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Produced by: Pichler & Poley

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Bone Machine, D2

  1. Summer Nights
  2. Broken Promises
  3. Lovemetal
  4. Come Runnin'
  5. Better Off Dead
  6. Out Of My Mind
  7. Best Friend
  8. Long Way Home
  9. It's Not Enough
  10. Playing With Fire
  11. Fire Woman
  12. Out Of My Mind (Electric)
  13. Never Let You Go (Electric)
  14. Hardest Part Of Love (Original Demo)
  15. It's Not Enough (Original Demo)

The boys follow up their own well received limited acoustic release with a new wider release version aimed at their US fans.
The track listing has altered somewhat, with new recordings and some bonus tracks unearthed from the Melodica vaults.
As with their initial release, the performance is fabulous and the atmosphere crackling, especially for an acoustic release.
The vocals of Ted Poley are again in form, and showcase a better side of him than the original album release.
That's possibly why there are three original demo's from that album included here, just to prove something maybe?
The CD is even better value than the initial acoustic release, with their cover of Fire Woman included from the recent Cult tribute album, plus an acoustic and electric demo of an upcoming track from their Lovemetal album. That of course, goes with the couple of new acoustic preview tracks.
BOTTOM LINE: Fans of the band will do well to gather this release and those already with the Acoustica album might also find enough bonus material here to warrant purchasing this version also. Another great performance.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Ted Poley and Melodica fans, fans of unplugged records.
DISCOGRAPHY:Long Way From Home . Acoustica . USAcoustica

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