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Indie Release
Produced by: Melodica

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Bone Machine, D2

  1. Long Way From Home
  2. Missing You
  3. Best Friend
  4. Playing With Fire
  5. Never Let You Go
  6. It's Not Enough
  7. Believe In Your Heart
  8. Anisha
  9. Come Running
  10. Summer Nights
  11. Broken Promises
  12. Lovemetal

There was quite a fall out from the release of Melodica's debut album Long Way From Home. Some of the comments were reasonable, but some was a little uncalled for. Despite the criticisms the songs really were good pure AOR.
In fact, some of the catchiest of the year. That's why this follow up limited edition release is so pleasing.
There should be no talk of Ted Poley's vocals on this release aside from how good he sounds and as for Gerhard, he ditches the electric for an acoustic guitar with ease.
The album runs through 12 tracks - the best from their debut, one old Bone Machine track (Missing You) and a couple of sneak previews from the next album due up early next year.
New life is given to the tracks from their debut album - Long Way From Home, Broken Promises, It's Not Enough, Best Friend & Playing With Fire.
So if you didn't get the debut, don't miss on this release before it sells out.
On Missing You, Ted sounds in great form, the vocals are raw and passionate and Gerhard brings a new feel to the old standard.
New tracks Lovemetal, Summer Nights, Anisha & Believe In Your Heart showcase what is sure to be another great AOR release next year.
Acoustic albums are either hit or miss and for me, this is a definite hit. The atmosphere of the studio performance has been captured perfectly and for me sounds like the guys had a real buzz going during these sessions.
Maybe this would be a better place to start than the band's debut?
BOTTOM LINE: I think this is one of the better 100% unplugged records on the market and I hope that as many of Ted Poley's fans can get to hear this.
Any grudges held against the guys by anyone for their debut should be healed with this release.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Unplugged fans, fans of Ted Poley and the Melodica debut.
DISCOGRAPHY:Long Way From Home . Acoustica

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