Anger, Load, and ReLoad into the next Black Album or whatever, it's sickening. Metallica is who they are, and what they do, they do better than anyone else.



30/07/03: Kurt -
Rating: 2
I have been a Metallica fan for year. I don't know what they were trying to do with this album, but it failed.
Although it sounds like their may be some decent songs under all the garbage and terrible production, the
quality was just terrible. It sounds like demos to me. Like they just hung a mic in the garage and said let jam.
But Metallica fans have come to expect much more that that. This promotes everything Metallica is against.
Why would someone pay for this crap. I am a huge music/Metallica fan, that spends alot of money on music
but I wouldn't pay for this crap if I had a option of trading/or downloading it. By the same token if it were even
decent such as Load/Re-Load I would be happy to purchase it. Once again this shows that Metallica is out to
make a quick buck, not so much on this album, but touring in support there of. Back to the drawing board boys
this sucker sucks.

29/07/03: Laura -
Rating: 25
VOMIT! I just recently saw these guys...The show was true to form! How come the only play 2-3 new songs live? Even they can't stand to play this new matterial. Forget the "Parental Warning" on the cover...should have been a "MR. YUCK" sticker! LS

28/07/03: Stuntti -
Rating: 9
Absolutely one of the best records in 2003! Not best of Metallica, though.

28/07/03: Troy -
Rating: 0
One of the worst sounding major label cd's to come out ever. The sound is horrible. Packaging is terrible. Vocals & Drums are some of the worst sounding crap I have ever heard. No guitar solos. Just this pounding drum beats that have no originality at all. I would not waste a penny on this piece of s**t.

25/07/03: Richard.C -
Rating: 9
Help,run away!Loud,brutal,groove-metal,pounding the worms like a battering ram.Energising,innovative and totally refreshing.A fistful of modern metal in the gonads, for those too closeminded to venture too far from their candy coated, comfort zones.

14/07/03: Quersey -
Rating: 75
Like another one wrote it earlier, at the first listening wowww what a deep fuckin' shit! (excuse my language). This is not Metallica, this is not the band of our wild youth. Load and reload were big failures despite the fact they tried something different which is a good thing in a sense but here...yes it's very heavy, yes the production is raw as it could be but the first listening won't take it, the machine will throw out this piece of crap as you will feel sick to hear that your idols are growing old in a bad way. No! that is not happening ! Perhaps i should remove the earplugs stucked in my ears and give it another try ? and then not quite as the fourth or fifth listening though but something is happening here. This is raw yes but much more well produced as it may seem at first sight. The songs are twisted and infectious (invisible kid or some kind of a monster...) the wall of sound created by venimous guitar riffs reveals the power of the songs. Ok this is not their best effort, it does not match their first five records, it's very far from that, but if you take it as an evolution, u will take pleasure listening to it. I heard from here and there the production was the biggest is not; it is the will of his creators i hear that very clearly, the drums especially the crash may sound awful first but bob rock is not one of the best producers in the world for nothing...very clever man, the crash sound is a part of the music on its own as it creates a wall of sound with the guitars; you can hear hear that very clearly on the title track.
Well i must admit i dig a lot this st anger record despite my feelings at the start but i will be honest saying it will not last on my machines as the first five ones did. The world is changing, as the music does...especially our idols.

13/07/03: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 30
A big disappointment indeed. Load and Reload, often critized, are a lot better than this. What's wrong with this record ? Well, it's heavy, but there are no songs, no melody and no production. For such a great act, this is a disaster ! Why did they release this ? Even no solo's ! Come on, Metallica will lose a lot of fans if they continue this way ! Noise is not enough, guys !

11/07/03: Delirious Nomad -
Rating: 0
I have been a Metallica fan since "Kill 'Em All" when I saw them at a tiny club in Texas. I have finally given up. I was disappointed with "Load" and "Reload". Then they came out with the non original "S&M" and the "Garage" covers. I was hoping for a comeback. I was let down. As far as I'm concerned, Metallica hasn't put out any good "original" music since the "Black Album" (1991).
Although I was disappointed with "Load" and "Reload", the CD's are listenable....."St. Anger" is the back of the stack you go.
Goodbye, Metallica. It was fun.......

07/07/03: DLA -
Rating: 0
Well First time I listened to the Album I went WTF and who is this supposed to be but I guess after a while its ok but it isnt worth buying or even saying you bought it to your friends : ) But I guess it was a make a few bucks and run album : )Save your money and just download this Sh*t if your curious.

07/07/03: Don W. -
Rating: 20
Okay, God bless them for trying. Whoops, didn't work, boys! Maybe they should take a lesson from the new Anthrax album (sorry!) THAT'S what it means to get your horns up! Great comeback for 'Thrax. Bad comeback for 'Tallica.

07/07/03: Joe White -
Rating: 0
Shit Sandwich.

30/06/03: savacap -
Rating: 10
A great dissapontment. When you have more than five years to listen something new of a super group your expectations have to be high. When you hear a bunch of crap (a sound like limp bitzkit and other) you feel a great dissapointment. Unfortunatelly Metallica has sell themselves to the mainstream craps. In a few months I wonder if there is any to trade mp3 of new Shitallica album in Internet. Sorry guys.

25/06/03: ST Anger -
Rating: 90
When I first listened to it, I thought it sucked. Now after about 40 listens to the full CD, I think it is great and sets a new standard. Sorry, but most of you who posted reviews want same ole same ole Metallica. Bands do grow up you know. Bands like Rush & Queensryche have heard the same ole crap. They changed with age and the music changed as well. The way I see it is people don't like change. That is so wrong. So Metallica doesn't sound the same as the first 4 albums. So F%#king what! They still rock. And I bet when I go see them in Dallas, they will rock the house down, as usual. As far as the review from the melodirock man can tell were he sides on reviews, which is the Melody rock groups. Thank god he didn't give Metallica a good rating. Now I know its good.

24/06/03: Mr.Whatever -
Rating: 2
Just in! Metallica just changed the name of ST. CRAP to UNLOAD! I've got better sounds coming out of my ass and my crap is presented better than this. I rated it a #2 be that's what it is. Excuse me while I go to the bathroom and write songs for Metallica's next album.

21/06/03: Afonso Sousa -
Rating: 0
This is not METALLICA!!!!!!! this album is from a bunch of idiot guys who think they are the masters.....poor sound.. poor songs... poor production..POOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!! gonna listen the Black Album..

21/06/03: Lou -
Rating: 0
This once innovative and incredible band now..well..
SSSUUUUUUCCCKKKKSSS !! "load" and "reload" is
Mozart compared to this drivel. I remember seeing
this band in a small club in upstate NY back in 1983 .
They were throwing vinyl copies of "kill em all" into
the audience . Today , that pompous troll Lars is a pathetic
corporate puppet and this band is now just a dime a dozen
nu-crap nonsense . Call them , NUTALLICA .

20/06/03: Jon -
Rating: 10
Being a Metallica fan from the day 'Kill em All' was released, I was hoping that this would bring them back to their former Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets glory days as promised, but sadly not the case and I have come to the conclusion that Metallica honestly called it a day after the Black album and we have been subjected to a third rate tribute band ever since. The very fact that Hetfield stated that this was the heaviest stuff and the strongest line-up in their whole career is totally disgracefull and unbelievable, Cliff Burton would turn in his grave at that comment and the utter garbage that was Load, Reload and now St. Anger.
And Jason Newstead must be laughing his balls off and glad that he got out when he did, cause shit sticks and this is the kinda shit that will always stick and the smell will never wash off.
Maybe they should go back to the ALCOHOLICA days, might start to hear some decent stuff again, if not, they should just knock it on the head now.

20/06/03: ME -
Rating: 10
SUCKS!!! Need I say more! I give up on waiting for something like their first 4 albums. It's a discrace and to think they spent all that time and money to prevent people from copying their music. This CD should be free. To top it off they knew it sucked that's why they threw us who'd by it a bone with that stupid DVD of the recording sessions. We've all been suckered in by the hype and lets face it. Those of you who think you like it now, I guarantee after a few months it'll be forgotten. Unlike their first 4 great albums. It also showed me who was the smart one in the band, Jason Newsted because he knew to jump ship before it sank. If you bought it and haven't opened it, return it quick and if you think you need it, have someone burn you a copy. I never thought I'd say this but..... METALLICA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

20/06/03: randy -
Rating: 100
Thought they would go back to a heavier sound?! What the hell is this then? Def Leppard? More like Slayer kid!

19/06/03: Rockhead -
Rating: 1
Shit Cover
Shit Songs
Shit Sound
A band as great as this should not be allowed to release what can only be described as work in progress. I know young bands who produce better than this.

I truly believe that Metallica now believe that they can issue any old bollocks and their loyal fan base will lap it up and the almighty $ will swell their bank accounts further.

Whilst I agree that the anger is there but come on these guys are approaching middle age with squillions in the bank. What the fuck have they got to be angry about??

Im the one whose angry- i have spent good money on bad product.

Lars and James you should be ashamed.

19/06/03: Leon -
Rating: 0
Nice to know metallica still has there monkeys out there. Let's see from the top...

1. Drums are mixed way too loud
2. drums DO sound like he's hitting trashcans.
3. no bass...did bob rock get paid for it?
4. Bob rock has stated he doesn't feel responsible for the bass sound on the album...funny, I thought producers were supposed to care, isn't that the job?
5. NO GUITAR SOLOS? Kirk Hammett - rhythm guitar...See what happens when you accept a piece of the pie?
6. Vocals are so poor it's not even funny. Perhaps the booze is what was oiling the pipes for mr. hetfield...

Anyone at Elektra who let this piece of trash pass through to retail should be fired now, not this afternoon, not after morning coffee, NOW! Besides, of course the sales would drop after the first week, the cd is all over the file sharing programs already so we'll see if it goes multi-platinum or not. It's funny how all Tower records and virgin megastore are playing non-stop to justify the tons of cd's they bought and now have to try and sell. Face it, people...this is metallica's van halen III (in sales compared to their older cd's - i likes VHIII).

19/06/03: Andy D -
Rating: 20
There are more than enough bands churning out this sort of noise.
As Metallica have proved in the past, there are many ways in which to make intense and powerful music without resorting to this. Just listen to the new Evanescene record.

Here we have yet another band living from past glories.
Great way to alienate fans from the early days (like me) and fans of later triumphs (like me), yes you have push the boundaries but you should be able to do so without insulting the vast army of followers who put you in such a priviledged position in the first place

Face it...the guys are too old and too rich to be this angry!
Re-focus or join the growing number of rock has-beens. There are enough of them already. Metallica are better than this.

19/06/03: Tim Robertson - Tim.J.Robertson@GSK.COM
Rating: 60
OK, so they have the ferocious riffs and the fiery spitting vocals back, but where are the songs? The song-writing structure is the same as on the awful "Load" and "Re-Load" albums, so why bother with the aggression? Their biggest experiment before this CD was with "...And Justice For All", which sounded huge and powerful and had great songs. I've listened to this a dozen times and only the first two tracks stick in my head at all. Awesome sound, awful songs.

17/06/03: Tom Rees -
Rating: 95
As much as I love this site I must heartfully disagree with the review of this cd. I was absolutely prepared to hate this cd. Napster, Lars, touring with Limp Biskit, the reasons are a plenty. However this album is a great work of anger and agression. From the primal drums (with a very interesting snare sound, did someone say trash can?), to the angry guitar riffs (without any solos), this album screams aggression, anger and the day to day dealing with it. I can see with the recent history of Mr. Hetfield where he is coming from and what he is talking about. I feel his anger, I feel it coming out.

Unlike many people I find the production on this amazing. It sounds like this on purpose, that's the point. It's stripped down and raw and so is the subject matter. Some Kind of Monster is a fantastic Metallica song and I'd put it up there with the best.

Does this CD sound like The Black Album, no but it isn't meant to. Metallica have been criticized for their recent sound, as being to accessible, too radio friendly. These songs are not radio friendly but at the same time they sound much different than the songs of Kill'em All, Ride the Lightening, Master of Puppets or even And Justice for All (when the sound began to change slightly). They reflect a different time and a different band. These songs will sound very much the same live and if anything will be truer to the cd than live versions of past songs.

Is this a melodic album? No, not really. However does that make it bad? Not in my opinion. This is an album full of sonic fury, distortion, and anger. I have listened to it for 12 days straight and it continues to amaze me. If you are looking for melodic hard rock ala Def Leppard (their last album was too mellow in my mind) or Bon Jovi, then don't bother as this is a different kind of animal. However if you love loud agressive music and long for the days when albums didn't have to have ballads, then try it you might like it, I did.

Metallica will not win back all their fans with this one, as it is so different and in many respects some were probably unwinnable. However, I applaud them for changing, for trying to bring back some of the heaviness they used to rule at. For creating a sound that blew me away because it was as emotionally as important to the album as the lyrics. But hey what do I know, that's just my opinion

17/06/03: John Elway -
Rating: 82
Okay, this definitely has some flaws as mentioned; tin snare, no solos, weak vocals at times, but it is a step in the right direction. At least they're trying to rock out again, and the songs do grow with repeated listens (I've listened to the disc about ten times now.). No this does not match up to "Ride the Lighning," "Master...," or the black album, but I respect the effort to get back to the edginess that once made them great, and it is better than the stuff they've put out the last 8 years or so: "Load", "Reload", cover album, and a symphonic live disc. Also, I think the 45% grade this site gave it is a joke. Are you telling me that the new David Lee Roth record stronger than this?! Or that a copycat cheese-merchant like Brian McDonald put out a record twice as good as this? Maybe you should stick to reviewing the Styxs and the Meccas of the world.

17/06/03: Marco -
Rating: 50
I agree with Andrew that this album lacks of good songs. There are some pretty interesting ideas on "St.Anger". but the band totally failded to put them together and embed them in good songs. Here a good riff, there a strong vocal line, but not a single song that works from the beginning to the very end.
What I don't agree about is the production of the album. Sure, the "strange" drum sound is not everyone's cup of tea, but the production has a lot of power and can shake your walls. My personal summary: The worst album in the history of METALLICA, but hopefully not the last!

16/06/03: Tim -
Rating: 30
I think the 45 you gave is too high for this album. I am a huge Metallica fan and feel this is by far their worst album. I was hoping that they would go back to a heavier sound, but this is total crap.

16/06/03: Dave -
Rating: 80

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